Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Personal Update, 30.5.12

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Dear friends,

yes, there was an urge since days from the Arcturians, to put out this latest message. As a dedicated servant of humanity (that's, why I am here :) -  and so it is my soul's pleasure), I finally  consented to write down the message, edit it and create the image and the video. (Can't do half-work, perhaps need to learn it :))

It was at the cost of my back, of course. But that's what life in this dimension is about! I am tough in taking suffering. I learned this from early on ....

But at the same time it is very interesting to be working with deep rooted (negative) belief systems, which have been mainly built in my first 2 years. I had chosen, like so many of us healers and starseeds, and taken on a very traumatic childhood, to do the work of purification for all humanity. We do this, because of an overwhelming love. 

I have done tons of clearing and self-transcending  work all my life, but now it is the time to release the stuff tucked away deep in the cell memory. My back tells me so, and without it I probably wouldn't have had the time to dig even deeper. But what I can now endure I wouldn't been able to endure much earlier, it would have literally killed me, my heart would not been able to feel its full impact.

It is an amazing work to see what's stored and also how it is affecting my physical body. Just today, while I was on another trip of exploration, in order to accelerate my healing further I found another negative belief that I released because it really didn't serve my well-being. And I have the feeling this was a major one whose nature was to prevent healing. 

Each of these releases, whoever does them, has a huge ripple effect on the human collective consciousness, its healing and uplifting. Remember that it is said, that a flying feather on one side of our globe can create a tornado on the other side. We are all interconnected, it is one huge single grid. One movement on even one little tiny part of that grid, changes the whole grid. 

So I am not only doing this work of my "own" history, it is really the work for my ancestors and that for the German people, for all those I am connected with, and ultimately for all people. My life situation is that of a transformation station for my immediate  neighbors (with microwave and digital TV vibes, Aspartame and Fluoride consumption and not wanting to "know"), and also the whole town. My neighbors have  basically no idea what's going on, and are not interested in it either. 

But especially one of them, actually a couple, are starting slowly to respond! The "he" of the two, recently was amazingly deep in his heart when we spoke, he just was Love Itself!! And the "she" sometimes starts to show her hidden heart too. It's new!  They have been usually a bunch of angry and judgmental people just serving their own agenda. And you can imagine how this makes me happy!

I thought I talk about this, just for the sake of your own inspiration not to hesitate or to be afraid to do the work of releasing, whether you feel "good" at the moment or not! Yes, it requires sometimes to radically confront a feeling which we never wanted to feel again. But we need to engage this courage and trust, that the releasing can be done. We only face what's anywhere already there! And each release allows more light to come into the system.

This has been really always the nature of a true spiritual path which is the spiritualization or literally the enlightenment of the whole body-mind. 

Enlightenment is not something we add to our present state of body-mind via mental ideas and techniques, but enlightenment means the purification of it (= making the unconscious conscious and release it), so that the light can come in fully. This is a multi-layered process, and goes back to other life-times too, ultimately. Because as multidimensional beings we are all of that.

Much love to you all and many blessings!


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