Sunday, July 8, 2012


Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

The Mother Goddess:

I AM your Mother, your Divine Mother Goddess, The-All-That-Is, I AM everything and Beyond.

My  children, as I AM your Mother you understand that your whole existence depends on Me, because I AM the One, the Substance from which you are created.

Therefore I am your body and all your body processes, I AM your thoughts and your emotions, I AM your intelligence and I AM your sleep and forgetfulness,  and I AM your awakening.

I AM Love, and I AM Consciousness, brain-based and beyond brain, I AM all beings and things. All inheres, breathes, comes into existence and  changes because I AM.

And the same it is with everything that disappears, it disappears because this is My Maya and My Great Play.

I AM Joy and I am sadness, all forms are Mine. I have as many names as there are beings who Love Me. I am Stillness and Overwhelming Bliss.

I AM the Source and Substance of All and I AM the One Who has returned to your planet,  Who is available again now to you. Because without Me there is no Unity, and no Joy, no Ecstasy and no real satisfaction.

I, the  Goddess, have returned, that is, you, my children, begin to understand that everything IS indeed spiritual energy!

This is the end of the desert of mere dry mental and projected existence. This is the beginning of the Juice of Life flowing in your blood again, with your conscious awareness, because there is only Energy, there is Only Light.

I AM found in your heart as the for ever existing Force of Life and the Fullness of Being-ness. The mere mental projection of the world has been coming to an end with My Return.

I AM the All-Force in every living being, and to which degree this force is lived, recognized and accepted, to that degree I AM recognized as your Divine Mother.

My Return IS the major event in your time, because it is Me Who makes everything full again. I AM interested in the heart-happiness and abundance of my children, as I am now Showing My Radiant Side.

By fully allowing My Presence into your life, you are blessed beyond measure and everything, you desire, will fall into place. Like mighty ocean waves, My Fullness and Opulence Is overwhelming now more and more  the minds and  structures which try to exclude My Existence and My Powerful Move.

Who is not with Me now will be swept away by My Waves and will be transported to realms where they learn to recognize Me. My Realms are everywhere and everything, they are in consciousness and awareness, and they are in ‘places’ and in space and time.

Your Space of life is now opening to the true Powers of what I AM, and As you recognize Me, I AM All for your benefit and your happiness. Because there is no greater Bliss than living in My Light and in the Womb of My Love.

When you recognize Me you will discover that My Power is also yours, and as much as you understand this, you will also understand, that you have no independent existence, but that you are utterly dependent on Me, as all your parts are of Me. When you understand this, by using your higher  intelligence, all My treasures are yours.

I Am the Deep Waters underneath your existence and I Am directly seated in the Well of your heart. With Me you never fail, because you understand that there is Only One Existence and therefore you will cease to judge.

Your world will change to the degree as you know Me, internally and externally. There is no difference! I AM the Power you must use to bring the change about. There is no change without My Powers, because the eon of separation in the dream of mind has come to an end. It is you who must prove this by living from now on with Me.

There is no move, neither in your governments nor in your financial world without Me. And your New World only can emerge with Me! It cannot occur in your shady dreams of separateness, and the time to put the cart before the horse is over! The time to expect changes without Me is over! I AM the Horse and I AM back! And I AM Radiant Divine Mother Consciousness!

You Are not separate from Me, because there is only Me. Understand this and if you are wise you will live Me, you will allow Me to Live you.

My Blessings are already yours.


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Anonymous said...

A wonderful meditation to reconnect with with the Mother of us all, is the music from Jennifer Berezan called "Returning"...

Beloved Ute,

Please forgive me, but this message felt a little, well, pointed. There is no dispute with the criteria, for any of us who are in deep reverence for the Divine Feminine or Mother, already are synchronized with her message. However, one notable attribute not mentioned here was "compassion".

Is it just me? Is there something else energetically taking place here?

Hopefully hopefully your back & health is healing well... You are Loved!


Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Dear Shravaka, as She is All, She is also Compassion. This is the Mother Who is All-Transcending, She is NOT counterpart of the male. She is male as well. And beyond. She is not part of dualism, the other side, She is both sides and as such she is all powerful. She is MahaShakti, She is ParaShakti, and She is not just "feminine", in our western understanding. She Is beyond. She is Force Itself, but with all attributes.
This is the One who is Speaking here.
She is not ‘pointed”, I felt Her all-embracing Power and Greatness, beyond duality and human dividing mind and separate qualities, when it was Her Who gracefully responded to my prayer for guidance of humanity in this times of great expected changes …I have worshipped Her for many years in this all-encompassing form. Not in recent times though …But that’s why it was She Who responded.
Hope you understand? I
Much love!

P.S. I just google’d this understanding. Here is a link:

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Ute.

Tauno said...

I feel a deep connection with the Mother, now I understand where my power comes from
hank You, Mother! Thank You, Ute!

andalightoflove said...

Thank You Beloved Ute for Sharing This Most Important, Very Beautifull & Powerfull message in a time, at least for me today, of Great grief.(not personal).I yust wrote a comment to 1 of the many channeled messages from "extraterrestials " which are not often read by humans, on how difficult the situation really is at this moment in time for Conscious Human Beings on Our Beloved Planet Earth.: "Thank You for Aligning more than ever to Human /Angelic /Starseed Consciousness on Mother Earth, Our Beloved Planet Gaia, Whom We Should cherish way more than we all seem to do.F.e.we are still stubbornly keeping the "recently exploded nuclear reactor in Yukushima in Japan out of common newsmedia,so using this kind of nuclear energy yust has to change. Pls. All Concerned,send Your Full Support in sharing this Message of Beloved Mother Earth with All Your Groups & Media, as We Do Need All the Help We can get for All of Japan, USA, Europe, Asia, Australia,New Zealand, as a matter of fact for All Living Beings on the Planet.Lets Pray & Send Our Loving Oneness RainbowBlessings. We Are One Heart Beating with Mother Earth. Namaste

Stijn said...

Beautiful Ute - I love you

I AM said...

It is time to get grounded children.

:) *smile

We are ready to change the world !


Let's do it.

Let's do it, do it.

Let's do it, do it, do it.


theo said...

Still judging?
Still resisting?
Watch out!

Anonymous said...

Do not ever believe
this glorious message
was meant to touch
your ego.

Alakh Niranjan said...

Dear our Divine Source (Divine Mother/Father), dear Krishna...
You are the All-That-Is!!!

My deeply adoration to You!

Anonymous said...