Thursday, June 7, 2012

Personal Update: After the Venus Transit

Image Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

Dear friends,

the Venus transit sent ahead  it's signs already 2 days before it happened. What appeared to me was rather a re-appearence of what has been already familiar to me.

How can I describe the overwhelming, resurfacing Love in its purest form, for the Ultimate. A re-union, if at all possible at this stage, with the Source-Love, the Source-Light, I had to put a bit aside for a while, to fulfill the original mission of this birth: to serve Gaia's and humanity's ascension process. 

Many say, there is no difference between that process and the Source. But I experience that the energies indeed are different. There is no Light, no Consciousness, that radiates in this utter purity and beauty than that of the Source. Compared with it, all rays of light and dimensions feel gross and imperfect, almost painful, although they might appear to the perceiver as perfect and the ultimate goal of desire.

But it is just true, that the unbroken light is immediately and inherently One with our Deepest Being, while cosmic and universal lights and dimensions still exist in separation, even if extremely subtle. But with what we are truly One  at the Root of our Being, - not One because we imagine and think it, but because we literally experience it, without difference, - reveals Itself immediately and without any doubt  as our True Home, the Place of Origin, where every search ends. 

It is the Unchanging Reality, the very Substance of our existence. And Love is inherent in It. It is not different and it does not act but merely Is, it is a form of Consciousness.
But even though,-  as I have a body, -  this body is overwhelmed by this totality of the Root Existence of Love. 

This all came up before the Transit as a fundamental remembrance of something my heart knows in this life and really and always yearns for, because it fulfills all the heart's desires, because from there on, there is no path to go any further. 

It is origin and terminal. And I am speaking from my own experience and direct observation. This is not a philosophical consideration. This Reality is greater than "I" Am as an individual.

Now relative to the limited body-mind which is still arising as an 'other'  in this Source, I noticed after the Venus transit a greater opening of this vehicle than ever before, as if a chapter has been closed and a new one is opening. As if there are now new and deeply inspiring possibilities given within our familiar body-mind, as if new codes have been activated and old, unnecessary configurations and designs have been dissolved. It is as if a new humanity is rising, a new door in the heart has been opened for us through which we have access to other and deeper realities in a way we have not been able to perceive until now. It is a wonderful relieve  and liberation, in the realms and dimensions of conditional reality, but while the Ultimate Reality still remains the same, undivided and forever unchanging. 

Still it is amazing to observe, how these new openings in the conditional world are raising conditional inspiration and a greater freedom in the midst of this conditionality. Which allows us to be more and more open and allow our soul-presence to shine through, to govern finally our life from North to South and from East to West. With this a new wind is blowing through our heart, a new heaven widens us into an unmeasurable depth of existence, heralding the Ultimate. 

This could happen because we have been released from ancient-old baggage. Something really unnecessary when we look back. But this is gone now, and it will be gone for all of us, who are willing to let it consciously go, let go what hinders our way to freedom.

These are the times of deep Blessings, and they will come even more inspiring by the day. 

Much love,


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Anonymous said...

Very good feedback Ute. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Beloved Ute,

To augment and validate your wonderful insights, had spent the transit at an area near the 4 corners region here in the States called "Canyon of the Ancients". This is a desert where the sacred Anasazi once resided thousands of years ago.

The Maya felt that this specific Venus transit represented the return of K'uKuulKaan. This is their White Dragon deity that they built the large pyramid for in Chichen Itza. And it represents the "Christ" energy for them...

Since the Mayan, Anasazi, and Inca were all one, had taken the time to conduct sacred ceremony during the transit at this ancient site to call in K'uKuulKaan. It can be reported that your observation of being released from ancient-old baggage is literal, and not just metaphorical. And the oneness of these ancient indigenous tribes is not exclusive, but rather inclusive to us all.

Your beautiful description of governing finally our life from North to South and from East to West, is remarkably similar to Mayan sacred ceremony which honors and recognizes these directions (and in this order!). And the wind represents communication and messages... Simply Love the Oneness beginning to reveal itself!

Abundant Blessings to you,

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dearest Shravaka, thank you for this! I have indeed an ancient deep connection to the Mayas and the Incas, although I am not presently directly practicing this connection.

Also my relationship with Gaia has to do with this, and I once in this life time have been re-encoded with their ancient wisdom. This happened over several nights, during which I stood awake. It was an experience, I never forget. I felt that I needed this to do the service I wanted to do in this life-time.

It is all very mysterious and graceful and a demonstration that we are literally all one and carrying the totality of humanity's inheritance in our genes and DNA.

From my deepest heart blessings to you too!
Much love, Ute

Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

That's it...!!! OMG! Why have I been feeling this pull to follow your postings beyond all the other esoteric noise out there? And you are yet half a world away...

Although you may not be presently practicing this connection, it does not mean there is a disconnect. And maybe our sharing here might facilitate a deeper connect? (please know there is no agenda from this side) Who knows?

However, I am experiencing an incredible epiphany right now, knowing what is taking place is demonstrative of the Oneness/Unity on such an expansive scale. Totality is the perfect adjective to describe it.

This is one of those stunning moments that stops one in his tracks... Just to contemplate and allow this enhanced perspective to land.

In Lak' Ech, (Mayan greeting meaning: "I am another you")