Friday, September 11, 2015


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Beloved Friends! 

There is nothing that can separate us.  
Us: the Heart that is Humanity. 

There is only One Heart, that is God, that is Humanity. That is Divine Consciousness. That is Self-Radiant and Love-Bliss.

I know this idea of non-separation is somewhat scary for many. You rather would prefer some distance. But that distance belongs only to a specific world in the mind, a creation of the brain-washed mind that never can tolerate Oneness and which does not belong to true humanity.   

We are One Single Humanity, and that One Single Humanity shares One Single Divine Heart. Additionally there are bodies, presumed separate identities and entities with different mind sets, actions, preferences, emotional states, differences in body shape, age, culture, abilities and believes, and more. Anything you could imagine. All the varieties of the universe. But we all still share One Single Divine Heart.

If we happen to touch It, simultaneously, you and I and you and you and you … we feel our Oneness, our Singleness, this Non-Separation, this Unity, beyond space and time and the little us. A feeling of Eternity because we touch the Eternal Divine Heart or God we all inhere in.

And still we fight forgetful with one another, we betray one another, we lie, we steal, we kill, we cause pain and sorrow and we suffer. Yes, we do it all, because I am you, and you are me, there is no separation. But mirror all around.

What others do, we do. We are responsible for one another. This is hard to grasp and more difficult to accept. But if we think of someone to be a good person, they will feel and be or become good, and if we consider somebody to be a bad person, they will feel bad and are or become bad. There might be exceptions though with those who have no feelings at all.

Remember that separation is an illusion and is created by the mind in the matrix, where we identify merely with a body. This mind possesses Mercury's quality, it is unsteady and uncertain about everything and anything. Shape-shifting, deceitful and never honest. Because only the Heart can be true. There is no true mind in the matrix, because this  short-waved mind is only trying to describe Reality and the Heart's knowing. It is only a copycat.
This depiction is creating an artificial reality, a mirror world, a poor copy of heart inspiring Truth and Happiness.

Sometimes we meet someone, and this Oneness arises, Now and Present and never perishes.
We fall in Love, but what really happens is the recognition of that Prior Oneness together, this Experience of Eternity beyond the matrix, in which all differences vanish, all time disappears and no thought ever existed.

We are in that space of Fullness, our energy expanded into vastness that can be radiant and silent and powerful.

Reality seems to crackle, very fine and delicious. Did you ever experience this subtle crackling? When there is no thought, but just the fullness of eternity, expanded Reality, Bright, without content and shape and form. Mere Existence, Self-Radiant, replacing the limitation of time and space, like solid Reality, more solid than mountains, with a stillness that is vibrating powerfully and you forget the worlds and you are One with that Being-ness, with the Existence that is the Divine Heart of all.

There is no fear. And so when you have been ever afraid of being close to somebody, find the Prior Oneness of all things. It is above the usual human business and personal preferences. It is the All and All. We live in It. Give it no name, it speaks by Itself without words.

But people feel ashamed to confess their desire for it, their desire for that Intimacy with no boundaries. They feel ashamed because they confuse this True Divine Intimacy with the intimacy on the chacra levels, with the sharing of certain conditional vibrations, lower or higher, disturbed or undisturbed.

But True Oneness is above the matrix, - beyond or prior exists that Radiance and Fullness. In It the human artificial hologram is forgotten, because it vibrates low. You want to exist forever in that Divine Reality, a Reality that is always Present even in this world of falseness, slavery,  humiliation and pain.

We do not need to go to other worlds. Perfect Happiness is already here and the greatest victory when attained here.

It is here and we can discover it, any moment, before the mind rises again. It is the Eternal Substance of all the absurdity and ridiculousness of this world, even now. It is true fulfillment, the search for more stops here.  And with it all desires, all suffering, all disappointments, all pain.

Because we enjoy non-separation for real. Our Own Divine Heart Only that Is. God we believed to be outside of us, has become our Native Inseparable Reality. Distance does not exist.  Because there is Truth beyond the limitations of the matrix. And in It nothing can separate Us from that Love.

With love,
In lak'ech


Ute Posegga-Rudel,
© 2016. All rights reserved.

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