Monday, January 23, 2023


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My dear friends,

this message is referring to my latest God-Self messages. I feel I need to explain a bit more and how they relate to this special moment in time. 

In fact,  the information they contain, turned into action,  a remedy in and for this world, a chance and portal to the New Era!

Just lets look at my last message about DIVINE PURITY!


  - ONE -

What is the Mirror of Divine Purity?

It is the spotless mirror that releases us from this world stage of a MERE THEATRE! 

Why? The present world stage theatre is not a serious truth in and of itself. But each one turns it into a "serious" reality by believing in it and thereby manifesting it, having given away their creator power to the proposed theatre-becomes-reality of others.

So many are deeply drowned in firm beliefs in a so called world reality but which is only a world fiction. Yes, it is all fiction to begin with. Though it is believed it is already solid. And - so it becomes your experience. And many say: there is nothing you can do! But in reality it is YOU who co-created this reality!

The mere  fiction keeps you enormously busy, so you think you have "no time" for God, Happiness or your own True Self. Yes, they make sure you got no time to BE WHO YOUR ARE!

But you will no longer keep this theatre alive,  if you understand that it is not real and not YOUR world, no matter WHAT kind of world, but THEIR matrix  that you are supporting. And even more: if you are busy fighting it, you make it stronger, locking YOU in the world of presumed duality and un-necessary suffering. That's what they want too. It keeps your vibration nicely down.

You don't want to hold on to that one, don't you! Because with the Powerful, Pure Divine Mirror all worlds, including your adopted world, disappear and you become an authentic being, with SELF-FORCE or GOD-FORCE!

How many of us desire a truly liberated new world or life that is Divinely authentic? AUTHENTIC, because YOU LIVE your real DIVINE SELF-FORCE, from inside out, unattached from a world out there,  unattainable by all the fake stories that are presented to us. These repeatedly told stories are only aimed to convince you  that the theatre of the world-stage
is already real. But it is only suggested to you by other programs, so that you might hopefully manifest them. It is an endless game to keep the old world running.


New light is pouring down on earth, requiring a new start that is not based on the old. It is up to us to let that happen! To start from something we could also call the Zero-Point!

The Divine Zero-Point is the PURITY of the stainless mirror that is YOUR FREEDOM from the fake world:
FREEDOM from the play of good and evil, and the like.

When you allow this Freedom your vibration will rise and you will feel the freshness of the New Era.

Then you will have claimed your sovereignty apart from the artificial world, my dear friends. And this is not about a fat selfish ego. It is about allowing the God-Power to flow through you and guide you. 

- TWO  -

My God-Self messages are about the Perfection that you could BE, but which you do not accept, when you are going after what „they“ present to you on a silver plate so that you would take it, and make THEIR world to your own!!!!

There are consequences. If you do not desire to be the spotless mirror from which you manifest the REAL God-World, you manifest always THEIR world!!!

If you don't realize your sovereignty, your true identity, your Divine Humanness, your Freedom, your own Divine Truth - it is then all about THEIR fake world, every iota of it! The WHOLE world, in which you play, is THEIR game then, without exception. 

So are you going about with a servant's attitude to fulfill the wishes of others and not following your own heart's innermost god-given voice and guidance? By LIVING THEIR DREAM, even the dream about the light and the dark fighting with one another. But it is NOT YOUR dream. (In case you have still your own dream and it is not yet swollowed by the ones who want you to live their dream).

And this understanding is crucial: THEY have no creation power, YOU have. So they need YOU, to fulfill THEIR dreams.


 - THREE -

More and more human beings have lost their Divine power as servants of the mighty of this world. They also use the terms of light and love to catch those who seek spiritual knowledge and put them into their soulless cage with their fraudulent propaganda.

Human beings are so good-hearted that they lost their god-given Truth and Strength. They throw their divinity away like pearls before swines.

Light and love paroles are not IT. Everybody must be armored with the sword of discrimination, Divine SELF-POWER, SELF-STRENGTH and SELF-UNDERSTANDING, which grants you the wisdom to understand what's really going on in this world.

Merely being love and light, is not about holiness. Understanding of the true power of the Divine is needed, which is also yours. YOU ARE THE ONE, who could be empowered by the ULTIMATE DIVINE REALITY to live that new and Divine World here and now already.

This is NOT about religions! They are all means to weaken you. This is about REAL Divine Truth and Reality! The Divine doesn't want you to be weak.

The future has already begun, and all the stories about any coming of a Christlike being or an extremely loved and trusted public figure and what not, is just a storytelling about a possible future, that they want you to manifest according to their fake understanding to abuse you.

YOU are already here and now THAT ONE. To live YOUR INNATE DIVINE DREAM now makes all other stories of those without creative power fall apart.

Do not give your god-given power to a god of your imagination. God is felt Divine Reality and already here as you. You do not need promises or the hope for a better world.

This better world is already here if YOU allow it to BE.


- FOUR -

This time is a test whether you would simply and peacefully stand up, empowered with your DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT, or whether you have given away your DIVINITY.

There are many pitfalls. The caleidoscope of the world scenarios is a to you given menue to pick from, to fulfill desires that are not YOUR OWN TRUE desires. But they have manipulated your brainwaves to think they are. Therefore you must feel and think with your heart.

You NEED the PURITY of the stainless Mirror that is FREE of all dirty spectulars to manifest the Power of the True Divine right now and here, not fighting for anything, but simply BEING What is yours, from inside out.  God is not afar from you, He Is you. Now you are being tested whether you take that Gift as yours or whether you prefer to be abused by strangers.

So it is about wiping the dust from your mirror, withdrawing from the many fake „reality“- images in your mind that occupy also your heart-space. Allow yourself to retreat from all of that, be inspired at heart and start refreshed and truly divinely empowered your true life.

Thank you for Being your True  Self!

Much love to you all,

Ute Shan'A'Maa


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