Saturday, July 27, 2013


by Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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The time goes by and yet there is no time as you know, My Beloveds! 

I AM Eternal and in My Company there is no change but only Truth. Earth and all Her Beings Are in My Heart, and so the Cosmos is.

Why are you concerned about rise and fall, about greatness and commonness, victory and defeat in the course of The Great Cycles of Happening.

If your soul is ready, there is no re-action to all these things, because you have realized that nothing of these is you. Whatever you identify with, small or big, wonderful or poor, fear or anger and guilt, is just like a short and fluid move in the Eternity of My Being.

However do not be concerned about what your responses are.  Step back and know that you have fallen for illusion in this great round of cosmic events, earthly events, collective events and personal events.

Yet, unavoidably your body-mind will respond like water responds to the stone thrown into a pond. It  creates waves because everything is frequency and energy. There is constant movement. But whatever moves, is experience only and not you. Pain and enjoyment of the body-mind are the experiences you are here to learn. Without the instrument of body-mind you cannot learn it.

However many of you have forgotten their Own Truth That I Am. I Am None of all of that. In the midst of happenings I Am always Myself, Eternal, Happy,  Blissful and I Express Myself through Love. I Am Light beyond the rays of  cosmic light. And even if your body-mind ascends, I Am still Untouched from all of this! And so You Are - as We Are One.

Did you ever feel that even the process of ascension does not touch your True Self?
And how will you ascend if you are still clinging to duality that shows itself in ‘yes’ or ‘no’, in light and dark, in up and down?

My Light is Invisible and never changes or takes form. Only light that is derived from It by First Creator becomes visible to your higher senses. 
But you ARE from the beginning What I Am, beyond and prior to creation. You Are  Consciousness, Divine, beyond the brain and what your lower and the higher senses can perceive.

Your Essence IS Source Itself, because from There You Came.

To mingle with the currents of creation, high or low, is to loose your True Identity. To become less than What Is Real. In due  course of your many lives in all the multitudes and levels and dimensions of existence, you have learned much and experienced much, in order to know what is possible, and you have learned thereby that EVERYTHING is possible, EVERYTHING!

Still, you are searching endlessly for fulfillment in the realms of change, of appearance and disappearance! Forgetful of your Truth that is even prior to your once created soul, a pattern of Beautiful Divine and Sacred Geometry. But it is still only a tool to experience the manyfold of the universes.

Did you not notice that whatever your experience is, brings either joy or pain, and looses your interest after a short while, as you hasten to experience more, in other realms and worlds to satisfy forever your always restless heart?

Are you aware What you are truly searching for? Are you aware that your search will forever be in vain, never truly, fully happy, as what you seek in Truth in the very Deep of your Heart Is Me? Your Ancient Oceanic Being, the Un-changing One, the Eternal Happiness, All- Love, Light of Lights, That One That Fulfills and Satisfies your Heart in Plentitude and Fullness?  There, where no search arises, knowing that no world, no experience can ever be compared with the Ultimate Full-Fillment Itself, That You Truly Are.

Be What I Am, Realize Me, and then go and enjoy whatever you want to enjoy!
It might even be that you then Know that there is no greater Enjoyment than Myself. No Greater Satisfaction than Myself. No Love Greater Than Myself.     

At that point you will discover Me in all Creation, that I Am Myself all Creation, that all Creation is Made from Me with My I Am. Even your duality is nothing but I AM. You Are I Am. All Is I Am, Earth Is, every animal Is. Every plant and mineral.

So do not go and look for separate beings. Look for Me Only, See and Feel Me in All-There-Is. Because There Is Only Me. My Divine Consciousness. My Love. My Embrace. Do not  go and look for less.

Enlightenment is NOW, even in this world of pain and scarcity. Fullness comes to you if you can realize this. Find Me in all things and you will awaken to Real Non-Separation and Unity, as you have found your True Identity, the Ocean in which all things arise.

I Am here and not there! Do not seek Me somewhere, but feel Me Now Where I Am. Because in you there is a door to Eternity, I Am In you. And I am As You. I Am not only a little spot in You, but What I Am As You, Transcends all forms and limitations.

I Have Been Always Present, but your are looking somewhere  else, in separate objects and events and experiences!

Open and Expand. Do not think but notice Me, the Mystery of Me, Everywhere Present As Is.   No time. No coming and going. Simply Me. Do not seek. Be. Now. Notice. Breathe. Allow. Love. Stay with It. Don’t move. And allow this Eternity to Become You.  Have the courage to Be It and not less.

This is how you ascend to What You Are.

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright© 2013. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
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