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Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

the latest powerful Solar-Flare brought indeed a further activation of our DNA with it and added new strands to it! I literally could see this as it was shown to me. 

Also I was guided to an insight and so called experience and “overview” of the “future”, which I received in meditation already  in February this year, and I feel this is the moment to publish it, to remind everybody in this times of great uncertainty in our world of our radiant future but which is already tangibly underway now!

This message is also for those,  who are confused about our ascension process, especially those brothers and sisters who are just now starting with their process of awakening. 

This confusion is probably to the most part based on the many delays and promises from our galactic friends and families, which could not be kept so far, "because" the liberation of Gaia is so very much multi-leveled and a living process with many sudden and unexpected “surprises” involved.

However my vision makes it very clear to me, that the great change, we are waiting for, occurs from “above to below”: the incoming light is to be received by us and all kingdoms on Gaia, and this triggers the falling apart of old paradigms. They cannot truly fall apart while we engage still in practices to change our reality, which are based on a 3D density.

As we grow in consciousness, as we awaken in Divine Love, it will be mirrored in our world. As inside so outside. As above so below. And each one of us whose heart desires it,  can be an instrument to ignite the white fire of transformation for all of us. 

As we, who came here to serve the process of planetary awakening, are preparing for a major impact of light frequencies on our planet, we will be able to conduct this event in our consciousness and in our bodies. This, with many other invisible helpers, will trigger the paradigm shift we have been waiting for, for so long.

Here is what has been shown to me on 22.2.12

Everything breaks open in humanity, everything comes to the forefront, what has to be purified and what cannot be taken into the next higher dimension.

It is like the washing away of lower frequencies; long standing sufferings; stories, stored and encapsulated in the subconscious of humanity since Millenniums, stories of suffering, alienation, stories of the illusion of the separation from the light, from joy and bliss, this all is being washed away by the currents of light, which are pouring now down onto our planet. As if heavily dirty laundry is being rinsed in a basin with always again and again new and fresh water added, which washes away the brew, saturated with dirt, until the water is completely clear!

And so the energy body of humanity is being washed, to become pure and transparent for the New Light, that carries the information of evolution, physically and spiritually. Spirit will no longer be separated from emotion, it will become one single Consciousness of Light.

With the reunification of Gaia with her original Christ-Consciousness on 11.11.11, Grace has been poured out over our planet and all its inhabitants. We are in a state of Grace, and major catastrophes will not happen. Humanity is given the time, to experience the process of great relieve and becoming Light, without having to be shattered by major shocks.   
Our whole solar system is in the state of Grace, and this means that also our sun is protected from major catastrophes.  Our whole solar system will be rather uplifted to higher dimensions, to higher frequencies, out of the density of the 3. dimension.

Also the purification and liberation of  humanity serves this universal process of sublimation. 

Old systems, which do not serve the Divine, crumble away, they cannot sustain themselves in the currents of incoming light.

These old systems are just now experiencing their last attempt to survive - as all must come to the surface! But they soon will do their last breath. With the increasing liberation of the human soul, the light will become ever more radiant on our planet. And so the transition into the next higher dimension will happen.

I am feeling the infinite blessings which have been granted to all of us! 

Much love,

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