Saturday, March 6, 2021


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This time of limitations and deprivations is not for your discouragement.

You must understand that there IS war between the holy and the unholy, a war that is, from a higher perspective, a Divine Gift to test your courage and your higher will for victory over an unholy world.

The dark and its force is being now shown to you like never before in all its depths and widths, so that you may acknowledge its existence not only in the world but also in the hidden of your own being.

Beloveds, it challenges every single one of you to face the sleeping giants in your subconsiousness. Because everything is dark where no light shines, what you are not conscious of, what you are hiding.

Even though you might discover destructive forces in your own being because you have not been forgiven nor have you forgiven others, also the God-Consciousness is a still dark force in many hidden in the shadows of your subconscious, waiting to be remembered as your true and real identity, so that I May Radiate and Shine, rising into  open revelation.

My Beloveds, I AM Always. I Am the Foundation of your existence, whether you are aware of Me or not. But I remain a dark current below your conscious awareness as long as you do not acknowledge My Existence.

What Is God and What Is You in your most fundamental beingness, Is Love We Share Equally, when I am arising from above to down in your heart. Because you are My Face and I Am your Existence.

My Force that you bring to all beings and the world is like a rock you throw into the waters of life that expands in concentric rings. It is the Force that stops evil intentions and deeds: „so far and no further“ is its message and effect.

You are no victims, Beloveds. So do not shrink. This time requires of you to expand and take your stand before the enemy by discovering your Humanness, your Courage, your Divine Trust and the Power of Love. It allows you to do what needs to be done under any circumstance. 

This time challenges you to finally give birth to your innate divine heroism, your invincibility. There is in fact no difficulty you cannot solve with perseverance and higher will and with My Blessings.  All these are your god-given virtues, use them, Beloveds. And miracles will occur.

The war requires you to collect all your hidden treasures now and finally to live them, to gift them to the world. Do not hold back. You all who listen to Me need helping to turn the destiny of mankind. Mankind needs to awaken from the deep, unconscious dream that veils the Truth.

Your deeds will inspire the weak and open their eyes to find their own strength. Show what human beings are about who live in God Consciousness, who know that God Is Alive and is always Victorious, Always Working through you when you consent to Be My Instrument of Love.

This time is the gift to humanity to discover that you are Divine. That you have Divine Powers to work with others to establish again the light on earth. In this light the shadow-world will vanish without fail. Because they have no foundation, they live on stolen Divine Powers possessing nothing on their own.

They only would win if you do not maintain your truth and heart-power, having given away your integrity and divine sovereignty. But how would you ever submit to the unholy!? Would you!?

Remember who you are by remembering Me. This battle you must win first in your heart. The heart is invincible. Nothing and nobody has power over Me, so why then would you feel hopeless. If you feel hopeless your are God-less. You have forgotten that I Exist as your very Substance.

My Power is yours if you only would claim your REAL humaness. It belongs to the Ones Who Are Inspired and heart-driven by Me, now and now, in full possession of your Divine Gifts.


the Self of all beings and worlds!

 Conveyed by Ute


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Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2021. All rights reserved.


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