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Dearest Humanity! 

Please consider your True State!
In Truth YOU, you ARE free of suffering.

Please remember that suffering is not happening in your True Heart. But what you are suffering is indeed a dead mirror world, an artificially created world of broken light, a world which is not of the One Divine Light, and which is therefore not a true emanation of Divine Creation.

It has to do with the split mind. This false world has been arising because you left the true seat of Living Divine Consciousness by creating a consciousness that is separated from your True Divinity, repeating itself again and again.

If you are captured in the false dream and the false and dead worlds of separation, then of  course you are projecting a false identity, something exterior of your true Divine State. It is a fall out of the Living  Wholeness of God’s Mind.

But this is the time where you do no longer need to exist in this false world, where you do no longer need to maintain and repeat this mistaken projection. This is the time where Grace is given to return to Truth; to recognize and understand the very nature of the worlds of  shade, error and deception and return to the Truth of your Divine Heart, to re-cognize your True Home, your True  Essence, and abide as such.

Please understand that the shadow worlds are nothing but a continuous re-creation of your separate mind, a misconception, a misleading paradigm, a misleading belief. Through millenniums now it has become a deeply rooted conviction and identification with something you are not.

Humanity, now the time has come to use discrimination, to discern, to exercise discernment between these two:
The false projection, the shadows, that caused and induced separation from your own Truth, -  and the  Living World, the World of Radiance, the World of Love, the World of Joy and Heart-Fulfillment. It is the World of mere Divine Being, your own Divine Liveliness, your inherent Fullness, your Happiness, the  Holy Life That you recognize at the very depth of your Heart and that is nothing but Living Truth and Wholeness and Divine Ecstasy.

You, dearest humanity, have now come to the point where you remember your Divinity. And therefore you are able to step back from the false creations and understand that they are creations that have been happening not in the Divine Mind but that they are indeed the creations of your own split mind, forgetful of God’s Heart.

Remember that you areGod Alive and as you are God, you are of Light, and you are of Love, and as such a God now Live the Heart-Life of Living Love and Living Divine Light.

Observe whatever is still hidden in your own Radiant Heart, what is still occurring to your awareness and feeling, what is coming up in your mind, in your consciousness, which is not of this living wholeness, of this sweetness, of this love. Understand it is still part of the old deceptive shadow world. But do not worry. It has no substance although it might seem to you because of repetition.

Only knowunderstand that you need to continue to open your heart, no matter what, and ask the Servants of Divine Light to  shine through it, to purify it.  Forgive yourself, and allow it to vanish in the Living Radiance of the Divine Heart.

This might take – in your terms – time, my Beloved Ones, but know it will cease and it will cease to exist forever. The Radiant Sun of your Heart and the Love of it, and the Light of it, and the Joy of it, are the means to heal all wounds, created by the shadows in the illusion world, to heal all dark memories, all pain, all suffering.

So do not be concerned, if it is not immediately happening today. There is Divine Grace, and there is Divine Forgiveness.

And this encompasses all humanity, all of you. Because Divine Life is forever Alive.

I love you and I bless you.
The new world, the new humanity, the original Divine Humanity is already here.

I AM Archangel Chamuel

Message conveyed by Ute



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