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Among light workers, star seeds and members of the Planetary Ascension Team the serious question has been arising how the Ascension process would proceed, after the 11.11.11 event. 
You might want to read my personal 11.11.11 ascension report here


I feel moved to contribute a further report of this process from the point of view of my own experience. We are all pieces of puzzles in this great play and I am adding here mine. If it inspires and helps you to get a clearer picture and clarification of your own experience and process, then the intention of this article has reached its target.

This is not a totally channeled message as it is mixed with information  based on my own insights and experiences, partially also triggered by my personal conversation with Georgi Stankov,

In addition, this article does not follow just the linear 3dimensional time line, but reflects the situation from the point of view of different time lines and higher dimensions and parallel universes as well.

This may help you to realize that the overall ascension process cannot be understood by our conceptual mind alone. There are too many different dimensional realities involved.

If you feel moved to dig deeper to find out more about your own participation on multi-layered levels, then you might understand, that ascension is an event which happens because of your inherent participation in it, which takes place on many levels of your existence, and the role you play in it, which is not limited to your 3dimensional identity. And therefore, the responsibility you have in this process, becomes obvious, meaning that ascension is not just something which will be imposed on you from "outside"!

I am pointing this out because I have come across quite a number of people who cherish the firm believe that ascension is a free gift without one's own participation in it and who are blaming the universe (or other greater authorities) for their failure of noticing that ascension is actually already happening.

Only at the beginning, I am quoting some short excerpts of Georgi's emails to me, and then I continue with quotes of what I have written to him, to convey the point I would like to make. You may want to read Georgi’s contributions in
detail on his website.


The trigger of my progressive understanding of how I participate in the ascension process on a deeper multidimensional level, of how it would be conducted and what the decisions are which have to be made and by whom, was due to  Georgi’s input. And I am very grateful for this! He mentioned that I have been a member of the council of the Galactic Federation (GF) when the decision  was made, back in Atlantis after the Fall, that we would  support the ascension of earth and humanity by incarnating here.

Georgi:… the masterplan for the End Times of earth and humanity was approved eons of time ago. You must remember this fact as we both were present at this council meetings at the highest levels.

Georgi asked me to inform him about any  insight which I might receive  to help all of us to better understand where we are at. This would support us in making our own personal decisions.

Georgi: ... I am happy that you decided to help me with the clarification of the alternative scenarios for the end- times. I told you from the beginning, that you have the rare gift, to combine highest mediumship with a clear mind or spirit. This combination is so rare on earth like a 100 carat diamond.


I responded, that I don’t remember anything of that kind, but it turned out that I started indeed to become aware, that I was right now a member of the GF council, participating in their meetings where they are deciding about the future ascension details of earth and humanity.

Me to Georgi: 

I don't know whether to talk about it, but I need to share it. I cannot keep it to myself. I have this strong sense that right now the Galactics and the Ones, known as our Ascended Masters, are in the decision making how effectively to awaken the sleeping masses.

The reason why there was no complete ascension of the ascension candidates on 11.11.11 is that the Darks have influenced with their mind control  and brainwash technology  the souls of the sleeping masses  in a way that they unconsciously agreed with their agenda. This means they can only be "awakened" by Divine Grace as their "soul-contract" has changed and they are now closely attached to the Dark.  Pretty weird, but I couldn't sleep last night and this scenario was so present in my awareness, that I could not deny it. And even today this story is still very present in my mind as a given fact. Before I had received this information, I had very seriously asked for understanding what's going on and what the  delay of the mass awakening was about and what the further plans were for them.

Also I feel that we are part of the decision making, I know that I am invited to their meetings. I have been last night, but the only thing I know is, that I feel overwhelmed with white fire filling my whole body, and knowing something is going on on another dimension with my higher self, but of which I am not directly conscious. But there is a strong "intuition" and feeling, even now, as I am sitting typing this on my computer,  like we are sitting together on this other dimension trying to make the right decision.

So what is going on is that they are trying now to "change" the Dark Ones by bombarding them with Light and Love, because we know that ultimately the light always wins. And we also know that a number of them has already changed sides and are now on the side of the Light. The idea is, that changing the Dark themselves means that the masses can be awakened. This sounds of course like a grandiose Divine Plan which considers all souls involved. To mind come now these magnificent stories written down in the Ancient Indian Wisdom Teachings, called the Puranas. They tell stories where horrible things are happening because of the mean actions of the demons, and ... well, it's always the Mephisto story at the end: "
I am a part of that power which always wants the evil and always creates the good." (“FAUST”, J.W. von Goethe)

This version however means that the general time of awakening and our physical presence on earth would be extended further to an unknown time  of waiting, until this effort of converting the dark powers to the light succeeds.

