Friday, September 14, 2012


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Dearest friends,

Being in this Space of Grace, of Beauty, of Light and Bliss, all names for Love, there is no thing, that can touch me, because all of this is one single equilibrium. Everything in balance, while the room is radiant with invisible Light which is visible to and felt by the spirit.

With my eyes wide open, there is no above or below, there Only Is Presence and Radiance. While the world plays its music, and runs its course.

Peaceful my body, my mind, joy in my heart, there is only Heart and only one chacra, so to speak. That Heart contains all and is Living all, there is Only One Existence. There is no separation and no difference. Only One Radiance. In it the body is embraced and the mind’s vibration peacefully floats in It.

Nothing to seek, just everything to enjoy. A contentment, ah! A satisfaction. No effort!  And everything falls into place.

This Radiance is stainless, it is Purity, untouched. And it is Bright. It is sweet, It is soft, the body luxuriates in It. Every cell attuned in harmony.

Such is the Greatness of Divine Consciousness, It has no beginning and no end and That One merely Exists. Motionless. Although things move. Freshness pervades me, a cool breeze of eternity which is Now, timeless.

And It is so simple. Nothing "holy". One without another. Brain functions only to manage the simple things, no complex figuring out. The knowledge and the Knowing seem to come from another place, from the depths of Being, naturally without asking or “thinking”. It arrives from the reservoir of all knowledge. It has Its own Intelligence.

Such is the Greatness of our own Source. Ah, and this Clarity! Not of the mind, but of Being, Unspoken and Un-thought, Self-Existing. It washes the surface of the rough streets of worldly struggles and makes everything appear Divine and feel smooth. Even like silk, inhale and exhale. Breath an infinite Space. The movement an illusion.

Where is Ascension?
It does not exist, other than as a mighty shift in the appearances of things. But I am outside of it, there, where I am, I do not have to suffer it! It is the primary space which does not change, but in which changes happen.

I know that there is nothing beyond, the Beyond is already here, with us, if we are willing to feel It, to notice It, to appreciate It.

Is it spectacular? No it is not. It is most natural and appears quietly. Nothing happens. So many  will not like it, although it is primordial Happiness! There is no agitation and perhaps you think it is boredom. But only if you are seeking suffering it appears perhaps to be. Here is no suffering. None. And it is awake.

Here search ends, and enjoyment starts. Real enjoyment, without reason, just because of the IS that Radiates. It Is perfect Beauty and Freedom.The Substance of all makes us free! All things bear in their heart this Substance, or this Substance bears all things, and no thing encloses this freedom and beauty which cannot be contained.

Am I lost for the "New Age" adventure? I think somehow I am because this equanimity is beyond all strive and wait, upward move, wanting to gain, to make better, to accomplish, because there is nothing to accomplish. The Joy is already here, the Happiness.

It is Grace and it is Wonder.
I am deeply in gratitude. I enjoy as long as it lasts. When my last vasana (latent tendency) is transcended it will Be forever.

With love,


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  1. O, my dear Ute,
    I'm deeply Happy becouse of you! (because, IT is savikalpa samadhi!?!, as I see...) :)

    Indeed, much Gratitude for this wonderful sharing!

    The Pure Consciousness IS!
    The Eternity IS!
    The Infinity IS!
    The Blessing and Blissfulnes - IS!

    With all my Love,

  2. Once this state is permanent it's called realization according to my humble understanding. Some might use a different word - enlightenment. Not that it makes any difference to the person who remembered.

    Thank you.

    Much Love,

  3. just want to say I couldn't agree more with your words, even the previous. I copy paste readings on a text reader (balabolka) so that I can listen to something while I draw (I'm an artist). then as I listen I felt "oh my gosh it's like it took words right from my mouth". I think that was the one about Self/Self love if I'm not mistaken. It was exactly one of my epiphanies/spiritual downloads? a couple or so months ago. I even shared excitedly to my mom explaining about the capital S Self, and went on about it's the same Self as everyone else's, that everyone is also SELF, that there's really no 'others'. so as I was listening to your words I was astonished and had to check out the author. Then I saw "Ute", okay. And then a while ago as I listened to a number of (random lol) readings again as I draw, there came the part (this post) when again I felt omygosh it's just my realization recently! it's again like taking words from my mouth, I was so amazed. recently I found "Constancy", that everything comes from Constancy (my chosen term XD) even the idea itself. everything happens and changes from/within it. so the line "It is the primary space which does not change, but in which changes happen." really caught my attention because I felt it's the same. and from Constancy there is nothing to fear, because there is nothing to protect, because there is nothing to lose, because it will never be lost, for it is, CONSTANT. and so really there's nothing to 'ACHIEVE' because there is no LACK, no need to feel the 'negative' emotions because there is no necessity to protect sense of identity, self worth, because it is CONSTANT. and so being on the 'highest point' there's nothing else to do but express self, joyfully/blissfully and freely, like the sun always shining down on everything. so then I checked who the author is and again it is you, Ute. Wow. so it made me go to your webspace, and so I'm here commenting this great wall of text lol sorry XDD I also write my truths when there's an urge, just scribbling down on random paper. it's messy lol XD your profile says you're an arcturian starseed. this may be weird but do arcturians have arcturian cards? I had a dream once, I picked up a set of cards from the floor and it was "arcturian cards", you know how in dreams we just.. know, lol. then as I looked at the cards I feinted (in the dream) and woke up here (in 3d reality). it's the first time I experienced such sensation. so.. do they really have this set of cards? XDD thanks (omygosh so long ^^;)