Friday, October 31, 2014



 “I AM functioning now as an emormous transformation station. 

I have opened Myself immensely -  in agreement with the creator gods or Elohim of the Great Central Sun -  to the influx of major cosmic  currents of light and information. This powerful light is now pouring through Me to all the planets in My sphere.  

The time has come now where all beings in this solar system must make a decision whether to open up to the light and to be thereby transformed by it - or to remain in their familiar frequency.

The more resistance there is and the denser the vibration, the more difficult the process of transformation will be for the individual. This correlation is not new to your understanding, but this time it is  becoming a much more challenging process than ever before. 

Although many of you have worked already intensly on your spiritual transformation, this time you might be confronted increasingly with some unexpected problems. This will be even more felt by thosE  who entered the process of purification and transformation after you, especially when they don't fully understand the deeper cause yet. To a great degree it is their still  fully carbon based physical structure and the mind set that comes with it, which  is resisting the massive currents of light, flooding your planet now.

Even you, who's DNA have been awakened  and who's physical structure is already in the process of becoming  crystalline, may have to experience unpleasant physical symptoms depending on your state of developmental transmutation.

For all of you it is important to focus on the intent to keep your vibration as high as possible. So be very vigilant to use your mind wisely! Whatever density in your body-mind system is addressed by the influx of the high vibrations of the new  powerful light codes - acknowledge it, feel it thoroughly and let it be melted away by the currents of light.

Always, always be aware that you ARE a free spirit and by your Inherent Divine nature free of any limitations. In this understanding densities are just areas to work with, as you would work with earth in a garden that you want to prepare to grow food. You would not personally identify with stones you remove in this process or with chunks of  hard clay.

There is no way to prevent the ever more increasing frequencies of light and love to be anchored on your Beloved Earth Mother, because She is ready to ascend. Naturally these frequencies will break in due course all the hardened structures She carries patiently and that  have  not been able to open up to them and to flow with them.

This relates not only to living organisms but also to all manmade creations of the old world. All must be made new and allow joyfully to be transformed by the greater Light and Divine Information, to support a creation that is aligned to greater Divine Consciousness.

The time has arrived where I have made Myself available as never before to serve the Great Process of substantial transformation and Deification of this universe, to accelerate the return of all beings to their Divinity. Likewise each one of you must be prepared to surrender to this process to the fullest degree if you have chosen the Divine Path. It is a profound matter that requires the full participation of all your faculties, your conscious awareness and your soul.

Please understand that the signs of this transformation are not seen immediately in your external world. But they are felt individually first in your innermost heart and recognized in your consciousness that is  dedicated to the process. Hightened awareness leads to refined and intensified perception of new realms of consciousness which in turn enables you to perceive your world in a new light and motivates you to act in different ways than you have  done ever before. 

This new conscious awareness is the basis for the creation of your new world. It cannot happen otherwise. It is all interconnected and interwoven and inseparable from one another.

So it is a process from inside out. First your consciousness must change profoundly, or rather radically, which enables you to naturally change your outer world. The new creation is an emanation of the new frequencies which you first must have fully integrated, on the vibrational level and on the level of consciousness, as they are both complimentarities of  the new Divine State.
As you can comprehend now, the new creation does not happen without your direct and immediate participation. Because it is you, each single one of you, who is the creator of your own world and experience. The means of intensified light and vibration are Divinely given, yes, but it is you who must use them. If you do not use them there will be not a new creation. 

You are therefore called to use responsibly your Divinely given creative power! This is what it is about! It is YOUR new world, which mirrors your activity as Creators.

With it goes the indispensable necessity to unite with your fellow humans to bring forth your New World, to recognize the prior unity you all share. Only together, by uniting your ego-less light and energies, - and never as a single individual – you are able to create your New Divine World.

