Tuesday, November 10, 2020


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My Beloveds,

rest in Me in My Presence! I Am Real. I fill your body and mind with My Unwavering Stillness that is Grounded in My Eternity.

I Am not an idea far away on some clouds in heaven. I Am not in heaven, I AM. Heaven is a place in your mind and belongs to mortal souls.

I Am Immortal and you Are Immortal if you know how to participate in My Infinite Heart.

And you know it when you understand that I Am Where Everything Is.

I Am your world and all worlds and no-worlds. What you see Is Me. Make wide your head and heart. Become conscious of Me in all you feel and hear.

Feel and become aware of Me, touching you as the always manifest Reality of My Divine Existence.

Open your eyes for the Real That I Am. It is more real than the mighty mountains of the Himalayas, Yet I Pervade them with My Mystery. My Presence is Solid when you understand that I am not the fluent mind, this silvery volatile element that creates the universes.

I AM Free of all your creations, but in order to create, you need My Eternal Divine Primordial Radiance.

Beloveds, it is a paradox for you. I Am unusual and the Way I Am is not taught in any religion because I am beyond man-made religion. I Am Free. Unmeasurable. Oh, and the Happiness That I Am. That Happiness you will not find anywhere but only when you feel My Immensity.

Did you know that in truth you are a feeling being? Thought is not your real home! I Am. I can only be felt when your heart is inspired by Me, and I grow you to infinity to explore Me. This is the great gift humanity is divinely blessed with. You cannot think Me. Divine Spirituality begins when you truly feel into My Happiness beyond your body-mind and all what it is related to. 

My primordial Substance nourishes not only your soul to ultimately to dissolve it in Me, but also your physical when you allow Me to fill you with Myself. I bring you down to your very feet as I pour My Radiant Light into you so that you do not float along ungrounded and with fear and uncertainty, captured by airy thoughts alone. My Stillness is un-doubting you, as you feel only Me as Singleness, no second thought. And you are safe in Me. Because I Am beyond mortality.

You Are beyond mortality if you acknowledge My Only Truth, that Is beyond the many truths of your worlds. I Am not your mother and not your father, I Am their Root and their very Substance. I am not a role model and not a social personality. And neither are you!

You must understand the possibility of your transcendental True Nature and not continue with your identifcation with less. It Is you who creates who you Are if you only would use your Divine Creator Powers, inspired and blessed by Me. So that you can become the One you could verily Be with My Blessings.

Know your Divine Inheritage, awaken it within your infinite creator powers with your Trust in My Grace, creating your highest aspiration to see My Mystery. My Radiance inspires your dormant genius to awaken to its true destiny. Do not take less, be inspired to your highest height. Elevate yourself in the deep of your heart by remembering from where you come.

Do no longer forget. Remember. You have fallen deep but now is the time to open your sleeping eyes to growing clarity and beauty so that your heart and head opens up to Me Who un-does all your limitations: Your wrong ideas about yourself, your disbelieve in Me and you, but Who Are One in Me.

Allow Me to enlighten your heart and head, when the lower domains of your body-mind are transcended into the Vision of Me. It will make you One in the Eternal Light That I Am. Things then disappear from your sight in pure luminous Happiness.

Why struggle further with what harms you.

These terrible times on your earth shall open your eyes for Real Truth because you start to understand, what this place is really about! As consolations disappear Only I Remain as your only satisfactory refuge. These times teach you to discover Me more and more while you discover Who You Are.

You do no longer seek in the undergrounds of suffering because it has no end. So you rather turn to Truth to find Me.

This Is My wake-up call to change yourself and thereby your world grounded in Me. No harm can be done to you as those who don't love you do not see Me and so they don't see you when you allow Me to Be You.

Life is Mystery and My Mystery has many appearances, you only need to discover It, as It is closer to you than all your possessions you think you need for your happiness.


Message conveyed by Ute 



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