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This is a serious time - if we take our path and service to the light serious! Welcome humor! I have  been going all my life through profound clearings. But I also had the most profound spiritual revelations, realizations and insights. 

I know that fellow friends who are also profoundly involved in their spiritual purification process and whom I  consider spiritually quite ahead of me, are still going through sometimes extremely painful periods of clearing, involving not only personal past lives and existences, but also family karma, ancestor karma, planetary karma, and so on. 

The  sacred peeling of the spiritual onion skins seems to go on forever. Doesn't sound much Newage'ish, doesn't it.

These kinds of karma clearings are part of my daily life for many years. So, nothing gleeful about life then altogether? Yes, deep blisses, peace, serenity, happiness and an inner experience of profound and pristine freedom has been greatly accompanying the process. 

Now, at the time of the Grand Cross on April 21, my natal moon had an exact aspect to one of the involved planets. Astrologers talked about the immense pressure the Cross would create on Mother Earth and on Humanity. 

I didn't believe it, but I can tell, I can feel it. 
It feels like as if the last corner of my cellular memory is being merciless squeezed out! 

How to deal with it? First of all: It is about not taking it personally! And therefore, in my own truth, it can only be dealt with by ultimate surrender to the process - and to my own Heart.

Meaning, no indulging, solace or avoidance of any kind! I am just - like a raw and open vessel - allowing (painful) stuff to come up that wants to come up, and release it into the Light. This is an ongoing, inconsolable  process, from moment to moment.

But make no mistake, dear friends! Do not pity me! I am not in the space of self-pity. Self-pity only stops the process, and we become middle-class consumer ego's, who are consoling themselves with chocolate. (Nothing against chocolate though.:))

This would break the necessary depth and flow of the process that happens within the holographic texture of our being. We would separate ourselves from the process and emerge on the surface of life, speak in mind-land, from which we observe life from outside. There we tend to be victims to blame "others" and the "world", instead of - according to the law of resonance - assuming as the Heart the full responsibility for everything we experience.

Such surrendered, I am not without happiness, and each victory (and there are many small ones and some bigger ones) opens and reveals a new and brighter horizon of freedom and ecstasy, as memories of whole generations (and populations?) are being released in my own system to make room for new light and consciousness. 

It is work in detail, my friends, sometimes minute work. And it is the work we have agreed to do here: to be the "moles" that burrow specific corridors - according to our agreement -  in the depth of human collective consciousness to let the light in.

I thought I share this with you, to inspire your own process, especially if you are a fairly new member of the awakening community. And so that you do not blame yourself, if you do not feel gleeful and think it's all just black and white and linear, or that it would happen overnight. 

It is an ongoing multidimensional process in reality. The deeper purification process of humanity has just only begun.  

And the spiritual path is really simple: it is not about mindful techniques, affirmations or adding something, or doing a Triangular Sacred Geometry thing. 

We are energy beings, and it is about an energy-feeling process in consciousness. It is done with awareness, feeling-attention and the willingness to let go, to open and surrender to the Greater Light, so that the body is involved in the Light Process. 

In this process we do not receive special rewards or honors. This belongs to the ego worlds that look for outer experiences. Actually, we become nothing. We rather are becoming servants of light and of love, and self-forgetful we discover that we Are growing into the Heart of Pure Being and Infinite Divine Consciousness.

To be FREE, everything, every detail of our human consciousness must become conscious, to be released into the Infinite. Liberation (or ascension) is a conscious process, liberation is about allowing the Conscious Light to prevail.

And while we accept with courage this process as the most important gift in our lives, because it transcends all limitations, rather than having a "good life", we allow the Highest Good (The HEART or GOD) to come forth over time: Our True Divine Essence.

In Lak'ech! 
Be inspired, dearest friends,


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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