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Beloved Ones,
We Are the Arcturians!

Never give up your positive outlook about what is to happen next in your world! But let us clarify the difference between the meaning of "positive and negative" related to your limited, dualistic thinking in the 3th dimension and the Positive as an expression of the mind which exists in higher dimensions. However even these higher dimensions still appear in the Source-field Itself, like you do, and we call it "Positive" in the highest sense if they acknowledge their dependency on that One Source.

Therefore the best we can recommend is to focus your mind of  heart directly on the Light of Oneness Itself, in which everything appears as an expression of that Oneness, radiating from the core of it with the Brightness of Ultimate Light-Consciousness. 

All truly positive events in that understanding are therefore happening as an emanation of Source-Light and are not created by the mind that is bound and defined by the body, gross, subtle or causal, but which are fueled by Source Itself, while you are calling with your visionary and heart's intention upon Its primordial power of creation.

A creation, merely initiated by your personal will with the power of your third eye can never be long lasting and nor can it express the Ultimate Reality. The  quality and characteristic of a creation is naturally derived from the substance from which it is created.

Therefore choose well your resources from and with which you want to create. And why not create always directly from and with the Source Itself, instead of choosing lesser and limited states of mind or beings of higher dimensions. Even they are created from the Substance of the Source-Light.

Earth-humanity has been told since Millenniums that you need a mediator to connect and relate to the Ultimate. This served the hiding of your true origin from you. Even though the functionality of your body, as it is now, is a creation by lower sources than the Ultimate Source Itself, your very Essence and Being-ness is the Ultimate Source-Light Itself. 

This has been hidden from you for so long that you now relate to beings from other dimensions and ask them for help, advise and healing. This is appropriate as most of you are just now waking up, so you need guidance and indeed healing of your planet and yourself on your way to reconnect with your very Source. This is why we are here to help you as we are one family in the light of love.
However from that Source we all come and we all share What is Undifferentiated, Whole and Undiminished Happiness. 

If you turn to your own Source you need to be willing to transcend all thoughts and concepts, you need to empty yourself and accept Pure Radiance into your life. It is your disposition which invites the Truth into your being, which will transform in return your mind and your body  from inside out as you start to resonate with It directly.

In these times your prayers are more powerful than ever before and are able to manifest, especially on the spiritual level. What your heart desires now is being drawn to you irresistibly by your faith.

The New World will be Shining with the Light and Consciousness of the Ultimate, so you desire it and conform to It. The True Way always has been from Above to below and not the other way around. Creations from "below" have always been piecemeal, one example is your present situation and the suffering you experienced on your world for long periods in your time. 

Purely Divine Creations do not know suffering, they do not know separation and darkness, they only Are Love and they Are inherent Unity, and mind of duality does not arise, as it is known to you.

Also we, the Arcturians, have once made mistakes but we have overcome them by better understanding of how to participate with Source. Without this understanding, your world has come to the edge of destruction. Divine Intervention however has prevented this. 

Source is Calling you, dear Ones, we desire to remind you, to turn directly to where you originally came from. Do not identify with lesser creations and dimensions. Identify with Source Itself in your heart. If you would with your mind, your ego would become inflated. (smiles humorously) 

To identify with Source is to relinquish all differences of  "lower and higher", "better and worse" which the mind is creating in the realms of the many dimensions. It is Pure and Undivided  Love-Bliss. And is it not that all you want is, that your creations are of that One Love-Bliss? 

Be Blessed, Beloved Ones,
We are the Arcturians

Message conveyed by Ute

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