Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Dearest friends,

about since 10 days I am struggling with the deadly frequencies of smart meters, now installed here everywhere. Of course there is also a group who tries to prevent further installations. But still the damage is already done.

As a very sensitive person who lives mainly as a light body the danger and aggressivity of this toxic and heavy frequency is immediately very debilitating. I am just surviving day by day, do all I can - inspite of my dreadful condition - to remain joyful and in high spirits. All I tried so far to protect myself, has no real permanent effect. 

I am also asking myself whether I am targeted radionically as well. I cannot exclude this, as it happened before. 
The controllers are desperate and trying everything they can to maintain their control, as their time is running out.

This is the ultimate attack on human freedom, health and  well-being and against the free will, with the right to live the light, not only in spirit, mind and feeling, but also as a living organism.

It is their intention to suppress and destroy all of that. Smart meters are serving the step by step planned implementation of agenda 21 and are now rolled out forcefully in many western countries.

To move to a place where there is no such radiation is of course now mandatory. However the smart meters are here now everywhere. (Victoria, Australia)

I am envisioning the smart meters being disabled globally, and I have asked for it, like nuclear weapons having been disabled by our galactic beautiful friends. Or I dream about a device/tool/method that is given to us and that can 100% harmonize these RF frequencies so that they become benign. Whatever is best for all involved.

Thank you!

Please bear with me and be patient, in this state of constant fight for well-being there is not much space for messages at the moment.   

Take care of yourself and be blessed!



  1. There is protection you can use for the smart meters. TIN FOIL, like you use for cooking, cover the front of the smart meter with this......there is more, I will need to try and find the sites that explain what to do to block the energies.

  2. Thank you! The smart meters are not even mine. They belong to the immediate neighborhood in the unit complex I live. And the neighbors are not cooperative. Do you know whether the foil blocks the smart meter frequency completely and makes them stop working? In that case they will take legal action against me. Thank you very much for more information!!!

  3. As per Anonymous 7:13 regarding tinfoil, here's a spec from Clif High about using it to curb smart meter intrusion: "Put a little cap of folded aluminum foil over the broadcast bulb of the smart meter. This shuts off the microwaves as a source of health-degrading energies into the local environment...and redirects the microwaves into the device, providing an interesting working environment for all the chippy bits inside." Maybe you could inform your neighbors how to cap the broadcast bulb of their smart meters (anonymously, if necessary); no doubt a large number of them would be grateful for the info. But, I'm wondering if tinfoil on the outside of the smart meter might attract a bit too much attention. Something to consider...

  4. 3 layers of tin foil will protect you from the radiation ( make sure that you also cover the inside wall) the meters will still work but they may have to come and read them manually. Please look into a substance called ORMUS ---- it will replace the elements that that are driven out of your body by electromagnetic frequencies. There are many sites Citizens for safe technology is one of them---- Magda Havas from Trent U. in Peterborough Ontario has a very good site---- David Kane on you tube explains ORMUS well and has a You tube about electro magnetics also----

    1. With the tin foil we are also cut off from natural and benign frequencies. It creates a total energetical feel of isolation!

  5. http://lucas2012infos.wordpress.com/2013/08/07/naturalnews-homeowner-files-class-action-lawsuit-to-stop-smart-meters-7-august-2013/

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  7. Hang in there Ute--I hope you find a solution to block those energies. Much love to you.

  8. Hi there
    I suffered similar debilitating symptoms when I started teaching computer training in a room full of computers. Eventually I had to give up work entirely and was so bad I could not walk up stairs unassisted and could not sleep at night.
    However, I eventually found a solution which worked for me and was low cost and very effective. You can contact me through my web site and I can give you details.

  9. Thank you so very much for all your suggestions! Much love! ♥

  10. This is the first I've heard of such devices. I'm not very clear how ANY electrical-mechanical device, as a physical contrivance, has any REAL effect on the Radiant Self you've so marvelously described on so many occasions. I have Yoda in mind saying there are 'disturbances' in the Force, Luke! I guess we just need reminders like this to keep transmuting and clearing for Love.

  11. They started putting them in residential areas in Alaska 10 months ago. A month ago they installed 5 on the wall outside my bedroom. My cat passed away a week later, and although he was 20 years old, it wasn't natural. People here are not very informed, and most don't associate the health problems to the new meters.