But last night also  the option of a pole shift was discussed. With such an event the energy fields of people are opening which provides the opportunity, because of their vulnerability, to intervene with light and thereby information directly pouring into their energetic structure, which can disconnect them from the Dark and enable them to make new decisions on their soul level.

In this case I proposed that we should  be lifted to be spared from this kind of even increased drama on earth. So I asked to give us the opportunity to ascend fully at that time. Some of us might return later to help humanity further in their awakening process. Others would work with them from our new dimensional place.

Now there is strong concern that with a pole shift too many would react with intense fear which could greatly turn a well intended action into a greater disaster and suffering of the masses, and so there is much uncertainty about the  outcome and how beneficial it would really be for them. A gun shoot backwards, so to speak.

So therefore I vote for us staying here longer and endure this drama here for the sake of everyone for an undefinite time ... so far.

I do not feel very comfortable to communicate this whole thing, but thought there are others who might be able to confirm all of this. This would tell me, that I am not crazy or invent things or being influenced by forces who want to manipulate me.

Georgi responded that my perception was what he himself was feeling. This encouraged me to allow to enter further into this other dimension where I was a member of the GF council.

Georgi :Thank you very much for your  extremely valuable information and contribution to our ongoing discussion on 11.11.11 and the aftermath.

When I made you aware of the fact that you participate in these council meetings at the highest levels, I was sure that you will be opened to this information and will contribute to our collective knowledge. When you read my latest report that will be published today, including our latest email exchange, you will find out that almost everything that you are telling me in this email has already been discussed or covered by this report.

I personally have absolutely the same intuitive information from my higher self as you and my evaluation of the current situation is identical to yours.

Me to Georgi:

Immediately after I had sent my last email to you, I had suddenly absolute certainty that everything I described was correct. It was a truth which filled my whole body, I WAS this information, so to speak from the heart. (This reminds me of the Pleiadians who say that humanity is a living library!) So I am glad that you confirm it.

Regarding my participation in these meetings, it happened today that I became more and more conscious of it in many ways. Even physically. This becomes more and more interesting. So, thank you for mentioning it to me. This was of great help.

The newest stand of the situation is that they are tending now more towards the pole shift, to end this loooong troublesome path and not to extend it much further. It could become otherwise an endless misery of forth and back and perhaps too much asked of us.  They want to find ways to prevent fear with their own light technology. Also, as most of the population would die, it would be easier to help them to ascend in an after-death body, where they would have a more direct insight into their past and future and soul evolution. In the after-death body they could be taught and develop to be fit for ascension, if they choose so, which would be easier for them than in the 3D body. There would be 3 groups of people: those who die, those who stay, but who are prepared for this on a soul level and ascend anyway, and the ones who directly ascend. This was the discussion of this afternoon, AEDT.

A day later my process of growing insight, through participation in the meetings with the GF continued. Georgi had meanwhile stated that for him the Pole Shift was the ideal solution to awaken the masses.

Me to Georgi:

The solution with the pole shift is clearly proposed from the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team)  and some star seeds, and is not favored by the GF council.

The Atlantean souls have a karmic pattern which is dominated by the idea that we need catastrophic events in order to "achieve" something. It is a heavy and unfortunate pattern and of a lower dimension. I have read this analysis a year or more ago, unfortunately I cannot recall the source but I remember it was angelic and on this website there was a kind of "healing ceremony" offered to overcome this deeply rooted pattern. It was not a real "ceremony", but I just wanted to make the point. 

What follows are my own reflections or better, describes my channeled insight and discussion of the GF. It is not content of that website. What I remember from that page was just the fact of this pattern and that it was time to heal it.

 This idea that catastrophes  are needed, is a 3dimensional and dualistic point of view and the GL is beyond that. I  presume that what you perceive as higher dimensional "clouds" as a fundament of our new world and how it should arise, is the Divine Space in the cave of the  heart which is Love and the knowledge that there is only the Divine, and therefore no need for any kind of upheaval. Impatience is the path of the ego who needs to make a "difference" in order to achieve.

