Thursday, August 11, 2022


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My Beloveds,

would you find that point, that bindu, that door to Absolute Freedom in your heart – not in the middle, but in the right side of the chest?

There Pure Divine Consciousness is accessible, Radiant, Eternal, Undifferentiated. FREE of thoughts, things, objects and the universe. Happiness.

It is the most Sacred Entrance to Myself, True God. And even if your body suffers, It Is Present, Always, no pain there. It Is the Door to the Perfect Transcendental Divine Source, in Which the body and the mind and the cosmos are appearing. And whatever happens to the body-mind, this spot remains always the Refuge to Radiant, Pristine, Spotless Freedom. Fresh like the morning dew.

Be consumed by That. Find Absolute Freedom and Happiness There – It Is impersonal, without a body, without a thought. It Is. Eternally. It Is Me, your True Self, True God, only There.

It Is your True Home. That's where you originally are coming from, not from an n'th dimension or planet. And you have access to It through your human body which is the most wondrous most, beautiful Divine Creation.

But you have forgotten It, forgotten to transcend yourself, being obsessed with your identification with a place or a body-mind and all its relations with the so called „matter-world“, but also with the „otherworlds“ , the subtle worlds, all the heavens and hells, vibrating in all and every dimensions.

And most of all: you are convinced of a god-idea that you imagine is separate from you: "Here I am, there God Is. And He will handle it all for me."

True God doesn't „handle“ anything. He merely Is. Radiant Consciousness. No content. And of course there are creator gods, and each one of you is also such a creator god, only that most of you are unconscious of it. 

If you desire My Freedom, you need to realize that there is no dimension that sets you absolutely free. Therefore you no longer seek for freedom in the subtle worlds or any other world or thing. The only Real Freedom Is That Ecstatic Radiance, Eternal Fullness, your search forgotten, to which you have access via the bindu in the right side of the chest. Only That Is The Unchanging Truth of Eternity.

But most are limiting themselves, preferring to seek exclusively experiences in the illusion-lands of „higher vibrational“ worlds. Some of them are breath-taking beautiful, but they are not Me. They are all mere mind-worlds. Don't you know that all worlds are creations of the mind and that mind appears as gross and most subltle forms and everything in between?

With Me there is no impulse for seeking for fulfillment. I Am the Ultimate Fulfillment. And seeking is avoidance of or escape from My Truth.

Of course, in the many dimensions there are many truths, but with a small „t“, My Beloveds.

As if a more subtle vibration would be more true than a gross vibration. As long as it is all about vibrations.

But your attention is being bewitched by and fastened to conditional vibration. Meaning, you are fastened to and identified with your mind. Whether low or high.

It is said: who is vibrating higher, whose frequency is „light-er“ is more advanced, yes, related to the frequency of brain-based consciousness. But not in absolute relation to Me! Truth, Freedom, Happiness – Absolute! 

I Am on the other side. I Precede all dimensions and vibrations, and I Am your True Nature. I Alone fulfill your deepest heart's desire.

In fact, I Am Simplicity and I Transcend all dramas and the total cosmic theatre. In Me you have arrived at the Ultimate. And it is your birth-right to arrive There!

However, seeking Me in the many subtle worlds, hoping you are coming closer to Me there, you are still separate from Me, limiting your Infinite Nature exclusively to worlds of merely higher frequencies: thinking you will be free.

But you won't. Because you are still bound to and part of the cosmic play which can change any moment into any direction. There is no guarantee for undisturbed Happiness there. Even the flower garlands of the gods in the heavens become dry after a while and die and the gods must return to the dual worlds to learn how to exit the eternal cycles of duality, of light and dark, forever.

Because My Light Is above and before all cosmic lights, I Am the Divine Light of Ultimate Freedom. It can never be changed and become a lower „frequency“ or turn into the opposite! It Is not available to te manipulations of the universal egoic forces. Because It Is Real. What does not change Is Real, what changes is unreal.

You, human beings, ARE IT, but not as separate body-minds, even not in the higher dimensions, but As the Undivided Divine Consciousness, in Which the brain consciousness inheres, and Which Is the Only True and Unheard and Unspeakable Freedom, -- only Beauty, no bondage and no cosmic events.

Now you are challenged by darkness as never before, your body-minds are suffering as never before. But it is given to you to consider, What Is Beyond dark and light, to Find Me, My Freedom That Is also yours, if you would only take it for Real, if you would accept It into your life.

 If you love Me, you will certainly find Me. Beyond your mind. However YOU cannot find Me, It Is ME Who finds you.


Message conveyed by 

Ute Shan'A'Maa


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