Friday, February 27, 2015


 Dear Friends,
 I am writing from my mobile phone today. 
The day I moved into my new home a gang of thieves broke in and took with them - besides other most important things- my computers and external hardrives containing all the backups. This means that all my work over many years is gone: my writings, my art work, my videos, my work with the Mandalas and other precious healing material, put together over many years, all music, important information, addresses, softwares, registration codes, emails, contact information, important links - I have not even yet a full overview of what I lost. But it is devastating. Only now I have been informed that this area is prone to such robberies. 

 Well I moved to here to help to create the New World together with others. To heal this ancient part of the world. But what I encounter are massive adversities. Well it does not only happen to me but to many who live here. 

Presently I have
no means to continue with this work. Without computer equipped with specific softwares my work is not possible. I wonder whether this is a sign that my work continues in a different form. But so far I have no clue and the shock is still sitting in my bones. 

This has been a free service to you all over all these years, where I have been working very hard with all my heart countless hours a week, supported in the last 2 years by 3 beautiful souls with each 10 Australian Dollars a month and a few donations in between in the same range. 

Perhaps the balance between giving and receiving has been not in balance. And the result is this sudden stop of this work. I cannot afford a new computer that suits my needs and necessary requirements. And without internet connection I cannot do other work.

 I am very sorry for this unpleasant news. I do not know whether this blog can continue as well as the production of videos. But perhaps a miracle occcurs.

With love and Blessings to you all, 



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