I know, it is all a matter of dimensional point of view, or that of a parallel world how we look at things and how and why we make certain decisions. But when you describe the happiness when you came to your own conclusion and decision, I can only say that this place of the heart is where my happiness is and this relates to the trust and knowing that humanity's  unfortunate pattern will not be repeated as we are about to enter a Divine World where new and more auspicious rules exist. A new world, as a result of an unfortunate old pattern will never be a world of Grace but carries the seeds of duality, and exactly this has to be overcome, and exactly this is the Divine Gift we have been given, where the New Earth is emerging by Radiance of Divine Love and Light. That is her new pattern and that of  new humanity.

There are many ways how this can happen in a relatively short time, and I cannot see the "strategy", but only the Working of the Power of Divinity which is always benign and glorious. This is my vision and it is true to the reality of my feeling heart. And as it is, I cannot even consider what it might mean for my still 3dimensional existence. In other words: I cannot make up my mind or make a decision from the point of view of my 3D Ego, functioning in the perception of duality.

I consider rather the New Earth as already existent  and us with her. To vote from a 3dimensional point of view for a pole shift would mean personally to me to continue and thereby to enforce the old Atlantean pattern and to create further  a karma which would pull me back into this pattern, not to speak of the misery created for the masses, even if everything would be done to comfort them, and the karma we would load upon ourselves because of it.

So, my vote for or better focus on the  solution of an Apotheosis of all souls still stands, meaning the massive process of enlightening the Darks  and thereby the  masses. So that this can be successful we are still needed here to channel the light.

At this point I need to remind the reader that this article is written while I am simultaneously in different time lines. In other words, my 3dimensional identity did not vote for a pole shift. I transcended it as I existed already on a higher dimensional level, a Divine World appearing in the space of the heart, where those things do not exist.

Because this whole matter was not clearly discussed before there could not be a 11.11.11 full ascension. Too many of the ascension candidates  had this unresolved pattern in their soul structure and this has first to become conscious and to be healed, before we can move on. Because how can we ascend, carrying this burden?

And here is my next and to me most important step in my journey and experience. This relates to the effectiveness of the Divine Light in the ascension process.

Me to Georgi:

There are [of course!]  higher forces than the GF working on the awakening and renewal of earth and humanity.

They are the Elohim and they are the ones who design new creations of the light. They are creator gods and they are the real players in this game of evolution. And the most important thing is, that they are beyond politics. They are pure energy and light.

Already yesterday I experienced as if being released from the GF council, and I did not clearly understand why, but accepted, because following and "occupying" the forever expanded space in my own heart is the most important thing for me and my true "position" to be in. I  got confirmation and was told it was a test.

Just now I have been drawn into a communication with the Elohim, who welcomed me back. I know that - I do not know how long ago in my long soul history - I have once served with them. But time is only a perception of 3D reality. They said that there are many heavenly councils, depending on the density and dimension. The ones who are communicating with me right now are of the 7th dimension, they say, and I am invited to participate in their council, as a member of the ascension team on earth.

Although, as an observer only, the working of the Divine Forces in the ascension process has been already very clearly communicated in my channelings, it becomes ever more exciting for me, to see ever more clearly the work of the Divine Forces from the point of view of my participation in it.  And I am extremely happy, because that's the place for me to be.

Just at this moment, while I wrote this last sentence, my printer starts moving aloud, and adjusting itself with lots of noise, but without being plugged into the wall socket (!!!), meaning it is being moved by higher forces!

Thank you universe, for this confirmation, telling me that I am not making up this story with the Elohim :-)

And is it not a glorious message and inspiration for all those who consider the ascension process to be mere politics, to know that there are indeed  higher forces of accomplishment at work, beyond agendas who seek personal advantage or that of their group/civilization.

I just looked up the definition of the Elohim in "The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch", by J.J. Hurtak:

Elohim: The Creator God as pluralis excellentia, plural excellence. The Creator Gods/Divinities of YHWH who control the  calibrations of Light, necessary to evolve all the combinations of the Image and Similitude through the Eternal Eye of the Divine Father.

....The Elohim are the ones responsible for the Higher Creations....

