Friday, July 5, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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My dearest friends,

As long as there is no real and true and full Self-Love and Self-Acceptance, there is no true accomplishment on our life path.

From there all life fully begins. Only from then we can give fully to the world and to others. Because we mirror their own potential.

Then the Living Waters do not not dry up and are forever available in always overflowing fullness.

Self-Love is when we are resting in our own Truth that never changes.
Self-Love is when our Soul reigns our life.
Self-Love is when we know Who We Are.
Self-Love is when the well of Self is Unlocked.

Self-Love is formless and mere Being. It Is Radiance. It is Love Itself. It Is Joy. It Is Peace. It Is timeless. And it is Power. Our true Power. It is directly in Union with All-That-Is. It Is Spaceless and has no location, but can be located at the Heart. It Is the Divine Spark in our Heart or Being. It Is The Heart of Being Itself.

If we do not know that Self, we cannot truly love ourselves and so we look for love in other places and love from others.

Love cannot be divided. It merely Is. We can participate in It, we can Be It. But It cannot be separated in parts, like here a piece and there a piece.

Love is a phenomenon that merely Is. We need to surrender to It.

When we forget ourselves, the little self that is afraid and that is angry and guilty, and that is sad, then this One Self-Love can emerge as Love that merely Is.

It is a Field of Unity that we always have been, prior to all these errors and unbelief, confusions, doubts, imaginations of “little me”, weakness, powerlessness, victimhood … All these separate identities who struggle to survive.

In Self-Love there Is only Fullness. It cannot be diminished. But when we are drawn into side tracks with our energies, out of our very Center of Self-Being, as our mind creates separate point of views and convictions, parts of the whole, importance, differences that separate, and are not seen as expressions of Oneness, we cannot have self-love, and we seek love and acceptance from others. Because our heart can never accept and love what is not Real, and so we do not accept ourselves.

In that moment we Self-betray. And knowingly or not, we have left the true seat of Self-Love, we have been going astray in illusion land, although society tells us that illusion land is the only reality. Unknowing parents tell us so, teachers are teaching it, universities are instructing us, and churches are preaching it.

Hypnotized and overwhelmed by this mass-indoctrination we went into a separate thinking mood, confused and alienated from ourselves. Parents, teachers, friends, lovers and churches only love us if we do not love ourselves truly. If we would they would be afraid of our freedom.

So in order to be loved we are choosing dependency on others. That is our contract.

And so we are not free. We have paid a high price for this pale seeming surrogate-happiness that is so fragile and always vanishing into the anxious waters of deepest insecurity.

We need to be honest with ourselves! Only profound honesty tells us if we truly love ourselves. Often we think we do.  But it is only a thought, a wish. And this continues to be as long as we do not really and thoroughly explore our true feelings and emotions and fears and insecurities that are sitting as blockages upon the freedom of our  Infinite Self, so that we cannot see It.     

Self-Love can never be just a thought. An idea or imagination. It must be fully experienced and directly lived. To experience it truly we must feel the pain, we must allow that hurt, that old wound that imagines not to be loved, to have failed.

But how can we expect from others to love us, if we do not love ourselves first? How can we love ourselves if we do not understand that failure is part of a learning process? The learning or investigation process of the soul in this imperfect dimension?

Self-Love is the knowing that all our experiences, successes and failures, are subordinate to our eternal Being of Self. In the Imperishable and Eternal  Field of Self there are no successes and no failures. Both is experienced and interpreted as such by the separate self that is the construct of the mind.

The investigation process of the soul in this dense reality has come to a conclusion when the Presence of our Divine Self has victoriously emerged after we completed the journey of seeming separation from It.

This does not mean that from now on we have to be perfect in our appearance! Perfect can only be The Self. We can still make mistakes and we can still experience emotions. We have not become dead statues, motionless and lifeless, because the waves of life continue in this still imperfect world.

It is really all about this Emergence, this finding again, this Self-Discovery of Something we really never lost. To unite again with what we Are, we need discrimination to understand what is not-Self, relinquish it, accept all the pains and errors, and then to not give up in the  process of Self-discovery, our focus flying like a straight arrow to our intuited own Truth.

What we focus on must reveal itself! Such we never are to give up, dedicated with Love and perseverance to locate What We Always have been. There is no side track forever and no side track that can destroy what we Are.

We just need to decide to turn around into the only direction that will reward us with eternal satisfaction.

Once we have allowed that most natural and always self-existing Self-Love to rise from the deepest depth of our Being, everything becomes a dance, a joy, a simplicity. And dilemmas disappear in the unity of all things and beings and in the beauty of Divine Existence.

And so it is!

With much love,

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Anonymous said...

This is such a wonderful message! You are wonderful :-) I love you!


Bamboo Painting said...

Thank you for sharing.. Self-love is an important energy source for onesele..

Easyday said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post... I agree with Bamboo, the greatest love is the love for yourself... you should love yourself first to be able to love others.

anna said...

have a great posting of love messages