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My dear friends,

as the old world is heating up, chaos will now churning more and more, the caroussel, a whirlwind of the fading old world is taking up speed. All that is not Divine dances its last wild dance, the wildest dance it ever danced, in the hope for survival.

But it is the last desperate trial of actions that will disappear like a water vortex  that is being sucked deep  downwards, and which finally, and after a process of purification, will be united with the ocean again.

Therefore don't ever give up hope, this is the time to stand in the unmoving stillness of your heart, self-determined in the God-Source, knowing that from there a new life will flow, dawning in new light, purified by the waters of Truth.

Hold on to that vision with the power of your loving heart. And nothing will harm you as you do not sell your soul and divine essence for the promises of a dying world.

Know that the currents of your creator powers will flow through you if you start from here to be focused  on a new world and life. You are the pioneers to create the New. Forgetting what is old, you fully concentrate on what you love to see, what you always wanted,  but thought it is impossible, because it is not desirable by the powers that be.

But these powers no longer Are, their strongholds are melting away, to make room for the light and the love that is the essence of your heart. By being a torch, a beacon of light, you never doubt, and you trust in what there is to come, patient and never giving up.



Our God-Self:

My Beloveds,

it Is My Love That I Am and That Sustains everything that exists.

From that Primordial Love, or Happiness or Freedom the universe is made, while highly evolved, intelligent and very loving sentient beings, whom you call creator gods are using My Primordial Divine Substance to create what they love to create. There are many creations in the cosmos and there are many creator gods, naturally so, my Beloveds.

Their Oneness Is Me, the Substance of Origin, they are coming from, and they, if they love Me, only create with the power of love.

Where the power of love is missing, you will not find Divine Creations, but they are made from artificial light and artificial consciousness.

They are the ones who are trying and wanting to demonstrate that they can survive independently from Me. But as they need food they need to take their food from creations that have been made with love, to be nourished. While all beings who belong to Me are nurtured directly by Me.

I have given to those who wanted to find out whether life is possible without my primordial Divine Substance, the possibility to bring that proof. But in the end, after many eons, their work on earth is now coming fading away, necessarily, because nobody and nothing can ultimately survive from food that is not Me Myself. Because they are eating up themselves, as they were using a second hand energy, so to speak, (Laughs) which is never being refreshed within Me, but altogether mortal. And, even if they don't want to acknowledge their ending, because they are terrified about the unavoidability of it, they all will experience that their trial failed, and that I Alone Am Alive, The One in Whom all True Life originates.

There is a secret about true life, that My „fighters for independence“ do not know and understand: as I told you, life cannot exist without love, because My Essence Is Love. From where else could they take a living substance to ensure their true immortality?

My lovers Are of My Eternal Consciousness and Supreme Divine Substance, and it is that One Consciousness that guarantees them immortality, because I Am Immortal.

So that's why My Lovers only need to love Me, to be sustained, blissfully and full of joy, while those striking for independence from Me are always hungry for something. And so they need to subjugate whole universes to eat them and their contents. They are always empty - while you, My Lovers, are heart-satisfied with My Eternal Abundance.

Can they still become My Lovers to reverse their aching hunger? Of course, they can! I have given to them always the freedom of choice, and what you choose, that's your destiny and the path of your realization.

Be Blessed, My Beloveds!


Message conveyed by Ute Shan'A'Maa


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