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This message is the „mundane“ explanation and background of my previous message „Change and Grow in Consciousness“
I have hesitated to publish this message, because it will perhaps for most of you trigger a strong challenge to  your ideas about the ascension process and the future of earth.

On the other hand I feel heart-urged to give you this information, because it is better to face the truth, because truth sets you free. 

First of all, fact is that most of New Age teachings and information are false, nurishing illusions about the nature of spirituality and what ascension truly is. Wrong hopes have been stired up, and we must face the reality of it.

You might guess it already: This is about the understanding that the long awaited ascension process and the predicted Golden Age will not happen for humanity as a collective. But like many of us I had the deep wish that it will happen for all of us. Humanity got so much help, inspiration and encouragement from Divine Sources. But also a lot of deceptions created false ideas and seduced people to enter a wrong path.

Now, just by observing what is truly going on on this planet it became clear that this wish will not be fulfilled. 
The masses were not able to receive the Divine Help and were taken over by the dark.(See also my report from 11.11.11.) But also people who have been on the path before have lost it somehow and have significantly lowered their frequency, some of them confused by the recent developments on earth.

However, I need also to emphasize that ALL great and true Spiritual Masters and Adepts never proclaimed the ascension of the collective of humanity. Only now I understand why, because the signs have become so obvious and unfortunately irreversibly.

Even though, as many of us felt that in this special and blessed time Divine Grace could change all patterns of mankind's history, it turned out that the traditional spiritual path of liberation and ascension is still valid. 
In the past it has always been the individual process of those who were willing to endure the spiritual fire of the challenges of transformation, that enabled them by Divine Grace to ascend to higher dimensions or even being liberated into ultimate freedom and liberation from the whole theatre of creation.

The New Age movements spread untruth, triggered by lower spirits with the intent to distract people from the true path and thereby from their true nature. Making spiritual aspirants weak in their endavour and luring them into the endless labyrinth of deception and illusions. 

But it needs also to be said: falling for illusions is part of the path, because they can teach ultimately decent discrimination!  E.g. the illusion that ascension is closer just because there are some star portals opening with higher energies coming in! Ascension is not outside of you, it is YOUR personal process. So there can be the openings of millions more star portals, if your spiritual practice is not authentic, nothing will happen.

Lets consider the Truth: The Real and Deep Nature of humanity is Divine Consciousness or God or Reality, or the Source Condition, which is prior to the body-mind and in Which the body-mind is appearing
As we are Consciousness the way of liberation must be the Way of Consciousness and we must go through a conscious process of profound purification and surrender to It, God or Reality, - (and not just to some incoming cosmic energies) so that the being is awakening in the Radiant Divine Currents where true ascension can occur. 

Without the Essence of God and our relationship to Truth or Reality, this process cannot happen.

As an egoic, separate entity we cannot just entertain a happy belief in the "Oneness of all things" and add some techniques to our empty of God body-mind to more extensively enjoy this 3D existence, hoping that this would be the ticket to ascension. 

Because to grow in consciousness also means that our light body develops, and without it and a transformed body-mind we cannot leave this 3D reality. The true light body does not develop via externally applied mind-techniques and visualizations, but only via a profound purification process that restores our relationship with the Living God. We need to be free of material attachments and addictions, which would otherwise, if not released, hold us tight to this dense realm of suffering.

It does not mean we should not have fun and enjoy this world, if at all possible, but it means not to be attached to anything. We need to be the masters of our body-mind and not the servants of it.

And we need to understand and feel, that no thing exists without God. He Is the Substance and Fullness of all Existence and the Principle of Life. Without Him things fall apart, He is the glue that holds everything together. Call it how you like, but without clay, pots cannot be made, to use symbolic speech.

Wise people who are not blinded by false New Age doctrines that propagate the soon happening glorious liberation of ALL mankind, are seeing, that many souls have been lost in recent times to the point, that 75% of human beings are in absolute God-or Ultimate Truth-denial, allowing no reality beyond „matter“, not even the psycho-physical realm, being heavily controlled by dark forces. And from the remaining 25% as much as 99,999% are still asleep.

If this mathematical equation is correct (the future will reveal it) only 0,01% are truly awake, meaning spiritually awake with a lightbody and God-Consciousness. To be merely awake in terms of the insane worldy situation is not enough to leave this earth and go beyond, because ascensioin is about a truly spiritual process and not mere mental knowledge.

Now think for yourself: if we are potentially Divine Consciousness – and must therefore ultimately realize It- , we need to go for that purpose through a conscious process to become It. Whoever is not going through that process, is not growing and therefore not ascending. Darkness has apparently now overcome three third of humanity – truly, this is a sad and shocking number. But how could these soul-less, godless people ascend?  And the percentage of them is too high to make the ascension of humanity as a whole possible as evil reigns on this planet. Not to mention that this negative humanity is also a danger for the universe! 

