Friday, December 21, 2018


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May the Stillness of the Holiness of Divine Existence or Mere Blessed Being emerge from the depth of your Heart in these festive days!

What more important can be said than That: Because if you notice the Silent Pristine Field That Is Sourrounding you and sustains your whole Being there is nothing Greater to enjoy.

This is the True Peace and Foundation of your life, you cannot seek it outside of you.

In Truth you exist within It to find the Radiance That allows you to live a True Life That is Simple because your actions arise naturally and free of conflict and self-reference. 

Then the Expansion of Love, unconditionally, just inherently Is.

Accept that the Divine Radiance in which your body-mind is arising, is ever Present and never absent. It is the Field of Happiness, That Reflects Itself within you. Find It out!

It Is this Greater Field, expanded to Infinity in Which you Inhere.

If you love It, you go beyond the limitation of physical vibration and allow this limitation to surrender to and melt within what Is your Great Heart-Satisfaction. Then there is no longer separation, but all-inclusive Union in One Single Experience of the One That Is.

Be as such your very Divine Essence and be Happy. No matter what your life circumstance is about, because the daily challenges, physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual, are floating and forever changing in the Waters of Divine Consciousness.

Do not let them touch you to the point of forgetting Who You Are.

I wish you Happiness, Joy and Abundance and a Blessed Life in 2019! 

Much love and Many Blessings,


Ute Posegga-Rudel,

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"A session with Ute is like coming back to and remembering your truest and deepest essence. It's about becoming one with truth, with reality. Consciously. And the consequences in daily life are amazing. It's a complete shift in awareness and perception of life. "
~B.L. Austria

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