Tuesday, November 1, 2011


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We are the Light Beings from the Realm of Tse-Bo-Rah, seeding earth and humanity with the light of ascension.

Dear Ones,

Having this voice amidst you who is able to deliver our messages filled with Divine Light to you, is extremely important to us and we thank you, earth humanity, you, who is receiving these messages with your open heart.
Because with every message you read and listen to, you have the opportunity to make a step forwards in your evolution and prepare for your ascension and that of Gaia, your loving Mother Earth.

Doing our work of seeding the Light of God into your planet requires those who are able to receive it, in order to bring about the desired success of setting humanity free.

For thousands of years you have been living in darkness, and darkness brings about all these ugly emotions which you have suffered, whether you wanted it or not. It was indeed not to avoid and none of you could ever expect a merely happy life. There has been not a single being free of suffering. In fact, in low and dense frequencies which do not allow for much light, but keep it always dim, lower emotions such as fear, sorrow and anger, are naturally “at home”. Very few human beings were able to transcend In these times such low emotions, and most of you have been constantly and always in pain, even unknowingly. Because levels of pain are relative if you do not know what real happiness is. And in all these Thousands of years very few individuals knew true Happiness. Most humans believed that playing a certain role in life or “having” specific things and circumstances at their disposal, that this was happiness.
However from our perspective all they called “happiness” was just a little dim spark in an otherwise dark dream.

Beloved Ones, that Divinity has decreed your liberation from that darkness, that now humanity is given the right back to participate directly in Divine Light again, is of highest satisfaction for us and gives us the opportunity to flow this light through those who accept it.

Have you ever wanted to give something to your loved ones full of joy because you knew it would make them happy – but they denied? Do you know this pain you feel when your gift is not accepted?
And the joy when it is?

As we are coming like opulent currents from the Divine Ocean of Infinite Light into your Sphere we wish that you welcome this Divine and ever-free flowing Gift into your life.
Do not withhold yourself from it. All what it does is washing away what you hold in your space and which is not of light. It is a glimpse only for you to notice what it is and perhaps a short moment of ache in the memory of your heart but soon gone as you allow it to be dissolved in the stream of Light.

You, earth humanity, are blessed beyond your imagination. The doors to unveiled, radiant Light are open for you, so that you may join again what you are truly made of. Light is your Home, and there is no difference to love, it is One Single Bliss and this is the Gift we are pouring now atop you, around you and into your Beloved Mother Earth.

This is the moment where the shadows of your past can vanish like fog in the dawn of the morning light.
Do you understand the unspeakable significance of this moment?
Will you know a happiness you never thought it would be possible?
Did you ever dream about a fulfillment which you thought it would not exist?

Beloved Ones, all of this will now be yours. We are the Voice and Deed of God Who is Conscious Light. We are the means by which the Masters work. We are no other but we enable you to wake up from a false dream, from the illusion of Godlessness.

The Divine Knows only Joy because It is Joy. It Is all what is Great and what you ever have wished for in the deepest depth of your heart.

Dearest Ones, we are that joy that also fills your heart with joy. Light is expansion, when you expand your are joy. And there is no love without joy.
We are here, and know that you can participate in all of this Divine Abundance in the blink of an eye, when you let go of your old and now unnecessary baggage. Observe how it all dissolves and becomes Light, becomes Joy.
Oh, and your heart is just overwhelmed with so much love.

Blessed is this moment — and you all with it.

Message received by Ute
©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011 http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com
This message has been received in a sacred space, please treat with respect. Sharing  of this message  is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me. Thank you.


  1. Hi Ute,

    Have not come across communications from TSE-BO=Rah before? Do you have a link or location on your web site that could provide some background?

    Their message of Love and Light obviously resonates, and would like to respond within a space of Gratitude for their presence and support...

    Thank you for this introduction!

    In Love Always, All Ways,

  2. Dear SShravaka, I have not seen any link or source anywhere. These Beings contacted me some years ago first time with their extreme beauty, love and light and later conveyed their messages through me. They told me that I have a "soul contract" with them to channel their light for the ascension of Gaia.
    Many blessings,