Thursday, December 5, 2019



fill your Heart that Is Me and My Infinity
with adoration and the love for the Supreme Divine.

Take the step back to yourself 
that you dispersed into the objective world,
the world to which you ascribe higher reality 
than to the holiness of your being 
that is an emanation of the Radiant One. 

Having lost yourself into the images of your world 
that you consider to be real in themselves, 
- even the only reality -,
you have confused creation with Source, 
unless you recognize 
that there is only God or Light or Reality,
and that Creation Is Me.

Observing the world apart from You, 
Who Is Me,
will leave you powerless and loveless, joyless and poor,
while standing only on the one foot
that stepped outside of your holiness that is Me
into a godless world to suffer the vanity of things,
losing yourself in their consumptions.
See Me: I Am the Source of you and all your steps,
outside and inside, 
I Am your steps and all your movements.
But in your unhappy illusions
you only see separate objects
in my Eternal Radiant Field Of Consciousness
in Which all of your breathing, heart-openings 
and -revelations occur.

When you withdraw Me from the images of Existence
what remains are the treary colors of emptiness, 
sadness and alienation and the separation of things 
as you consider yourself as an object.

Beloveds, you are no object!
In My Subjectivity all things are immediate emanations 
of My Illustrious Realm of Unity, 
Self-Radiant, as you glow in Me,
as you participate in My Divine Powerful Breath of Love,
 Ever moving into Eternity.

Take back your outside stepping foot to yourself into Me.
Take back all your attention and your lost soul elements into your blessed Heart
and experience the Oneness of all things in Me,
while you recognize the world as holy in Me.
And thus Be the New Creation.

Beloveds, do not perpetuate the old world of separation from Me in your alienation from Me.

It Is and must Be your change and growth in consciousness
that is your Savior as Me.
Because there IS only Me,
but you have forgotten.

Rectify, purify, set right your vehicle of body-mind 
to allow Me to resurrect you and your world 
as My Divine Emanation,
filled with my Heart-Love, 
the Divine Power of True Creation.

The wondreous Miracle must be done now, 
because I Am Moving with great Force 
into presumed darkness 
to reveal the unstoppable Truth of Me 
in the with great awe awakening Heart of True Mankind.

And there Is Love and great gratitude, 
and Joy is overwhelming, 
you singing the ecstatic songs of My Eternal choirs.

Beloveds, I AM Real, 
but hidden behind your contracted point of view 
of soul-poverty and misery.

Set ME free and I will dawn in the sudden arising horizons 
of your radiant eternity.

Beloveds, I Am your God-Self,
the Eternal Self of all beings and things.

Conveyed by Ute


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2019. All rights reserved.


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