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We, the Arcturians, are here to tell all human beings who are ready and willing to listen to higher planetary wisdom:

Dearest friends, do not despair in these times. We are with our minds and hearts closer to you than you think and hope.

For us it is very important that your planet is being saved and healed in a Divine Manner, meaning, the Presence of Divinity will prevail on earth with an ascended and progressed life in a way that lower consciousness und gross suffering will subside.

We, as guardians of this part of the cosmos are very much interested in humanity`s healing and ascension of consciousness. And it will happen, even though there are forces who would like to prevent this.

But our work is divinely blessed, and from a higher perspective than the one many of you are used to, being forced to live in a kind of prison in artifical darkness, you will come to understand how to support this work of healing and transformation.

We cannot and will not allow the destruction of humanity and your planet. Although there are only relatively few advanced souls on your earth, their number is enough, and because of their prayers and service, there will be done justice to them for the greater good of all - even though the majority of humankind has been mislead so that a fall of consciousness has occurred, because they did not make use of their own free will, or better to say because of their weakness in greater perspective and clarity.

We will not further allow this degradation of humanity, as we said already, and want to emphazise our intention to seriously engage therein, honoring and supporting also the work and prayers of those few ones who have done tremendous work for all beings and the planet.

The freedom for evolution of all realms into ever higher dimensions and ultimate liberation is the birthright of all beings. But this must be understood and intentionally and actively chosen. However to be able to choose, at least the seed of higher consciousness must be already present in a being. Fortunately many light beings incarnated to help the process of stirring the evolution also of this earth. And we want to thank them for their sacred and loving work and self-sacrifice to serve in such a critical situation on your planet.

We are also here to remind you that all can participate in this great work, if they wish so. There is nobody with good will, aspiration and inspiration who is not being welcomed in this global and universal service.

Each one of you whose heart and mind allows to be elevated by divine inspiration and light is growing not only their own consciousness but also the consciousness of the planet and the sourrounding civilizations, allowing them to evolve further.

The restricted and dangerous situation on your planet has now for centuries hindered free development and divine creativity to evolve significantly. Earth has been in these times like a stronghold of limitation to the free flow of the divine currents of light in our universe. Never forget that everything is connected to everything and what happens on your earth happens everywhere in the universe to a certain degree, depending also on the resonance of a planetary civilization.

Also we have felt a kind of hindrance to our own free developmental intentions wanting to serve the divine source condition more distincly and more powerfully. We have not been able to transform these limitations fully, because the cause of it must participate in this transformation to be resolved for good.

This is the reason why we want you to know about our call for your participation and how important it is that as many as possible of you participate in this service, dedicated to the free and unhindered uplifting of  the flow of light of eternal creation in a divine cosmos.


What can you do and how can you participate?

We recommend firstly that you remember to participate in divine light, assuming the disposition of selflessly caring for the whole,  nourishing the vision of greater service for the good of all. So it is then not so much anymore about yourself but about you participating in a greater divine vision together. 

 This is the foremost aspect of your work, this kind of attitude. With it you will then spontaneously start to serve your environment, thinking, dreaming and acting from the perspective of the whole: in your family, within the greater circle of your friends, communities, countries and so on. This is very important, as you are driven thereby to go beyond yourself. 

It is about finding and living the deeper divine unity of all beings. And with this you will practice love on a greater scale that frees your chronic self-concern. It will make you feel happy and so the frequencies of your united human light-field will rise powerfully. Nothing and nobody can stop this, not even those who want to supress it by all means.

Love and care for one another and the greater good will break the chains of your imprisonment. It will free your psychophysical fields and brighten the field of human consciousness altogether in which the old mechanisms of control are breaking, because they are melting in it.

Each one of you could start immendiately with the intention to participate in this greater field of an enlightened mind and heart-intention. It will attract opportunities of service. It will give you immense strength in your communities. And these newly arising conscious fields of cooperation will enlighten all those who exist around you, in due course of time. Nobody can resist the rising light of consciousness!

Secondly you are invited to focus on healing the planet itself, to envision and feel it as a whole and how the powerfully growing fields of light and of love heal her planetary body and aura. 

Use your creative gifts. While you unite with your fellow humans in your hearts you create immense healing frequencies to repair your earth and all her subtle bodies that surround her physical body. to repair your earth and all her subtle bodies that surround her physical body. 

This is where you unite with us in our common work to save, heal and advance the consciousness of  earth and  human beings into a greater evolutionary cycle.

We thank you for your great cooperative service for the sake of the victory of divine light and consciousness.

Connect with us, we are ready to join hearts with you in this great work!

Love and Blessings! 


Message conveyed by Ute


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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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