Friday, August 23, 2013


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013
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God takes on dark form to propel forward evolution (and consciousness).

Love is the motor. Deep feeling and Love. Love for all creation.

I feel the deep love that took on all misery and all the horrors to experience it myself.
There is only Love.

This love emerges from the Deep, the primordial ground of all Being-ness and Existence That has taken on the form of the individual.

The horrors that we did: A deep guilt that is fertil ground has to be released by recognizing it as Love in disguise. And so it becomes our strength. The horrors: the hidden power of Divine Reality.

To ‘whitewash’ has no other meaning but the alchemical process which is the recognition that there is Only God  Who Is the Only Doer.
The horrors that we performed are thereby transmuted and recognized as the Deep Power and Emotion of Love that  embraces all that is as God. There Is Only God.

We have taken on all forms, all intentions, good and bad, in order to know the Fullness of  God Who Is One.

All Is One Profound Emotion and darkness can be recognized and released as the Deep of the Power of Love.

That is why we, coming from the Highest Divine Realms of Light, took on the forms of darkness to create as the Will of God a higher Light and Ecstasy, that glorifies Divinity in Divine Creation in an ever increasing Magnificence.
That is: Divine Ultimate Consciousness becomes ever more apparent in Divine Creation Itself, until Creation is Outshined in Ultimate Conscious Light again.

This was already shown to me many years ago, when I recognized in the art work  “The Temptation of St. Antonius” by Max Ernst, the Essence of Pure Divine  Consciousness and Eternal Peace in the horrific monster that is attacking the Saint.

So our horrendous task is, as we are here to support the  evolution of earth humanity, to be victorious in the assimilation and transfiguration of all the led into gold in our own consciousness, body and mind.

Also the shadow then is recognized as the materia in the Divine alchemical process that IS in its very depth and true essence Divine Consciousness Itself, and IS as emerging Creation the Power of Love Itself.
It is a Love, that does not know duality, as even duality arises from the depth of sheer Divine Existence or Source Itself.

When the two towers of duality are recognized as That Which Is Substance  and Essence of Divine Existence Itself, then only the Reality of God Remains that Is Love, as God enters the Realms of Creation to be experienced.

And such all pain and guilt that is nothing but self-contraction, can be transformed into love and recognized as love. It can be released  into the substance  of Love  that Is the Divine alchemical “Prima Materia”.

This is the Profundity in which all Creation and with it all worlds and all beings exist.
All of this is merely a matter of reaching again the Divine Foundation and Source from which all experiences arise to be suffered and enjoyed.

To touch again this primordial ground from where we came, we must allow to feel ALL That is in between since the beginning of time, because All  these experiences Are Divine and Sacred. And it can be felt when we are rooted deep in our Earth Mother, the abode of peace.

That way we serve Divine Consciousness to become  Conscious again in Creation. It is a transpersonal task, but which turns into an error if we start to take it personally.

Surrender and devotion to the process is required to be of service to That Which we Love Most: God or Divine Reality or Radiant Divine Love-Bliss, Which Is the Source of all-and-all.

This is what I experience as a process and realize in depth as a gift that was resurrected in me through the  “smart-meter” challenge! (As strange as it is!)

This is a profound process I always knew, but almost had forgotten in the worlds of superficial judgement that divides experience into two: the “me” and “other”, the “good and bad”. Indeed there is only One, that is: One  Consciousness in Which all of that arises.

The body is the instrument to unify. It is not just a thought. It is to allow that which is Greater, to descend. This is work and often struggle.

We must allow to be transmuted by the Power of Feeling and Love that is the Force that keeps the Universes together. And what is not Love must go. This could be stored since eons of time in our very cell memories when we entered the battle field.

Outside and inside are One, and so is humanity. To become this Only One humanity that ascends into Unity-Consciousness,we must embrace darkness as  Divine. That Is how true unity is revealed and becomes obvious.

With  gratitude and love,


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