Friday, November 11, 2011

My Personal 11.11.11 "Ascension" Report

Dear friends and readers of my blog,

I thought it would be encouraging for others to know that the magnificent 11.11.11 ascension activation - as foretold by many of our Galactic friends and channelers - is actually happening. Therefore I am reporting my own experience to give testimony of this event.
With no doubt- the energies today are extremely powerful. Living in Australia the 11.11 at 11:11 (o'clock) has already passed, and is wandering with the sun from my perspective towards the West so that we will have for another somewhat 20 hours a global 11.11 @ 11:11.

The process started for me actually already the day before yesterday. After I have been drawn to a so beautiful and brilliant Light far above my head, I felt, after my return, that I have been marked on my forehead, like: "she is ready to be a participant in the ascension process", of course meaning a growing responsibility for serving humanity thereafter. But, girls and boys, this is joy! And not a Reptilian kind of slavery!

Yesterday I felt like ‘sitting’ constantly  with my Arcturian family, with  signs in my body of being extremely brightened and expanded by light.

The process today began with a sensation of codes being downloaded into my body. I sat in mediation from very early in the morning  and experienced to be drawn into highest frequencies high above my head, appearing to me in brilliant white light. No colours or “places”. At the 11:11 mark I had a peak experience as if I have been drawn through a “hole”, not a black hole, but a white hole :) of extreme ecstasy and brilliance, but really not to describe. (I know it was at this time as I looked several minutes later at my watch, as I spontaneously opened my eyes.) There was also a unique and characteristic  smell which we do not have in the 3th dimension, and I remembered, ahh, that’s how high frequencies or higher dimensions can smell, because they were not just a vision but I felt them in and all over my body, so that that body was vibrating very high and felt flooded with light. This was very tangible.

At the same time I had several insights, such as: we create the dimensional “places”, because “mere” frequencies are not “enough” for us, we want something more to experience. I guess, in my case there were no “places” I went to, because I am a simple person, who is satisfied with the feeling of bliss and love, and don’t need “places”. 

Another experience was the work, together with Mother Earth. Since a while I had already felt the unity with her and literal non-separation from her, in my body. So the work “together” with her was to rise her energies, but better to say, not Her’s, but the frequencies She carries with her and which are those, humanity has created over the last Thousands of years (for whatever reason!). The work was to rise these rather heavy frequencies up to the heart. There they stood for a while, being stuck. And with the rays of Love and Compassion, suddenly emerging in the heart space, brilliant Light above the head ignited with Joy, and in the blink of an eye all heavy frequencies were raised up to above into the Light of the Heavens, to use this kind of image, to make it easier to understand.

So, this was great, as it means that Mother Earth has actually risen now forever above her former density and something has been taken from her.

Another experience was the meeting with other “co-workers” in this ascension process, with those who are here to assist Mother Earth and Humanity in their process. It was clear that we could not  share together a “certain place” were we would work together as a joined force.
Rather it seemed to be appropriate that each one of us would work from the “place” that was the one they have chosen to be, and that our joined force is the One of the Heart, that One Place of Unity, where we truly all melt, and melt with all humanity, regardless of the dimension in which they are existing.
From there it  was clearer than ever to me, that true ascension is Unity at the heart with all existence, and that 'dimensions’ are frequencies and ultimately illusions in that Truth of Unity.

While these experiences were all part of the “ascension” process, this changed in my case after 11:11 (o’clock). Because what came then was the "descension" process. In other words, to bring all that energy and all these frequencies down into the body. It started in my case with a very strange sensation of the head, as if it was not “my” head anymore, but was an “other worldy” head, which was sitting on my otherwise familiar human body.  This head – was it a new head? :) -  felt like being now of a different consistency and I have no idea what it means, and if it has perhaps something to do with the new crystalline structure.

While the Ascending process was in the first place definitely happening in the Arcturian Light-Energy, the descending process happened with the Andromedan Energy and Consciousness which pressed heavily down into my body and deep into Mother Earth. The Andromedan Energy is pretty much different to the Arcturian one, it is very much expanded and full and of highest vibration, so that the body needs some time of assimilation to recognize it as “light”. This was for me  a most profound grounding of my Andromedan family conscious light  into my body in an intensity which has not been possible for me before. During this descending process I also very shortly “visited” on my way my other cosmic homes, one on Sirius A with the beautiful and loving Lion Beings and the other with the Agarthans of Inner Earth.

