Saturday, March 20, 2021


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Dear Ones,

you might in this time of uncertainty and chaos fight for your rights that are being increasingly denied to you.

You might stand in the first row to be seen and to be a leader to teach people how to manifest their desired goals.

You might be famous and your wisdom might be known in many nations.

But if you do not radiate shere primordial Divine Love, that is unconditional in nature, the world will not fundamentally change by your efforts.

Mere will to change the world will only move the figures on the checker board, but it will not change and replace the checker board itself. Therefore, it is not sufficient.

This unique and very special time requires the presence of the highest quality of Love, a Love that cannot be divided, as there is only One Real Love in as much there is only One Real God.

It is about awakening to this Love that Is Unity with God to begin with, without separation. It does not ask to be united with Him, It Is Him.

Love is not a thought, It is not an effort, not even by your higher will, It Is a mere Presence, that is untouched by things and worlds and desires. It is untouched even by a good-hearted one with best intentions, as Primordial Love Is the unqualified Presence of Divine Truth.

When this Truth would overshine the world in all its present misery that you experience right now all conflicts would subside in a moment.

There is not a single one of your usual actions in and of themselves that would ever change the world into a radical new creation. But it is a radical new creation that necessarily has to begin NOW.

It is the Being State of unqualified Love in which every and any conflict in your world would dissolve.

Because True Love is without intent. It just IS as also God IS.

It is pure and pristine peace and the ceasing of all burning desires , destructive passions, greed and any sense of separation.

The chaotic world would stop in its Presence and relax into a mood of serenity, ease and happiness.

My dearest Ones, it is paramount now to locate this subtle Presence of beauty and tenderness in your very heart to locate and cultivate It, to pray for it, to spread It, to radiate It, to surrrender to It, to Be Love.

It is not senti-mental, because you cannot think it! It is far beyond thought and untouched by thought. You can only Feel It, by forgeting your thoughts.

Its Substance elevates and unlocks the heart, so that the fake world that is hanging around in slanted hinges can leave the wrong coordinates within which a Divine World and Real Love never can arise.

You must find the Place of True Love in Its Own Domain with your heart, because you cannot create It, you must discover and participate in It because It Existed before you have been.

Do not say: ' Oh, today I will be loving to my friends' – although it is a very good decision to do so.

Rather it is about leaving your worldy view of desiring and intending to change things around, and to enter self-forgetful this Loka of Love in all Its subtlety, tenderness and beauty, whole heartedly and whole bodily.

If you would do this, no other force could survive that is doing wrong to life. All stressful actions would cease to be and evil intentions and situations would loose the power and foundation to exist.

You all could do it together, all mankind. You do not need to gather physically to strengthen your power of intent – although these movements coul be helpful too. You just would need to join together in consciousness and enter the Presence of tender Godly Love, whoever and whereever you are. Because everything is everywhere connected.

It is this force-field to become conscious of, entering It collectively, that has the greatest power in the universe.

It is the Ocean in whose Waters ultimately everything dissolves, returning to its Source. Like in the Love of God only Light remains.

Its Power would awaken even the so called dead, if not they will truly die. In these days only True Love will keep you alive.

Therefore mankind must participate in It to be happy, as your old world falls apart for good, because it is mortal and only just now changes its shape.

To participate in Love does not need time and space, it is your greatest power. It is your protection and your joy in the midst of a world that has heen devoted to death.

But Divine Love IS Alive. It will safe you and a new Divine world to come.

I AM Archangel Chamuel

Message conveyed by Ute


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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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