Sunday, January 8, 2023


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My Beloveds!

Discover My Mystery!
I Am Ultimate Purity. Look for that Purity. It is not conditional purity, like for example the notion of a pure personality.

My Purity is beyond personality, any thought or emotion, aspiration, inspiration, holy people, or all, even sacred, cosmic appearances.

I Am stainless, and not the tiniest nano-dust-particle is able to diminish My Purity.

It is beyond conditions, it is the Ultimate aim of Joy, it cannot be compared even with love, because it is without attributes.

My Purity can be felt via the secret of the  right side of the heart, transcending the body-mind. It Is like a clear polished mirror and the whole universe reflects in It.

No mind can ever imitate It, it would be futile, because It IS, before creation begins.

My Purity cannot be created, It Is primordial Existence Itself.

But the world is unconscious of It , and chooses to stick to that, which is imperfect and always changing, and which is borrowed from vibrational dimensions.

My Purity is free of vibration, as it is non-material and prior to thinking. So you cannot think My Purity, you can only allow to Intuite It, Feel It and to Be It, while penetrating all the veils, earthly or cosmic, with the pure intention of your heart.

The Revelation of My Purity is sudden, if your intention is pure and your love of Me genuine.

However, you are fascinated by so many things, energies, states, worlds, so that you are fastened with the glue of desire to the many attractions in the universe - your spirit seduced by the wonders of conditional worlds.

But I promise you: all these wonders cannot truly satisfay your heart as much as My Purity. Because My Purity, prior to all and every condition is also your primordial Divine Condition you want to enjoy. This Is the Real Place you want to Be. But forgetful of It you seek It anywhere but there Where I Am.

As long as you do not penetrate all the many veils that hide My Great Crystal-Clear Mirror, you will not truly be Home, not truly come to rest, not truly Be Happy.

Content with distractions and their surrogats, you remain in the playgrounds of your creations.

So not to create and not to seek, with the desire to return to what Truly Is, reveals suddenly My Purity.

Could you give up your compulsive search in the multiple playgrounds of existence for presumed satisfactory fulfillment? Because you will not find what you seek, as after a time and after you travers a space, it is not enough what you got. While in the depth of the unconscious of your heart you are always seeking My still to you hidden Attractiveness of My Purity. And so you are seeking My Perfect Purity in the things of life. But you seek in the wrong places.

So many things bewilder and confuse you on your way of endless seeking, to always come to the conclusion: This is not it, that's not it, there must be more ….

And indeed there IS!

But your search prevents My Revelation. The Mirror appears when you give up your search for experiences, personal power and fulfillment.

Then My Purity is obvious, because It Is Simple and utterly Deep Heart-Attractive …  It disentangles you from your usual worlds of preference and reference-points.

To come Home to My Mirror requires your intent to retire from the illusions of your mind! And I Show you, by My Grace Alone, My Purity!


I Am your God-Self,  Find Me!

Message conveyed by

Ute Shan'A'Maa


Ute Shan'A'Maa Posegga
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