Saturday, August 31, 2013


Dear friends,

at this point I am in a profound personal transformational process in which I need to be silent.

Integrating multidimensional and ancient content and memories has a deep impact on the set of my present consciousness, resulting in a major reshuffling of my whole system, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

This is about "shadow"-work to make conscious the unconscious and this does not exclude any life-time, any level of  existence that I ever lived in all places, dimensions and realities. 

In this situation I have nothing to say, but need to listen, to be aware, to accept, to hear, to understand, to assimilate ... and to BE in a new way every moment.

This also means to allow to die every day, to let go of identities that do not serve this process. 

It is a process also to understand the world, creation and "God" on an ever deeper level, because what I understand about myself, I understand about the world, creation and God. 

Strangely enough: I catched a virus on my computer that created huge operational problems and prevent programs from running, such as Photoshop, so that I cannot do my art work and videos. I spent already days to fix the problems, but it appears that they are getting worse. 

This seems to point out to me that I refrain from sitting on the computer so much or from connecting to the internet.
There is a deep call to live in the womb of mother nature, away from the suburbian display. 

However, if there is an urge for a message here, I certainly will publish it. So please come back to here to check.

Although there might be very soon big positive changes in the world, as important as they are, to me the most important  changes are still the ones of our own human vehicle, our own consciousness, our own self-understanding and self-transcendence. 

To me there is no "retiring" because of a betterment of the world, as long as we have not realized what we came here to realize.  

Thank you for your patience and for your friendship!

Much love and many blessings,


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  1. Thanks Ute,i've the similar feelings, need to be alone and listen to myself, i need to adjust the connection, because often i'm busy in thinking what can i do, and i forget to simply 'go with the flow', and my heart, that these days is some times beating faster, is reminding me that i have to stop this action, only feel and listen to the rhythm of my life...
    With Love and Gratitude,

  2. Infinite Blessings my Dear Friend, Ute. Yes I agree and understand this TRUTH.
    I desire to bathe you in my LOve & Light in JOY and Graditude for All you have Blessed me with.
    We have All been so Blessed to Be 'Here Now' in the Fullness of our BEing.
    I LOve You Ute my deepest Respect. :-)
    N.S. Canada