(For those who do not know: Hebrew is THE  Galactic light language)


In my understanding it is the Elohim who are responsible for and oversee and design  the Ascension process. They are fine tuning the Light Of the Creator God, flowing ever more freely into our world. And not the GF and some separate plans. All the GF needs to do is to participate in handing  this light down to us. However the heavy catastrophic Atlantean karma of humanity, mixed with deep rooted guilt, must first be purified before the ascension canditates can truly receive this light of the Elohim and ascend according to their plan.

Whatever needs further to happen on the 3dimensional plane of earth to allow the Divine Light to make it fully It’s own, will be beneficial for all. This could also most likely mean a magnetic pole shift in the very near future. And I am aware that this decision has been made. So that both scenarios are supported: the massive increasing influx of light on our planet and the magnetic pole-shift at a time when it is right.
This might not be new for many, but the difference is for me that I am directly experiencing this information in my own body and that it is therefore not a mere verbal or mental "knowledge" to merely "believe" and which I read somewhere, but a personal knowing.

I noticed that with my “release” from the GF council there was also a release from my responsibility to Gaia. I felt that she had released me too at the very same moment, which means two different things to me: that she allows me to move on and that her old 3dimensional reality does not exist anymore and is only now a phantom in our minds eye.

This would match exactly what has been said in my "Message from the Andromedans (5): Your New World". Link

In reality, I have always served the Elohim. All the sources who contacted me to convey their messages to humanity, used me as a channel to declare, that all what is needed to ascend is surrender to the all-uniting light, and not to one's own separate ego-idea, meaning to let go what is in it’s way.

This letting go and self-transcendence  is our own conscious contribution to “earn” our Ascension. I personally don’t see how it could work otherwise. It is not about “personal” power but about surrender. This is the new Feminine entering our sphere and not the old masculine power of dominance.

Light is not an enforcer, it is love-bliss and allows us to consent to our own transformation. If we cannot feel this light we must go out of the way and remove the obstacles in our mental and emotional body.

All evolution is a conscious process, this is my very own experience. Ascension cannot be forced on us, there must be an ever greater opening from our side to the Light of God.

This light is not denied to us. That full ascension for the ascension candidates did not  happen on 11.11.11 is showing us, that perhaps it is us, who deny the light, whether consciously or unconsciously.

My present experience after 11.11.11 is that indeed Divine Light is flooding ever more increasingly our planet now. I hardly sleep as my body is, when I rest,  bombarded with energy to the extend of almost bursting.

Many Blessings and much Love to you all!
©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions about sharing it, please contact me. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ute!
Thank you, again, for these your words and for all you do in the service of Supreme Love and Light (service to "It" that is The One and Only ...or - Elohim, as you said).
My dear Ute, I also have the deep "inner filling" that SOME GREAT AND EXTRAORDINARY is happening. It has become more clear especially after 11.11.11.: I feel more and more clear some kind of rising vibrations, and its "omnipresent sound", whenever I move the focus of my conscience into the Silence (inside of me). Sometimes, I just feel (in accordance with those frequencies) like I am "leaving and transcending" my physical body... SOMETHING, definitely, is coming - and it will be very, very soon, without any doubt.
And, about I clearly realised: the "Light forces" and the "Dark forces" - BOTH OF THEM - are dedicately working on our suprime benefit: our AWAKENING. "Both of them" are (IS) the divine manifestations of the same omnipresent Energy, of the "All That Is": The Supreme One!
In the Divine Truth and Reality: everything is divine - everything is OUR OWN BEING!!!
In Love and Light,
your Alakh Niranjan

Anonymous said...

Michelle from Washington, DC You mentioned that the dark is using mind control against the masses. I believe this hasbeen going on for over 13,000 years; therefore, I don't understand why the GFL did not see this coming before the 11:11 date, and take action to stop the masses from saying yes unconsciously. I also don't see how increasing the light to the dark will change anything in the near future. If the dark wanted to go towards the light than they would have a few thousand years ago. Dragging this out an additional few thousand years will cause the light workers that are doing the heavy lifting to totally lose hope. I have constantly read that many light workers came here to be a part of the end times now not end times in the future.
You also mentioned about a, "heavy catastrophic Atlantean karma of humanity" This was also known before 11:11. It sounds to me like this entire ascension process could take another few thousand years.

Angie said...

This is very powerful and sums up how I have been feeling. I feel as though I was also in those meetings in the higher realms. Thank you for having the courage to share. I just sent you an email with some of my thoughts.
Love, Angie

Anonymous said...

well said.

