Sunday, December 22, 2013


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel. Copyright 2013
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From my heart I am wishing you all PEACE, HAPPINESS and the REALIZATION OF LOVE in the coming days of Celebrations!

May your heart be inspired with Beauty and Inner Fulfillment!
And may the  coming year see the liberation of humanity on a deeper level of consciousness. May there be abundance for everybody, joy, love and the freedom of choice.

My journey of passionate search for accomplishment of the “outer worlds” started to come to a halt  lately. I just stopped waiting for changes to occur. Because in any moment of waiting, in the search for betterment, we do not fully enter our own eternal Divine Depth. 

This halting is not new to me, but this time I released substantially more of the layers of illusion. Realizing also how much the search hurts, because it is based on contraction.

This Depth is the Ocean of Expanded Stillness, that is Fullness Itself, that is Unspeakable Beauty, Joy and Freedom beyond imagination. It is Bliss. It is heart-breaking Love. It Just Is. And  I am deeply in love with It.

In this Stillness there is no movement, no ascension, no world, no otherness, no difference. And there is no search, no waiting and no hope.

Hope is empty of the Fullness that we in Truth already Are. With Hope we look into the future, into the illusion of time, hoping that something occurs that is better than that what is now.

But in the ever present moment,  in the vast Fullness, underneath  the moving world of hope, there  is this hole in the universe. It is the fullness of the Zero-point in Which everything exists.

The currents and streams of change are exciting events in the Eternal Play. However this play arises in That What we already Are Eternally.

Why then interfere and jump into this current, instead of remaining the non-separate and joyful heart-observer of it, standing back and seeing the happenings unfold.

In fact doing so, the long awaited Event can happen finally, because we are not standing it its way by hoping and waiting and  desiring.    

So the more of us are stepping back and diving into the  Fullness and Vastness of the Heart, into the Gentleness, the Softness that is Strength, by just Being What cannot be described, the sooner our destiny will change.

The mighty trees, contemplating the Divine, are not standing in the way for the Event to happen.  They are  conduits for the Eternity and the Divine Current to manifest the  Divine Will.  
The animals, contemplating the Divine, if we let them, are not standing in the way for the Event to happen. They are surrendered to the Joy of the Radiant Reality.
But we humans have a problem. We stand in the way. We create the obstacles with too much thinking and wanting of the little “I”.

It is the Divine Plan to liberate this Sacred Planet with all Its Kingdoms. So may we all allow the Divine to Emerge and Stand Firm in the midst of the present chaos in all Its Glory, Power and Graceful Presence, and to Liberate all our hearts from doubt, error and misunderstanding.

The human mind can only do that much, and mostly stands in the way. But the Divine Heart, if we let It, can Do Everything in any moment. Because: It Is Divine, It Is Pure and Its Will to BE and Emerge in Creation as Itself is Mysterious. It Is the Power of Manifestation behind every little thought and anxious wanting.

When we take the back seat in our vehicle, and make the Divine Presence our driver, Happiness and Liberation is already now. And the walls of the illusions will fall like phantom dominoes and disappear into nothingness, where the Brilliance of a New Day Rises.

May there be Peace! From inside out! May there be Freedom, from inside out! May all be liberated! May Every Heart Be Love. And may we see the Reflection of It as the New World.

In Lak'ech, dearest family!

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