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My Dear Friends,

The 11.11.12 – how was that? Did you feel the new extreme high energies? This Bright Light? Well it was kind of heaven here on Gaia and it continues to be – frequency-wise. We have been saturated with great gifts and our cosmic  heritage and multidimensionality has been confirmed for many or remembered by many.
Our adventures continue and while I visited this time the Galactic Center (no, not the middle of it :)) but coming so close to It that I could feel a kind of absorption by it, I have been given some revelations and instructions.

One of them I feel moved to share with you all as it might benefit you.

We are together involved more or less with the subject of  ascension into the light on the background of a world that many call a dark prison planet.
What I have been shown relates somehow to this and  provided me with the full picture of something I have been already partially aware of before, and not just in the form of mental knowledge but in form of direct experience.

But here is the entire story:

Having been such immersed in the splendid radiant and indescribable bright light of our Great Central Sun, Thick with Bliss, most Awe-Inspiring, utterly Peaceful and Sublimely Silent and Heart-Deep, but somehow also very familiar, I suddenly saw myself with – yes, believe it or not – two bold horns on my forehead!

Having grown up in a Christian environment, as most of us have who have been born in the  West, - I felt somewhat uneasy, with a trace of shame and guilt, and yes I was a bit shocked too! In the midst of this Bliss. A very strange experience, but even the shock was only an appearance of bliss Itself, it was made of the material of bliss, it was all thick bright light,  if this makes sense at all.

Am I the direct descendant of the devil?, I asked myself startled.
So the first thing then was, if so, that I needed to accept this fully! Oh, my God!!

Whereupon I was shown the entire cycle of the great cosmic round in which the horned one was an episode. What was shown to me appeared partly as an comprehensive holographic image, but also in words.

“It does not matter, how much or how little light a soul  holds, but WHERE in the Great Cycle they are! Who is on the descending path (into density or darkness) can still hold much light, but also who is on the ascending path (returning to the light) can hold much light. Whether one is on the descending or ascending path signifies the degree of development of the soul! Those on the descending path just started their great adventure.

The Ascended Masters belong to the souls who left the path of descension for good. Whereas the Archangels never “descended” into darkness. All depends on intention and purpose.

Judgement, where one on the wheel or cycle exists, is complete nonsense. And because many at this time present on earth are on their way back to the light, there is a common-sense prevalent, that this is “good”. But this scene is only a fraction of the whole grand cycle of Divine Play.

By far not all are on their way back to the light. Many are here, to learn special lessons at this time, while they are on their spiral of descension. So their time has not yet come to ascend. Nevertheless they are great souls as they committed themselves to complete the Great Cycle. As time is illusion, many timelines can coincide. Learning processes are not really linear, they are rather multidimensional.

However there is always a main trend that each soul is following, descending or ascending, in the Great Wheel of their  Evolution.

Regarding the dark beings on your earth, there are those who are on their way to the upwards path, while others have not yet reached the rock bottom of their descending path.

It is depending on the main trend of their soul, whether they are going to turn to the light at these times, or cling to the path of darkness.

Therefore it is a sign of great immaturity and ignorance, to destroy the dark beings, who have committed  the biggest crimes, by dissolving them in the Galactic Center. Rather they have to be given the opportunity to continue to make experiences somewhere else, until they are ready to turn to the spiral of ascension.

All those who are now truly on the ascending path are those who have completed their descending experiences.  

It is not possible to enjoy the Grace of Ultimate Divine Liberation from the otherwise endless cycles of birth and death in the dimensions, high or low, without the whole range of experience of all possibilities of creation - and ultimately transcending them all.

One can travel forth and back, up and down,  here and there in the vast universes, but this will not end in Most Perfect Divine Self-Realization.

Those who dare to descend into the deepest Abyss to offer this experience to the Unbroken Divine Light, are the heroes, they are the most blessed ones, as they have made the greatest sacrifice to glorify the Divine.

This knowledge might teach everyone to respect the “dark” souls as beings who  desire  to realize the Ultimate. It takes much strength and courage to submit to the horrors of separation from the Divine. When a soul commences this terrible journey it does so because it loves the Divine at most.

It requires much self-and ego-transcending practice and understanding, to accept this truth, as the ego, and also the spiritual ego, likes to appear superior or better than others. But the Divine Recognizes Itself in All Creation.”

While I was writing this down I also remembered the teachings of some mystery schools which consider the “devil” to be the Forth Face of God. And even the bible tells the story of the “Lost Son”. The Great ancient Indian Wisdom Teachings emphasize that all Gods are at their core Demons, and all Demons are at their core Gods. And only Divine Self-Realization transcends both. In this State of Realization ALL actions are the same and so called "morality" does not exist, as they are all performed from that Highest, Most Enlightened Understanding.

We might feel uneasy with these stories, as long as we  don’t understand their full meaning. But by Divine Grace,  the form of a devil appeared as Bright Light, as a modification of that Light! 

Although this story is full of paradoxes if we try to understand it with our 3D conceptual mind, this is not anymore the era of the journey of single individuals but that of collective evolution!

And therefore this experience stands for the Healing of the path of descent and the Coincidence of Opposites in the heart of humanity, through the Recognition of the One and Only Divine Existence.  

And exactly this appears to be one of the Gifts of the 11.11.12 event, that is already part of the process of our alignment with the Galactic Center: the Unification of duality with its inherent suffering because of the presumed separation from the Divine.

Humanity is Only One Body, and each one of us is a cell in this Great Body. Each cell communicates with all other  cells.Therefore, after much suffering and experience the dark night of the soul, as a collective we are Given this Graceful Gift of Recognition of Oneness in All Appearances, although some of us might not yet be consciously aware of It. But It signifies the return of the suffering humanity to Truth and the Deification of Creation.

Yes, there is Only The Divine!
And it is our Love That Understands this Truth.

Much love and many blessings,


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  1. Dear Ute,

    As a warrior sometimes I face with darkness. I know who they are. But if You blink any weakness, You will suffer. It is better not to challenge them.
    They are feed on negative feelings and try control You via human brain, especially via left side of the brain. That's the instrument of Lucifer (Princess of Air). This is the main control device. They made everything in infinite loop, and You have to break this loop. It is not easy, but possible. That's why We use the Heart and not the brain. Males are forced to use brain as main device, and they never find the Truth that way. Ladies masters Their Hearts, so they much closer to the Truth.

    Primary Goddess Creatrix of The Universe and Primary God Creator of The Universe Love and Bless You All

    Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy

  2. Thank you Ute! ALL - IS - TRUTH!

    (In Reality) There isn't "I", there isn't "we", there isn't "they"... there isn't ANYTHING "else" except THAT-ONE-BEING, THAT ONENESS. And THAT is ALL: All-That(-Really)-IS!!! (everything else that is in the "opposite" to THAT, are NOTHING BUT - our own, ego-created, ILLUSIONS; and, by the way :), EGO itself is the "DEVIL" itself! There isn't any other "Devil" but EGO!)
    So, to realise Awakening means - to Transcend the EGO, and all it's Illusions, all that misunderstandings ...all that "nightmares" of our own being, and finally REALISE the Truth, Absolute Truth, Absolute Reality: ONE-WITHOUT-OTHER!!!

    Thank you Ute a lot, again, and Blessings to all!

  3. I loved this teaching. It vibrated so clear and entered my heart as a crystal arrow of truth, reminding me what every created being knows and remembers, in their heart at the seat of silence and wonder. Thank you, Ute. Blessings for your work. loving waves of wonder, Holly.