Then there are the apparently 99,9 % of the remaining 25% who are still asleep. The reality is that we had a time limit, and highly awakened people, not part of the New Age scene, are aware that we have stepped over this limit. Who is still deeply asleep now will therefore most likely not make it.

Unfortunately, the consequences are grave, as humanity  will vanish from this earth.This has been decreed. It has nothing to do with the "climate change" idiocy of course. This would be then the 6th time that the earth-human experiment failed. It failed so many times, as the Divine Life-Principle has been neglected, destructive darkness took over human consciousness. The dark always won the game in their own terms.

But they won only to a small degree in terms of the Ultimate Divine Truth or Reality, because the Golden Age WILL manifest with a purified New Earth, but it will come only for very very few people after major earth cataclysms. And before that, in the very near future, it looks like that the suffering and death of millions of people will be unavoidable, mainly because of the deadly effects of vaccines and the 5G technology. 
Will there be an intervention to avoid this? 

Now there is the notion of a great event, a huge impulse of light from the cosmos entering the planet. Who is able to receive that are again very few people, they must be already awake to a greater degree to take truly advantage of it to integrate these high frequencies. The huge part of the remaining humanity will not be able to do that. 

There will be not a „miracle“ that just awakens the godless 75% without them going through a conscious  purification first! 

Also the teachings of the New Age doctrines did not change that fact! And this tells you how fake they are!

The idea everybody just sitting on their compfy couch, watching TV and football, drinking and sexing and consuming, or just reading a spiritual book or participating in a week-end seminar to become perhaps a bit aware of other realities, then all hurting one another - and suddenly God comes in, out of the blue, and – in a second – everybody is enlightened, is nonsense. It would suggest an already dull, lazy humanity, becoming darker every day by indulging themselves in merely physical or semi-physical things only to get far below the consciousness of animals.

This would be not inspiring, and the suicide rate would probably go through the roof because such a life would make no sense. We grow and are happy through inspiration and challenge only.

True Evolution is a process of self-transcendence and ultimately into the Divine Source Condition. It requires discipline, focus and love for the process and love of God or Ultimate Reality and your surrender to It. This is the only happy process, because when you surrender what keeps you bound, you discover undying Happiness.

This process can be effectively shortened and straightened out with the help of a True Guru, or Divine Adept. But the New Age doctrine did also ridicule this most important and traditionally deeply honored secret of the true spiritual path to liberation and Ultimate Freedom! So now every ego believes honestly that it can liberate itself. Where that leads to, can we clearly see when observing the general  confusion and stuckness in strange illusions of people who do the proud self-guruing thing. 

We become what we meditate on. On totally unprepared people who do not meditate or allow the Radiant God into their lives, "God"  would need to force His Enlightenment on them. But God is not a magician and He does not engage in black magic.

Now can you see why the 75% (and even if the percentage would be a bit less) cannot ascend?

The earth was originally meant to be a place where beings could evolve and grow much quicker than somewhere else in the universe, even in the higher dimensions.

That's why a birth here has been considered to be an extraordinary gift.

But the very majority of people who incarnate here refuse this gift, loosing themselves in ever more denser and darker frequencies, loosing such their God-connection, if they indeed had any.

So the collective of humanity needs to start again on another planet with similar conditions like we have now, getting a new opportunity in the next 13.000 years to find God, Reality or Truth.

But if you would be truly serious you could always and anytime enter the process of liberation to realize God, no matter how dark the epoch is.

The point of failure is the human ego that has excluded the Divine Substance from their lives. The result is destruction, because the ego, denying the Divine, will self-destruct. It is the luciferic or satanic principle. The soul is a divine creation. It is lost when the Divine Principle is denied. What becomes unconscious to the being does not possess reality to him/her. It disappears into the unconscious. To realize God or Ultimate Truth It must become conscious again.

My dearest friends, if this all was new to you, I can understand that some of you might be shocked, refusing to hear what I am telling here. I am aware that it is not flattering your spiritual ego and that you might perhaps not believe me. But I must for the sake of truth take the risk. I could not look into your face, conceiling what I know and see myself happening on this earth. Ultimately we recognize a situation by its frequencies.

It is my love that needs to speak the truth, because only truth is serving you. Knowing it enables you to still repair your errors, in order to change in your life what needs to be changed to make the very best of your situation. You could not do your very best without knowing that truth.

Therefore I trust that from what I said only good and even the best for you will flow into your life.