Looking back it feels as if 'something’ of ‘me’ has left and stays there, high above in this light of brilliance at the peak of my ascension process, and I am wondering whether “I” am gone and somebody else is now sitting here. :). But who knows! This whole Divine Play is very astounding and there is definitely a joyful and humorous game going on, The Great One Amusing Him-Her-Self outrageously!

So far my 11.11 experience, and I encourage everyone, to report and share their own experience here with others.

Now, having written this down, I go back to meditation to see what’s next.
This is an exiting journey.

Much love to you all,

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Biu&Lu'a said...

Lovely to all Love to ONE. Joy, joy annnd JOYYY!! Blessings from Portugual!

Anonymous said...

HI Ute!

What kind of meditations use you? Have you some link or website what you prefer?



Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

@ Krasnya: dear friend, I don't have a system or technique.I only put my attention on what I want to connect with. E.g, when I want to go deep into my heart I put my attention there, or when I want to connect with Mother Earth, I put my attention on her, and when I want to connect with the Galactic Center, I put my attention there, etc. But often "meditation" just "overcomes" me, so that I feel blissful in heart and body and I want to maintain this by contemplating it. It is all about feeling from the silent heart energetically, and not creating something with my mind. It has all to do with the activated light body. Hope this helps.
Many blessings! Ute

sangrenegrv said...

Dear Ute, after read this post, i am very happy to know that what i feel the friday is a very similar experience that is explained here. I was working late in the night of thursday 10 when i see an image in my mind, an image from a being with a big ball of light above the head and open arms, i saw the watch an the hour was 00:00, and in that moment i heard a voice that said, ¿Do you accept?, in spanish, that is my language, i said yes (si), and i felt like a earthquake, but was not a earthquake, was only in my interior, and later i felt like an energy vortex downloading by my spine, very hard, so hard that i had to go to sleep because was too much for me.

Sorry but i cant explain better my fellings, i dont speak english well.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

@sangrenegrv: Dear friend, wow, beautiful, thank you for sharing, makes my heart sing :)
The Being with the ball of Light above the head reminds me of Isis and Sekhmet. Sekhmet is Sirius A.
Your English is great and I am myself not a native English speaker ...
Many Blessings to you!

sangrenegrv said...

The image that i see was like this:
and the colors are similar, when i acepted i put my arms like the image, the fact is that im very happy, because i was not reader from your blog, until today, when i read your description "I have been drawn to a so beautiful and brilliant Light far above my head", immediately i wrote my comment, many thanks for your time.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Please watch this video message from Jim Self:
The 11.11.11 Activation of Earth Star
Posted on 1.Dec 2011

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ute I was up at The Blue Mountains with a small group and I felt a breeze come into the cave and I felt White Cloud’s presence (a member of The Federation of Light),upon listening to White Cloud’s audio through Blossom Goodchild a few days later I heard him speak of the breeze as it whispers it’s way into the room and I knew he was with us in that cave as I had thought,I was also contacted by inner earth,soon after I was guided to a different place in the blue mountains for the winter solstice you know it well,Gross Valley Blackheath! Rebecca joined my site and told me about the group of 40 and the etheric Arcturian crystal,I have always felt a connection with the Arcturians:)

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear Kerry, thank you for sharing this beautiful experience! I have been never able to travel to that part of Australia since I am here (about 10 years), for several reasons. Mainly in the last years because of lacking finances. Therefore I am also I don't have much detailed information about the Blue Mountains. Sorry I did not understand what you meant by "Crystal", now it is clear! Having traveled the world in the past, I'd LOVE to see more of Australia and it's sacred places! Hopefully I can travel soon! Where do you live? Much love!

Unknown said...

Ute Hello, my name is Marcia, I am Brazilian and I met through your posts SINTESE Blog. I enjoy them immensely and, for some reason, I love you. Thank you always for your words and your guides espeirituais multidimensional. They carry a wonderful energy, purifying and give us a great sense of happiness and excitement regarding the ascension process of our Mother Gaia.
Much Love and Light to you.

sangrenegrv said...

Dear Ute, you are right, a year after, she talks to me, and told me I AM HATHOR. Nov-22-2012

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