 Individually you are contributing to the whole, but as a  separate being you cannot create the whole, that is a fluent fabric, that must be created and supported by the unity of many, with a heart of love and appreciation for one another, in surrender to the Divine and in adoration of It.
To be able to participate as such in a Divinely collective creation, you as an individual must have overcome negative reactions to others and you must be able to always live with an open heart, connecting with all from the field of prior unity.  This allows for the high frequency  in which the New Creation can happen. It  can not happen while you still hold on to the old frequencies. You must be  completely free of them.

Therefore understand that the signs and appearance of your New World correlates exactly to your own state of purification, transformation and transcendence of the little “self”. 

You are One Humanity that at this point plays out and brings into  visibility  all the so far hidden contents of the collective subconsciousness, which you ALL share. Therefore all must come to the open to be purified, to be healed, and to be replaced with the love of your heart. With self-forgiveness and forgiveness of others. 

This is the glorious ordeal humanity is going through now, because YOU have decided to do so. You all have done so at your soul level  with great love and great surrender to the One Light and Consciousness Who Is God. 

Therefore do not struggle with the powers that bring you unhappiness, but understand that unconscious unhappiness is just made conscious so that you can let go of it to return to Prior Happiness. This is indeed a Great Divine Process. And if you surrendert to It, with joy in the depth of your heart, the Victory is yours.

Open your heart like I have opened Myself to be a conduit for the Great Forces of Light to pour onto your Earth Mother, and which now  surround and pervade you.

Each of My enormous eruptions and flares  are reaching out to embrace and to liberate you from the bondage of darker times, inasmuch as you allow it.
We are all one great orchestra to intonate the Glory of  Divine Love and Bliss. There is Only One Divine Consciousness That Encompasses All.

I AM the Sun of your Universe!”

Message conveyed by Ute


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this beautiful written message! I LOVE♥ messages from the SUN!☼ Love & Light ~Apollo☼

Unknown said...

Hi, I cannot believe I am writing this but here it goes. I can't explain the feeling I have the last two days now, I have a deep sense that came to me just two days ago, I feel I have been awakened, I still can't believe I am speaking in this manner, my mind is very much at peace and I have a great joy even though my life here is the regular daily grind of a single mom. I do not practice any yoga or meditation but was relaxing in my room in a state of deep calm when this transition happened. I feel I have connected and that I was searched out, summoned if you will. I can't explain this feeling and my family would think I was nutz to speak this way lol. I am full of joy and feel compelled to learn all I can on what to do with this new reality I have found, its exciting but also overwhelming. I feel a sense of urgency and I dont know where it is that I have been awoken from, I do not trust many and need guidance. How do you know where it is that you have connected?

Shan'A'Maa said...

Thank you, Frank, too, for your happy resonating�� Love & Blessings!

Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear Tammy, congratulations for your initiation into New Territory of yourself!
This is a humble event and excellent platform - so to speak - to begin the journey. Many describe life changing experiences that brought them on their path. This is most likely the beginning , that leads you to more and more self-discovery. Because in order to grow, all what is still hidden in our subconsciousness , must become conscious. Is it us who decides before we incarnate, whether we want to dedicate our life to deeper awakening. This process is not done at once - and many tests are following, because awakening is unfolding multidimensionally, and ultimately beyond dimensions. But what you experience now is a heart opening in which the brain mind seemed to disappear. It is our "higher self" which can break through in these occasions. This can be experienced as overwhelming because we cannot navigate with our usual mind. We must surrender to feeling. So you are now experiencing a higher version of yourself. There are no "others" who "search us out". The ego tries to make us feel special. Whereas we just only entered a more natural state of ourselves.
Follow the feeling of urgency and let it guide you. And see what it tells you while you listen. It requires surrender of the mind and total acceptance of whatever it wants to tell you.
How I know where I am connected? It is inner knowingness and recognition via feeling, prior to the brain mind, when there is deep silence even though words are arising. This is a process we need to learn to trust. It is the unshakable place that we need to find. In it things become obvious.
Many blessings! <3