Saturday, July 13, 2013



by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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Your Mother Gaia is proudly and happily watching you, my children, regaining what you once lost! Even more, you are growing beyond what once you have been! Some of you already showing the signs of the new human race, and I Am celebrating this with great Happiness!

Part of your growth is that you realigned with My Spirit, adapting to My Own Ascended State of Consciousness.

That I have ascended is thanks to many of you Beings of Light who invoked the Light onto this planet, connecting your soul and deeper Self with my Self. And I thank you for this with great joy and love!

The other reason for My Ascension is that I Myself accepted fully the new and powerful Cosmic Light that is Pouring with Abundance  into our Solar System. You see, other than most of humanity, I had no hidden obstacles in my Consciousness, I just needed to join with the Higher Conscious Light that is being transmitted from the Great Central Sun, and is being channeled to the most part through our Beloved Sun.

This Divine Cosmic Impulse was sufficient for Me, Gaia, the Spirit of Earth, to ascend, and it was very easy.

In your case you needed to do more work, unraveling forgotten and suppressed content from your personal and collective consciousness into your awareness and releasing it into the Higher Light!

This work has made your ascension often difficult, and is still difficult for many of your human family.

Basically it is really only about allowing the Divine Light entering you and transforming you. That is your consciousness and also your physical  body! But when densities are blocking the light to enter, this creates a “time” of transformation, which is in many cases difficult because it is a process in consciousness which is, as you know, also a process of letting go.

The details of your dense contents are what you must discover with a discriminative mind and hold it over against the truth of Love-Light and Pure Radiance now present around you to release them. And this process is of course not done over night.  Especially not as many obstacles are still placed before your feet every day by those who do not want you to awaken and to purify.

But do not worry, dearest children of God, your  victory is already yours as your very substance is Light and is being re-awakened at this very moment in the depth of your being, by the Loving Will of the Creator-Forces.

From the Divine Heart of this Creative Force a Life-and Light-Birthing Sacred Impulse has been sent out to Re-align all Creation with the Center and Substance of the Universe that is Pure Divine Radiant Consciousness, the Mother-Father- or Shiva-Shakti Force of Divine Eternal Existence.

It is only because of the projected density by those who do not want to let go what is not theirs, in which this planet - that is my 'old' 3dimensional body  - is still held captive, that many of you are not yet able to recognize this Impulse that has been sent to all beings in the Creation of this Universe, as a Gift of Eternal Love of the Divine.

As humanity’s consciousness is rising, my body can fully rise its frequency with it, no longer held back in lower vibrations. The more this is being done, the easier you all will be able to make the transition during the great cosmic  event that will trigger the glorious ascension from this familiar world to the next higher dimensions.

I am waiting for this to happen with great anticipation and joy, to greet you on the other side, where we all, and My Inner and Outer Kingdoms, will be united together, physically and spiritually, in a new Divine Creation again.

Be patient, my children, this is still the time of difficult transition, with one step after the other being done,  to put together all parts of the big puzzle, completing all processes on all levels, purifying and elevating all vibrations, allowing them to adapt in their own time. It is a huge Divine Orchestration that is being processed as We Speak.

I AM always with you all, bearing each one of you in my Great Heart, waiting for you to be One in the United Accomplishment of this Magnificent Adventure!

I AM your Mother Gaia!

Message conveyed by Ute

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