Thursday, November 24, 2011


Dear friends and readers of my blog!

This is just a short notice to thank all you beautiful souls who have added so beautiful and often heart touching comments to my posts and have written to me such moving emails! I appreciate very much all of your participation in this multidimensional process we are all sharing right now in this important moment in history.

Please forgive me that at the moment I am not responding personally - but my experience is an empty brain which is radiant with silence and you could say: bliss. Although I feel this urge to respond personally to each one of you, I do not have the extended capacity for  concentration on details, it is just gone for the moment. I am sure this is only part of  a process of something greater which happens to the human species and of which I am a member or cell in this huge humanity body.

I hope you understand. I would be happy to hear from you further and believe that sooner or later my communication skills will return!

Much love and blessings, my friends!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,
I understand there is no way you can answer all the e-mails personally, especially wile being in this glorious wonderful state you describe here.
I want to thank you for your wonderful and loving massages. You are my favorite source of information and guidance in this proces we are in, because there is so much light and love coming with every message you bring to us. So thank you again for being here and doing what you do! Love,light and blessings, Lieke

cindy said...

hi ute, i am part of george stankov's PAT team, i wanted to share that the other night maybe 3 nights ago i got a message that i was from andromeda. i knew that in another life i was from another place as a scientist but when you wrote about andromeda i had already received this
information and your message gave me confirmation.

thank you, cindy

Michelle said...

Dear Ute,
I completely understand and I am happy for your bliss! This is my first time writing to you to say hello and thank you for all your beautiful artwork and messages. Your art triggers a vague memory of another beingness within myself. It is a joy to discover this and I send my gratitude to you.
I also heard of you via Georgi Stankov's website. What amazing times we are in, to be able to connect together like this.
With love and light,

Barbara said...

Ute, I understand that very well, as I'm sure we all do, you don't even need to explain! :) For the last 2 days especially, I've felt so disconnected from this 3D reality that I could hardly form one sentence - there's no way I could have written anything, it took all my effort just to move, eat, etc.
My impression of 11:11 was that some people stopped short at the last minute of crossing the threshold into the fifth dimension.....others of us did cross over, but were asked to come back, as the higher beings hit the Pause button and stopped the process half-way. But we didn't *completely* come back. It's as if we've got a foot in both worlds, which sounds nice, but is very awkward! I feel as though with my feelings I'm in that world, but my sight and hearing are still in this world, so it's distracting and uncomfortable.

I had a vivid dream this morning. I had written about 'Ascension', on a long, long scroll of paper (like those medieva parchments that monks used to write on, curled over a bit at the top), and I'd written it 'for publication.' The scroll was divided vertically into two parts. Some people in brown clothes came up (I associate brown with matter, materialism). They were reading it and saying, 'So what?' They were completely unimpressed, and they ignored it and wandered away. I was saying, 'Look, this is really interesting and important, it's all about ascension' - but they didn't want to know. Then the 2nd part of the scroll was published.....and people were stunned, all examining it and talking about it. I could not understand why, because they'd dismissed the first half, so why were they now so shocked & excited by the second half, which simply matched the first half?!
After I woke up, I realised that those two long vertical scrolls looked just like the number '11', divided into two. So I think this reflects the present situation; we had to stop halfway, on the 11th, so the mass of people are saying, 'Oh, nothing happened.' But yes, it did, and this will become obvious when the 'Pause' ends and part 2 commences. Meanwhile, we have to remain living in two worlds.....I hope not for long, because it's so difficult!


Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear Barbara, thank you for sharing. Regarding the living in 2 worlds: I do already since several decades and did survive :) inspite of all the difficulties. But it's not real fun. I think everybody's experience and explanation is different, according to our individual patterns. What counts is that obviously there is for many on the path a change of consciousness.
Many blessings!! :)