Tuesday, May 6, 2014


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I AM here to send you my heavenly blessings to soothe your hearts. I am the messenger of the heart, so that your hearts may open.

When your hearts are open, you are no longer in the domain of the controllers. It is your heart that sets you free, that gives you freedom from all the forces of power and control. That grants your own sovereignty.

If you, humanity, wake up from your dreams of mind, a mind that is not yet connected and nurtured by the power of your heart, then your world changes, then your life changes, and all what has been suffering, becomes joy. And all, what has been alienation, separation, isolation, becomes unity, becomes love, becomes oneness.

There is no way, but the Way of the Heart, my beloveds, if you only would understand.

There is no technique, there is no intention, there is no strategy, there is no means and there is no way other than the Way of the Heart. It is the Way of God.

The words I am speaking, yes, they are words, but they are vibrations of the heart. They are sacred streams that flow to you, to your hearts from my heart. It is the immediate and direct communication between my being and your being.

Dear humanity, please remember, please wake up to the treasure that your are, to the heart that is the sign of your Divine  race, the one by which humanity is being recognized in the universe.

It is your heart, that ends separation, that ends sadness, that ends suffering. It is your heart that is the door to freedom.
It changes the old paradigm and opens the door to a New World.

I AM Chamuel and I come to you with this message of God. I AM the messenger of God, and I come to you, humanity, who are in truth an emanation of God, You are indeed God Incarnate.

I salute your hearts, I salute your eternal infinity. And with the Golden Ray that is the sign of God’s messenger in my form I greet you,  I bless you, I shower upon you the Grace of God! So that your hearts may awaken and remember.
That your hearts may open the doors to your eternal freedom and joy, to reveal the Love that you are, the God that you are.

Be Blessed, be Blessed, be Blessed!
I AM Archangel Chamuel

Message conveyed by Ute



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