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Dear Ones, I Am Sananda!

My message today to you is very simple: do not allow to be disturbed, neither mentally nor emotionally! Whatever occurs in your life!
Please understand, that this is very important at this stage on your world, because this is YOUR contribution to a fundamental change.

You CAN do this, because you always have been the ruler of your own life, but many of you did not know!
You have been brought up with the understanding, that you are inferior to your thoughts and emotions, and that they would just happen to you!

But this is not true! It is up to you what you choose to allow to occupy your consciousness! Thoughts are not stored in your brain, but they are part of a greater vibratory field in which your brain exists. Thoughts, as you know, are waves, moving through your brain, and you can choose, on which thoughts you want to dwell, which thoughts you want to utilize and repeat because you have recognized their truth and value.

Most of you have not been brought up in the understanding, how to wisely choose what you want to think! So this capacity is now rather weak in most of you, as you did not learn how to handle these waves from early on in your life. Now you are customed to just feel like being a victim of your thoughts, but this is only so because you have been made to believe that you are.

Most of you are aware however that emotions follow your thoughts, and the longer you repeat a thought, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, the more clearly certain emotions are generated. As soon as the thoughts are coupled with respective emotions, what you create seems to become real to you and you start to set in motion its tangible manifestation sooner or later in your life.

Now you also know that as much as positive thoughts create positive emotions and events, which elevate your energy field, that negative thoughts create negative emotions and events, and that this is weakening your energy field. Your vibration becomes denser and heavier, happiness and ease are disappearing and you become easier prone to manipulation by those who want to rule over you!

It is my deepest desire to remind you of this vicious circle of your own negative creations, beginning in your brain as soon as you start to rest on a certain idea and perception, which is not of Divine origin. It is very important, that you practice daily and more and more constantly with the observation of your thought pattern, and intentionally replace negative patterns with what feels right and makes you feel happy and content. 

And if you want even to proceed a step further: submit your heart to the blissful Truth of Divine Reality and be such inspired and free of limitations as they occur in duality!

By choosing firmly happiness you prevent negative vibrations and beings, which are still clinging to your planet, to be re-enforced again and again.

You need to be aware that it is up to you to resist and change this dense and low vibrating  field that keeps humanity in the present state of imprisonment. Actually, this is your imprisonment!

Therefore, for your own well-being, remember to feed your thoughts with the emotion of love, in the first place, so that negative thoughts cannot arise! Feed your thoughts with the heart’s tolerance, so that unnecessary conflicts cannot arise! Feed your thoughts with your heart’s equanimity, so that thoughts of aggression cannot arise! And such create your new world!

Dear ones, this is your great learning process, and you all came here to understand what you can do to support this glorious liberation process of humanity! You all have all the tools always available, to do this, they are your own inherent human heritage. You do not have to seek elsewhere, as you are directly equipped with your God-given human consciousness and awareness to engage in this conscious process.

This has nothing to do with morality! It is not a task of religiosity or piety or to be a “good” person, that strives for a reward! This is a task that you want to do, because you want to exercise your true Divine nature, you want to change your world for your own benefit, well-being and happiness, and thereby for everybody else!

Therefore it is the greatest service you can do now, to keep your spirit high and your energy body in a strong as possible vibration, clear of disturbances, whatever happens to you and in your world, because you maintain it with a loving and peaceful heart.

Whatever you neglect will not be nurtured and supported and it must disappear and vanish, especially now in the great Blessings of Divine Light, that wants to be established on your planet!

I Am with you, dear Ones, with the Love of my Heart, to inspire you to trust your Own.

I Am Sananda at the threshold of the Galactic Center!

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Christine said...

Thanks for this message! I feel that sometimes we should use stronger words, words other than thoughts, words for the different forms of thoughts to convey more accurate meanings: beliefs, consciousness, etc. (To me thoughts seem so wispy, like random thoughts that come and go...)

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

When you start to observe more closely every thought that is running through your brain you discover that each one is actually an electrical energy current. Nothing wispy about it. As much as you personally hold on to it, it becomes a believe and ultimately part of the brain-based consciousness, you are identifying with. So this message deals primarily with the phenomenon of thought itself.
For better understanding you might want to listen to this interview with Bruce Lipton, I just came across it now and thought, this is excellent!

Alakh Niranjan said...

Just divine!...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

thank you for your profound-ness of your Mastery !

Unknown said...

Great reminder...we always forget
Thank you