Friday, September 7, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Message from our God-Self

I AM always Eternally your own deepest and purest  Self, always available to you. You always depend on Me, you always live in Me, I always live you. But your mind does not know Me. Your mind is not surrendered to Me and does not serve Me.

You are slave of your mind, and therefore you do not notice Me. And you even have forgotten Me. Although I Am the Substance of your existence.

But you live on the surface of your own Truth, and you are engaged in all kinds of businesses, nice and not so nice. It does not matter, but then you miss the mark.
You are always searching for THE thing, THAT “wow”!!!!, THAT final fulfillment, somewhere in your outer world. You are struggling, you are uneasy and not at ease, always. Why? You like complication, you like excitement, you like distraction, you always hope for a big bang, that finally ends all your searches, so phantastic and so unique and unsurpassed, so that you would be satisfied once and forever.

The illusion is that you seek for Me outside: in your world, in your relationships, in your ascension, in your skies and higher dimensions, in your space brothers and sisters.

But I am always Untouched and I Am Simplicity, and I AM always here. What you hope to get from higher dimensions and your space family is ultimate relieve, the escape not to have to pass the test you have been incarnating for on Earth: to transcend the lower vibrations so that you would be able to move on to higher dimensions.

Your space family cannot take this from you, this work, this conscious process of spiritual growth.

Your planet would have already ascended with you if you would truly vibrate with the Truth of your own Self, untouched from your world, as difficult as this world might be for you!

But this is your task: to be victorious in the midst of it! To vibrate with your heart’s Truth of Love and Simplicity and to not allow to step down into the lower spheres of egoic self-identification, which you are not.

Your only mission is to rise like the morning sun, untarnished by the clouds of self-doubt and reactivity to the currents of life, and exist as that light, that love in the midst of apparent darkness. This is the greatest service, the greatest help you can offer to yourself and to your human family, even to all your space families!

Because your rising sun enlightens all universes to awaken, as much as every star that brightens up with Divine Illumination, ignites your heart to recognize your  own Truth.

There is no separation, all beings and universes are One in Divine Consciousness, which Is your Own Self. I AM THAT.

You will not find  Me, your Glorious Self just because you ascend. It has nothing to do with it.  I AM  Untouched by all moves and changes, by all densities and dimensions, by your body and even by your spiritual searches  and  practices! These are all preliminaries, full of complications and errors and many illusions.

It is the endless repetition of your mind that leads you astray. While I AM always simply here and Aware, utterly Radiant, Light of Lights and Love-Bliss,  while all the dramas are played out, high or low.

You can develop your body-mind as much as you like, I AM still Untouched from all of that, from all your highest aspirations even, because I AM neither high nor low. I AM beyond opposites, and I cannot be worked out, mind cannot describe Me.

But you still seek somewhere else, constantly escaping Me. It is your mind that does and creates all these things, do you understand? It is wandering in illusion-land. It cannot be enjoyed without knowing Me. I AM the ultimate Enjoyer. Living truthfully in the higher dimensions without Me is not possible.

Dear Ones, never forget to keep your awareness in your heart, no matter what. Do not allow to descend to the lower vibrations below your heart, do not allow negative mind to prevail!

So you will more and more know Me. When you enter into the depth of your own heart and persist in locating Me, I will reveal Myself to you, because I AM no other, I AM the Real You and I AM always here.  Do not allow yourself to be content with substitutes of Me. I cannot be substituted, not even with your spiritual self that is fascinated by subtle and  out of body experiences, time traveling and the visits in other worlds!

Your enlightened space family is always  with you,  waiting for you to wake up to your own Truth.  This is what will change your world for real and will invite them to join you because you are truly aware of who they are. Know yourself and you know them.

Be that Light, that Love that Bliss That I AM.

I AM your God-Self

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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    I AM working on it, but it is sooooo difficult to find the most short, straight path HOME.


  2. Perfectly conveyed. TRUTH & LOVE


  3. Wonderful and perfect timing. Thank you.

  4. I really resonate with your I AM messages. These I find to be the purest essence of Truth/Consciousness/Bliss. Bless you.