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there is no True Stillness but Myself. I Am the Source, My Stillness is prior to the mind's stillness. My Stillness is prior to the construct of „NOW“, an attempt to temporary still the mind.

I do not silence the mind. I Am prior to mind altogether. And even if the play of mind continues, my Stillness Exists, prior to that play. Feel THAT!

Everything that relates to past, present and future, belongs to the realms of mind, whereby the so called „the now“ relates to the present moment, where you manipulate yourself to pause your thoughts.

The mind has many shapes and places. It can appear that thin – like a transparent veil before My Presence - that I might be confused by the fooled mind with the mind's veil. And you think It Is Me, but what you see is only mind. It is like trying to throw a small net upon the Infinite in order to capture It, or confuse a glass through which you see with My Infinite Reality Itself.

I Am beyond all of it. My Stillness is Eternal, it has nothing to do with the idea of „Now“ and requires the understanding and surrender of the ego-personality, that illusionary construct with which you relate to time and space, by living in this coordinate system.

You think you can just with a thought comprehend Who I Am. Making a little snapshot of your own mind in My direction, thereby creating Me in your own imagination, believing I can be stuffed into one of your mind-boxes to be controlled and handled by your will. As if you were superior to Me.

My Beloveds, you have been mislead by your own egoic ignorance, strangled with false indoctrinations by those who are here to control you, so that you might forget your divinity. You have not been educated by true wisdom teachers but by godforsaken forces who wanted to distract the glorious Human Divine Spirit, That Is Me, from Truth in order to take your God Given Radiant Consciousness and Power away so that nothing remained but a miserable idea of only flesh and bones and a little darkened mind to navigate a bit in the bleak condition of the mortal realm that is lit by false light.

Beloveds, wake up to Me! There must occur a complete re-education, with the understanding that your ego is a phantom before the Reality of Your God-Self that Is Me. Your little phantom-I imagines to be the master of Me and the Universe, according to the will and belief of darkened ideas.

But I Am not a scheme of thin and pale thoughts. I Am the Power of the Universe and all its realities that pop up in Me. You Are that Universe, but only if you understand the nature of your little ego – idea and surrender it to the Great Substance, the Divine Source Power That Is Me. That is to say: if you give up the great fata morgana in order to be surrendered to What Is Real.

You surrender by purifying all the nonsense of your shadow world and deep rooted identification with it, to make room to the wonder and glory of My Rising Morning Sun That Rises and Radiates above all errors and limitations.

I Am Your True Home. My Stillness is not a lame and dead „Now“, empty and just no-thing. My Stillness Is the Living Powersource of the Eternal. I Am Transcendental Light and the Divine Consciousness of limitless Energy. But you must allow your false ideas about yourself to fade away to Knowing It in your Deep Heart.

When your mind and body is purified I Work through it in My Eternal Love and Radiance to Show Myself in human form. This is your ultimate destiny, this is the destiny of humankind.

You have let yourselves be ridiculed down and allowed yourselves to be made into an absurd version of Myself.

Your Truth and Power is not in your from Me separate ego-thought, but in Me Myself. But is is your ego-imagination only that imagines power, greatness, strength and glory. Day and night you might struggle to prove the world who you are as such a one, but it has been fruitless. Even the shadow-powers of kings and queens ended latest with their death in the mortal realms, if not earlier, because others tried to be even more powerful.

My Divine Love-Power is Immortal, It does not know death. Find out that you Are deathless, never born and never died in the phantom world of separate ego imagination, performing great deeds in the mortal worlds, inciting your mortal power ever further to imaginary climaxes.

Beloveds, understand that it is a dream world that you consider to be real. There is no true Happiness found in the constantly fading away shadows that are hanging down from the Radiant Eternity of My Being.

Why not come Home? Why not Become True Happiness and Be Love as your True Nature?

If this appears to be a KOAN for you, you did the first step, because you cannot think it out Who I Am - Who Is What You Are and Always Have Been.

The terrible struggles of this present time are here to make you go deeper, exploring seriously Who You Really Are. What You Are is prior to the even ascended world you think would save you in the future from the dreadful suffering as an imagined ego-personality, even such a one with „good“ intentions. As long as you continue in the dual realities, there will be always good and bad times. Because this is the nature of this world. Remember: there have been high evolved civilizations on your earth and they all vanished to make room for the dark side of the coin.

Why not come Home for good! - if you are tired of suffering and of being born and dying in the rainbow shadow worlds.

In My Undivided Radiant Light of Oneness You Are deathless and no rainbow and no conditional worlds ever appear. I Shine My Radiance into the dying shadow worlds. So that you will find My Real Stillness.

I Am Your God-Self, The Divine Self of all beings and worlds.

Message conveyed by Ute

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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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