Anonymous said...

read a part of it and i don't know how i can be ascended or even raise my vibration faster
but am working on it
i do need help and guidance
i am gratefull for all your love and light
i am becoming love
so i give love to you
bless all those that help with love and light
your brother of light gideon

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,
are you afraid to post (illustrate) my yesterday comment?
Was there something wrong, or maybe disturbing (like that the "dark side" and "light side" are from the SAME Energy...)? I am firmly standing on that view that the WHOLE TRUTH need to be presented and understood. ...You also know very well that EVERYTHING IS DIVINE. In this time - time of The Awakening - at least, it have to be realised - by all mankind.
Otherwise, I fully appreciate, respect and support your selfless work for the good of us all.
Serving in Light, Love and Truth,
your Alakh Niranjan

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

Thank you for sharing your "Knowingness"... It is felt and resonates at a very organic and authentic level within the Heart.

Learning the lesson of "getting out of our own way" is critically important. And simply Love your emphasis on Surrender!

You are to be Honored & Recognized for contributing these wonderful insights and perceptions! Please continue!!!

Love & Light to you,

zalmos said...

STOP LYING TO YOURSELVES AND TO THE POOR SHEEPLE...and rather "WAKE sleepers, rise from the death and(only then) The REAL KRYST will shine on you"(too)(Eph.5:14)

"The Kingdom of God comes not in a way foreseen by men

for “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. “(I Corinthians 15:50)WAKE UP!...
REAL ASCENSION is a waaay more spectacular phenomenon than you can even imagine right now... but first you have to AWAKE from the amnesia...deception after deception until you finally understand ...
REPENT, GET RID OF THE FALSE TEACHINGS(your demons) AND PREPARE TO MEET YOUR INNER REAL KRYST...HE WILL SAVE YOU ... HE ALWAYS DOES(nobody is lost, except the son of perdition)'ll see... :) ... DO IT UNTIL IS NOT TOO LATE…
WAKE UP!!!…until is not too late for you…


♥`*.*´¨) Infinite PEACE, JOY -WISDOM and Infinite LOVE ♥
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) •`•.¸¸.•`•Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥
(¸.•´ (¸.•` * *» ♥ zalmos ♥

Anonymous said...

There's an expression i just read in a book about beauty:

"Ascension - from the point of view of an outsider - often seems to be like faliure"

(It's a hungarian book, i hope the translation of the content is clear this way)

I also knew that there wont be a full ascension on 11.11.11. After that, the first few days felt like the big pause button was pushed, but thanks to your clear and informative messages, i clearly feel the right direction. And its better than ever :)
As a child i always dreamed about participating in a great event for the good of humanity and here it is :)
My dream came true.

Many greetings and love: Mate Toth from Hungary.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Thank you all for your comments. Most of them ended up in my "delete" folder (not even in my spam folder), and I only found them today there by "accident" - as I did not delete them.
Many Blessings to you all

mio401 said...

ciao ti scrivo in italiano semplice.tu sei ascensione.tu sei realta' ascesa.tu hai creato in te ascensione.ora la manifesti.nel manifestarla comprenderai come creare sia multidimensione e multicoscienza.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

I am a Star Seed that went through the Light Body Process. The Light shed upon us at the present time is truly blissful. Your message resonates deeply and vibrationaly in my heart. You have a feminine touch in sharing your insights and information and I agree with you that to "surrender" and let the Light and Love guide us is the key to a sucessful Ascension. And yes the Divine forces are helping us go through this tremendous process.

I have the strong feeling I was in Atlantis but have no recollection of my soul contract. Whether I will ascend soon or in 2012 is a mystery my higher self has not revealed to my conscience yet.

Every day is devoted to increasing my vibrations which benefits Gaia at the same time, anchor more light in my body and soul, and to commune with my brothers and sisters on Earth in harmony and love.

I wish you Ute and all readers Love, Joy, Light.
Soul Mate Jocelyne!

Anonymous said...

Re net mind control and brainwash technology the souls of the sleeping masses
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has told smartphone and email users "You're all screwed", as he unveiled his latest publications.
The whistle-blowing website has released details of companies it says are selling information obtained by monitoring people's mobile phones and computers.
According to Mr Assange, more than 150 organisations around the world have the ability to use phones as tracking devices as well as intercept messages and listen to calls. Those companies then sell the wholesale information, often the telecommunications data of "entire populations".