I am asking you to look without illusions and with a clear mind at your world as it really is and as it shows itself! Can you see the more and more unfolding decadence on all levels of society and culture? Can you see the brutalization of behavior and the entertainment industries, the attempt to destroy the spirit and physical and mental health of our beloved children with weapons of poisonous vaccinations and increasing satanic kindergarden- and school programs, - to name only one of the most obvious.

There is no humanity as a collective awakening! It has been becoming worse than ever before, and nobody was expecting it some years ago. But it could happen because the majority of humanity follows blindly the wolfs in the sheep skin, going willingly to their own scaffold.

What can you do? Please turn inward and away from this world and focus on your Divine Awakening as much as you can! 
Let go of your patterns that do not serve this process. Cleanse yourself daily from attached negative entities. 

Express yourself in heart-felt service. 

While being attached to merely roles, self- images and identities as a separate being, does not lead to recognition of the Supreme God.

As long as you continue to maintain egoic control you cannot know What or Who God or Reality truly Is.

Do not hope something out there could make you ever happy. Happiness is your Divine Inheritance and True Nature. It does not need stimulation from outside. Find it by surrendering the appearances and your experiences to The Ultimate Truth.

Have courage! Trust the intuition of your heart alone to do what you need to do, pray and allow Divine Inspiration and Guidance to open your heart to Infinity. Be Love. Be a torch in your world and be the rock in the storm. Divine Light will find you and enlighten you, when you surrender to it, allowing all darkness to melt in It.

The Radiant God-Consciousness Is The Force of Love 
and Always Present!

Be Blessed, I love you!
Conveyed by Ute

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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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Anonymous said...
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Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Somebody, who wanted to be anonymous, asked me to post her comment for her:

Thank you, Ute. Just wanted you to know that you ARE making a difference. Bless you, much Love to you always.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Thank you, dear! Wishing you a quick recovery and stronger health than ever!!! Love and Blessings! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,
The Universe will change, this will not be the same as now. In 2020 we will see how is going to end and how it begins. Light forces have the plan, The Omnipotent have His plan.

Thank You!
Someone From Angelic Realm

Bersaba said...

GOD IS LOVE, even people that don´t 'believe in God' do believe in LOVE (most of them, anyway), and they can ascend through their love. The process of ascension is evolving also, new energies, new reality, not everyone has to do deep meditation to be able to ascend. LOVE is much more open, inclusive and compassionate, many people ignorant of spiritual concepts are full of love, they will ascend also. I can FEEL LOVE getting stronger within humanity and on the planet. The great majority of humans want peace and harmony, and we, together with the help of God/LOVE/the light forces are manifesting our intentions and healing our beloved Mother Earth. Love and light to ALL!

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Who "believes" in Love, also knows that God/Reality/Truth/Divine Radiant Consciousness EXISTS! It is impossible to separate TRUE Love and God. And it is about the REAL, TANGIBLE, CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE of that. And it is about BEING love and not just believing in it!!
And indeed, most of humanity does not have this experience. And to have this experience, you need to meditate! Everybody chooses, what they want. So there are no victims here! So they could choose REAL GOD. The greatest souls on earth all meditated, before their enlightenment! Of course, God-Experience can also happen with open eyes. But in order to come to this realization and to know oneself (including the dark night of the soul!!) one needs to go deeply within. This is also a kind of meditation. But True Love or God cannot be experienced without initital meditation! We need to become still, to make this connection. How can you become still, while being busy all day??? There are infinite definitions and levels of Love, depending on the level of one's own consciousness. The Love I am talking about IS the Same as God. And we need this level of Love to ascend. Just being nice with one another is not the solution, as long as the being has not being going through a profound purification process. Did you??? And yes, I agree, that one does not need concepts to Be Love, but they already belong to the 25%. And I agree, that true human beings want peace. But when you see how many cruel things are done by „human beings“ and increasing daily, and how many wars and killings are being done, it does not look like that the majority of people want peace. Look at the actions and not the lip service. Another thing is that by far not in all human bodies are living true human beings. Earth is a place where all kinds of beings incarnate from all over the universe, including an increasing number of those from very dark places. Ultimately, it is the frequency in which we VIBRATE that makes us ready for 5D! And not some ideas about the ascension process. The universe is very practical and the laws are quite simple. In order to ascend, lots of work has to be done! Who believes that it is all only about love and light, misses the mark! Earth is a place of fire, to purify what needs to be purified to ascend. BTW, the light forces cannot go for you through that purification fire, they can only inspire you to go through that fire yourself! Be blessed! ♥

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

True, earth will change and the universe. The question is who is up to this change, who is able to participate in it. One must earn ascension. Otherwise true human beings would be just puppets. We are to grow and develop god consciousness. WIth love ♥

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

Just ask Archangel Sandalphon.