Sunday, November 13, 2011


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We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dearest earth humans,

A new beginning has dawned on your earth in a magnificent way!
Your galactic families can see what many of you on earth can see and what most of you earth human cannot yet see.

Not seeing it, does not mean it did not or is not happening right now or will not happen and grow exponentially in your future.
For us your future is already here and many of you on earth are already stepping in this awareness by transcending linear time.

Your earth servants, those who have been participating before, during and thereafter this most important 11.11.11 event, whose soul contract required to remain among you on earth, have been empowered greatly on that day. Many of them strenghtened their connections to their galactic homes and families and allowed their light and consciousness to incarnate deeper into their human bodies. These ones who have been so empowered would have been able to leave 3D Earth at this time for good because they were ready, but out of their love for Gaia and humanity they are continuing to stay with you.

With their greatly increased cosmic presence they will be able to magnify and speed up the ascension process for everybody as they anchor now tremendous light of the higher dimensions through the channel of their bodies.

Dearest ones, it is a magnificent cooperative work which is going on now in an intensified way, between your galactic friends and their representatives on your earth.

We can see, in interconnectedness with the crystalline earth grid, currents of Divine light and  flames running in ever more growing intensity between the mighty forces of light, - surrounding your planet, and from the deep of the universe - and Mother Earth and her servants, firing up the whole process of ascension for all involved in a glorious way. More and more of you are starting to participate in this magnificent progression of Divine Ignition and galactic connectedness of your planet. This is a spectacular Play of Joy and Love because the Divine Forces can now move freely into your sphere.

With joy we are describing to you what we see, so that you earth humans, even if you are not yet aware of what is now occurring on your world, can be assured and inspired to continue your life with a different perspective and increased and deeply magnified hope, to help you to already change the basic outlook on your life and daily experience. Even though you might mainly see the old shadows of a 3dimensional world, but which in reality are fading each day more away, you can be assured that the new world is already yours.

Do not hold on therefore to the shadows of the past, as they do not have any real fundament any more but are just relicts of a non-existing world. You must understand, that from the perspective of spirit your old world is already gone and what you still see are only phantoms and artificially created godless holograms of what you call your familiar world. Like when you lost a limb and it still seems to hurt!
And so your nervous systems are still programmed to accept your old world as to be true, but in reality it is gone already, dearest ones, this is the truth!

We are standing at the point of origin of this new creation where we can see and testify your new world. Therefore this new world has to be confirmed by you with faith, trust and joy in your heart, visions, thoughts and actions.

What your eyes seem still to see and your senses seem to feel, the shadows of the old, can be viewed now as an illusion. Remember that you see “outside”, what is inside of you. If you change your world inside with your higher will and love of your heart, you will see and feel sooner than later your new world reflected “outside” of you.
We recommend that you study the laws of creation to understand this. This will help you to enter fully into your God-given, creative potential and power.

When you do this you will attract the Divine Light and Fire into your own body and mind,  now running already through all beings and crystalline grids who are devoted to this glorious process of the creation of a new Divine World.

Gaia is joyful as never before and she asks all of you to be too! She needs you to join her in this, dearest humans, to lift her burden, as she feels what you feel. Only together you can complete this most wonderful adventure of your evolution in no time.

With deepest love!

The  Light Beings from the  Andromeda Galaxy

Message received by Ute

©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011
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Anonymous said...

Hey Ute, can you tell me what is you're 9th dimension world look like in detail?

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Well, it is hard to answer to somebody who wants to stay anonymous. Undoubtedly you will and want to interpret any answer in your own personal way because how to describe with a 3D language something which doesn't "Look" 3dimensional? If you can go over your 3D way of thinking I might be able to describe but it would still not satisfy your mind because to me 9th dimension is felt with your whole being and is beyond a separate mode of understanding and identification. I guess I said enough :)

Henry said...

if that makes you feel better, my Name is Henry and i'm trying to know what's out there like arcturians or heaven or who you are or why in 3D ended up like this, etc. you know, knowledge stuff.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

@ "Henry": please find answers to your questions @ "About my channeling":

april said...

Dear ute,I thank you for bringing valuable information to us through your channeling from our brothers and sisters from faraway.You are a beautiful and compassionate loving being who is services is to awaking us our true selves.For that I am very grateful.many blessings to you..

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear April, THANK YOU! You are describing my heart's intention! Much love to you!

Anonymous said...

could you please give me the history of the titians and the olypians ,and where are they now ,are some of them still here in grecce.