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My Beloveds,

I Am Shakti, the Divine Mother.

My message to humanity is: do not despair, Beloveds.

Desperation happens when you sit in a limiting point of view instead seeing and considering the whole picture.

What occurs at this moment on earth is a necessary happening that shows you the emotions humanity has so long oppressed and that where hidden from your awareness.

All you do, feel and think is energy, and when that energy is not being fully conscious it builds packages of unresolved and stuck content. But energy must flow, dear ones, always, to be Light. Instead allowing the flow you hold on to content by identification with it. And so you become the very volcano, holding the magma deep down in your subconscious, and you become that shattering that permeats more and more the earth.

Dear ones, it does not matter who the forces are who made these things happen. All that has been hidden in the deep psyche of humanity, needs to come out now. The purification has to occur to make room for the new light that is pouring  constantly upon your earth.

Yes, many lost their lives, their possessions, their status quo. But you must cultivate the trust in you that all and everything only serves the flow or liberation. And liberation has also to do with currents of energy being piled up in the dark folds of your consciousness, that need to be set free, because you haven't dealt with it, you haven't given it with trust into the Radiant Open of the Divine, you kept it within you and sat on it.

Earth needs to be purified, otherwise she and also you cannot go forward my dears. What you all experience now is therefore not a punishment of God, as many like to call it. But it is rather an act of Divine Love. Divine Love can sometimes appear to the ego as hard punishement. But the the essence and intent of Love is always to expand, to radiate to Inifinity. And everything that is preventing Love to BE as It Is, must break in these endtimes, Beloveds. Do you understand?

The principle of Love or Divine Radiant Existence is a Breath at Infinity. You are to be made free from the limitations of mere identification with a body or matter. You are to become conscious and experience the Infinite as your own True Essence.

Now, if you lost anything, even if you lost your loved ones, it happens so that you can open your heart and expand into My Infinity of Total Healing because you start to understand that Truth is not in things and not even in your loved ones. Connect with their very essence, and you will immendiately know that you did not loose anything or any one, especially not your loved ones as you merge with what they truly are! So do not hold them as limited beings in your heart, grow with them into a New Divine Space that is Infinite Love. It is timeless and eternal and can never die or disappear!

Pain in your heart is a contraction, because you are used to false identification with the shells of limited and separate things.

The overwhelming events have to be overwhelming to wake as many as possible up from deep sleep and deep dream, Beloveds! Sometimes only shocking events can do that, and it does not matter who did that to you. All are servants of the Divine, whether they know it or not, or whether they even think there is nothing Divine or they think they fight the Divine.

The Divine always exists in Inifinite Radiant Expansion, untouched, and no matter by who, and what is acting.

To transcend the narrowed point of view you will need to tear your mind open and allow your heart to follow! This is required of whole mankind now. How else would you be ready for the New Era to shine. Your openings will release everything that holds you still tight to the old world  that is in reality already past for those who dare to enter the New Timeline of Radiant Clarity, in the Fullness of My Divine Goddess-Power.

Humanity, just don't only “get off your knees“, rather step into what You Are, radiant with happiness and freedom on your pathway to the New Time!

 Know that you from now on are free to create and bring the New World into being.

You survive because you carry the seed for the creation of unheard possibilites of mankind.

I Am the Mother Goddess, and I Am Speaking to you because I Am Creatrix. My Radiant Energies are needed to change you into what You Are, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and what therefore the New World will Be.

So trust and feel the new creative energies that I Am pouring down on humanity. Do not look at what you lost, look at what you can create anew. Break away now from the chains that bind you to the old believes and images of what you thought you are.

Dare to Be what is your Divine Heritage.


I Am your Divine Mother Shakti!

Message conveyed by

Ute Shan'A'Maa




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