Sunday, September 25, 2022


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My Beloveds,

in Truth you cannot really fundamentally change the design of your personality to become free. Be as you are. There is nothing wrong about it. As long as you don't harm others.

What is important for your liberation is your surrender to Me. Liberation is enlightenment. However your personality cannot become enlightened.

What is surrender then?

Dearest Ones, surrender has been misunderstood since as long as this humanity exists.

Surrender does not mean to be My slave. It does not mean to live in scarcety, deprivation, sparsity, frustration and so on.

If you are blessed by Me to get a taste of what true surrender means, you don't want to ever give up this state again.

Because it is My Emergence in and as your form that is taken over by Me. It is utter Bliss, Perfection, Beauty and True Freedom, because Only I Shine, Only I Radiate. And your whole Being KNOWS there is Only God. Only Light with all It's Mighty Majesty.

You struggle for enlightenment. But it is impossible for you to become enlightened by your own effort. An ego can never enlighten itself, at no time and in no space whatsoever.

If you surrender your ego, the identification with your body-mind to Me, than I Appear as the garment of Bliss, Exstasy and you realize there is only God, Truth, Radiant Consciousness.

 All illusions suddenly  gone, what  remains Is Me. It is not you who walks the way, I Am, I Am the Way Itself, the Way Is Me.

So, yes, what you surrender is your body-mind so that I can take it over to appear as Me in the world, to Shine there, to Manifest Myself in the midst of illusions and constant change.

However, you are used to worship your form with all its patterns, struggeling to make it better, even a lot better. Repair here, trying to replace there something with something else, like moving the pieces on a game board. But the game board itself remains. You have not understood that you never can find Me, when you hold on to it.  It is the very reason why you cannot find Me, because it is the game board that prevents My Divine Revelation That Sets you free.

Instead you forcefully remain self-meditating. Teeth grinding holding on to the worhship of your ordinary body-mind, trying to deify it. It might shine a little brighter when you really work hard with mindful strategies, you might feel a little better when your mind goes to shiny astral worlds, when your mind speaks love and light, your brain swollen from it  instead of being full of Me all over so that I Alone Am Present, Divine Reality Present, Simply, Ordinary and Truly Me. Mindless. And just Truth, Energy. Consciousness.

All ideas about Me gone, because I Am Real, before ideas arise.

So surrender is the magic act, the secret to be enlightened because I Alone Am Enlightenment, One without a second. You - as your body-mind -  are not.  I Am the One to overwhelm you, and that's how you grant My Victory in this world and all other worlds.

There is no second one in My Singleness. I Alone Am. But your whole body-mind must be aware of this with feeling. The illusion of separation makes you think that this assumed separate part of yours could be enlightened separately from Me: you, with your imagined enlightened body-mind over against Me.

There is no over-against-Me. There is Only Me.


Message conveyed by Ute Shan'A'Maa

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