Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dear friends,
after months of sitting continuously  on the computer, I need to seriously process ancient cell-memories, aka excruciating back pain which does not allow me to move much. So I am forced to spend my time mostly as much as possible flat on a mattress, to release from the body consciousness what's been stored there, hoping this will help my damaged back to recover.
Still I will find tricks, to get my fingers on a keyboard, even while somehow lying flat as much as possible, in case I will be overwhelmed with the urge to post something. Even if it has to be done, like now, with only one finger. It depends however what is greater: urge or pain. Yes, I am still smiling.

Much love and many blessings,


  1. My dear sister, Ute,
    I send you all my support, my Love and good vibrations! Let Universe give to you release of your current problems - as sooner as it can be!

    By the way; have you considered to go to a chiropractor? - Whenever I had such kind of problems (and I HAVE IT!), it really helps me always. Think about it.
    Much Love!

  2. Standing besides you,


  3. Do what you need. And keep smiling. We're waiting for you be better. Thanks for your wonderful strength and work.

  4. Ohw man... I had the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago. I understand completely where you are going through. I could'nt sit or stand and was going on my hands and knees through the house... Now, I am doing some workouts every day, to make everything strong again. You forget yourself while working at the computer, we know we have to move around, but just forget about it... Not again! I never want to feel that pain again, so I walk and do my workouts.
    Much Love and Light Ute, and I am sending you also healing energies.

  5. Thank you, my dear friends, for your heart-warming sympathy and healing.To read your words is joy for me. And by the way, Niranjan, for me it's the Bowen therapy:) Much much love to you all!