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My latest communication to you through this channel  requires an update.
You should know that I am very concerned about the well-being of all of you.
My task and service to humanity is to make sure that you do not miss the right path in the midst of the dense forest of information. There is more than sufficient information widespread about the present process of change and ascension in your world.

But you need to know that many messages that seem true to you, are not and are fabricated to lead you astray.
Many of these messages concern your spiritual growth and development.

Those of you who have been already on their spiritual path  before the discussion about the ascension process started on the internet, will know and understand, what I am now telling to you.  

But those of you, who are newly awakening, must be careful about what you want to believe. Because much disinformation is handed down to even good-hearted and well-meaning lightworkers, by those who do not want you to truly spiritually awaken and want to keep you away from your powerful Truth.  

So they give you misleading information, but which could prevent you from wanting to discover your true Divinity.

Any information about the spiritual path that is reduced to instructions about your physical hologram that needs to be developed by means of mental exercises, misses the mark. 
The Divine reveals Itself via the faculty of Feeling, and not through thinking.

Yes, the ascension process includes an upgrade of your physical body. But it is your heart-opening and your devotion to What Is Great, that develops the light body. The body is merely a tool and has nothing to do with your True Divine Essence, with your Divine Self, That Itself never changes.  
The statement that you are NOT your body is not new, but it seems that is is being hidden mostly among the many instructions how to spiritually awaken and develop.
Many of them are meant to keep you merely in the brain.

The brain has definitely a very important function, also spiritually, as it  contains the main gland, the pituitary gland, but it is still a tool to navigate, to recognize, to differentiate in all the lower and higher dimensions. But even the dimensions are domains in which you dwell or to which you belong vibrationally according to your level of  consciousness.

These are all functions of  experience.
But, my dear Ones, you are NOT your experiences, as well as you are not your thoughts, your thinking mind, your brain. They all are tools and instruments to navigate, to locate, to experience.

All these things are not “bad” or to avoid, but you need to understand, that they are secondary phenomena, whereas what is primary, is the Infinite Divine Consciousness that you ARE.

What is Divine Consciousness? So that you can understand, it is easier to describe, what it is not. It is certainly not brain, not your thoughts, not your awareness, not the world, not the universe. All these arise IN Divine Consciousness!

Do you understand? YOU are much more than the parts, you ARE the Totality of all that appears to your awareness and your senses, gross and subtle. Even the most subtle experience in deep meditation that appears to you as 'other',  as different from you, as an objective appearance that you feel is apart from you, is in fact YOU.

Your True Being does not know separative difference, objectification, and separation!
Your ancestors – before the “fall” -  have known this. In fact, the fall IS the objectification of the universe and its dimensions itself!  It is the separation of the experiencer from the  experience.

Therefore please consider, that it is crucial to understand the difference between Truth and information that is intended to mislead you.

The Heart, and not the brain, has always been the center and the platform that integrates your Unlimited Divine Consciousness with your body. Although it is also physical, and has a subtle form and presence, it is the door to what is beyond manifestation, gross or subtle.

From the Heart all your other functions, including the brain and its functions, are being governed. Ultimately there are no chacras. There is only One United Conscious Radiant Energy Field, in which your body with all the energy centers arises.

To reduce your identity to the chacra system or even to your subtle bodies, and altogether to the hologram of your appearance, is a gross mistake!

It is necessary that you all, my dear friends, understand this and begin to explore your true Divinity that starts with feeling, love and compassion in your human  heart.

From there you will be able to explore and call into your awareness the deeper identity of Who You Are!
If you wish, go through the door of your heart beyond the physical, the ethereal, the mental, emotional and even the spiritual body, all contained in the One Divine Consciousness, that is absolutely without body of any density.

Within It all worlds, all bodies, all events arise. It is Bliss, and it is Love, when it is Self-Aware of the worlds. And it is  Pure Being and Pure Consciousness when the worlds are forgotten. YOU ARE THAT. And your ARE not less!

To those who are already familiar with this state of experience, I say: It is not enough to stay within the heart-feeling IN the body. 

This is only the beginning. Know this! Otherwise you would limit yourself unnecessarily! 

There is a way beyond! And I will guide you so you invite me to help you to go further, to open your consciousness further, to expand, to allow to enter the Infinite Conscious Room of your Divine Identity, to transcend all limitations!

As always, I am here to bless all of you and to provide guidance, where ever on your path  you are!

I am Mary Magdalene!

Message conveyed by Ute 


Copyright© 2013. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,  http://radiantlyhappy.blogspot.com
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a GrebBear said...

Hi )))
... i LOVE this article, as i've experienced myself as 'non-material' many ti-me-S thROUGH meditation ... more importantly, i've experienced the TrutH of the subtly of "other" ... not an easy "l-ET GO" !! -))

AnYWaY ... i 'feel' this article, is MissinG a significant component ...
(which due to your 'obvious' clarity, was likely left out on PurposE, lol !! -)

what is the missing piece (my perspective-)) ... = TI-ME !!
... as in, "what is TI-ME" ... and "WhY do i only FEEL NOW"

The answer is very simple ... + ... the answer EXPLAINS ALL ""LimitationS""

... T-here is NO SUCH THIN-G AS TI-ME ... = T-here IS only NOW !! -))
T-here has NEVER BEEN ANY TI-ME !!! -)))
... w-HERE, EVERY-THIN-G WE 'preocess' as ti-me ..
.IS OUR ""ShiftinG"" thROUGH the INfiniTE NOW !!! -))

ALL "sensATions" are CreateD from the 'vri-B-RATION' of OUR "changing" perspective !!! -))

"TI-ME" is ONLY a LA--N-GuagE to de-scRIBe ""NOW"" !! -))
... and a lanGuagE to explain the "COntinuiTY" ... of the INfiniTE NOW.
(= seasons, temperature, gravity ... "ALL" me-A-sure-ME'nt-S !! -)

IF "TI-ME" were 'UniversaL' ... it'd BE the same TI-ME for EVERYONE ... ALL the TI-ME.

IF "MEaSUREmeNTs of space" were UNiversAL ... t-here would BE an "self evident" C-enTer
... an "OBvioUS" unit of mea-S-ure ... and NO CONtradictION-(S) withOUT simple re-SOLUTION !! -))

"THE KEY" is this ...
= the infinite NOW ... is ALL-WAY-S, re-ACT-in-G to US
= to OUR FEELINGS about NOW !! -))

so WHEN, WE "re-act" to, "what WE beLIEve is TruE" ... WE G-ET more of the SamE !!!
so, NO re-ACT-ions = EVEryTHINg WE do, "IS" an ACT-i-ON !! -))

NOT re-ACT-in-G, does NO-T eliminate vicissitudes N-OR challenges !! -))
... how boring would that BE !!??? -)))

HowEveR, when WE stop RE-act-IN-g ...
... its easy to recognize OUR-S-elves as CO-CreatorS )))

so simply, ... ALL is metaPHor & SynchronicitY !! -))
... BEcaUSE, t-here is ONLY NOW )

TI-ME, the enslaving ""ILL-us-i-ON""
.... feel the TrutH ))

BE HappY !! -))


ps ... "“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break
their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you
find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive,
and your discover yourself ... to be a greater person ""by far"" than you EVER DREAMED yourself to BE.”
-Patanjali - "

1st Degree Ambassador of Light said...

This is Absolute Truth for me...Thank You Oh Mary Magdalene, Thank you Ute