Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Personal Update

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
Dear friends,
my back continues to hurt a lot, it even  got worse. Working very hard on the computer for this blog and the videos, did major damage to my spine.
That's why I was not able to post much recently. And each new post takes its toll. But sometimes I cannot help but posting. :)
I am working with self-healing methods, e.g. the "Russian Method", envisioning a "miracle" healing to occur! Other appropriate therapies I can hardly afford.

Please wish me success and good luck! Thank you!
Much love,


  1. Ute,all my Unconditional Love to you, and ALL the divine energy of our HOME.


    1. Thank you, dear Shanti! Blessings and Love to you too!

  2. Dear Ute,

    love and light :-)
    I had the same painful problem with my lower back and legs for 11 month.
    I've tried so many therapies, but nothing helped. A month ago I found a GG Russiam Healing Codes, which helped me :-) I also ask and please every night Arcturians for help - to help me releasing all my lower energies, belives, illusions, pains ..., to take me in their Healling Chamber and work with me :-) I have to say, that all this finnaly help. Now I can slowlly go to swimming pool and do some excersises for my back. And is so gooood.
    (When I've heard for first time the name Arcturus - it resonated me like word home. :-)
    If these resonates with you, please let me send you these Russian healing codes. It is simple in very effective.

    Be blessed and healed by love,

    1. Thank you, dear Jasna! Regarding the Russian Healing Codes: do you mean the series of numbers? The Russians are working with several methods. Please let me know what you got!:) Thanks! Much love!

  3. Dear Ute, the victory is already yours, cause you want it and we want it for you.

    1. Thank you, Sintese! It is good to feel your sympathy! This all helps, and I am impatiently looking forward to a body who functions again! I know I will be fine, but in 3D it might be a matter of "time" :) Much love!

  4. Dear Ute, I am sending you my highest Healing Light and know you will be fine!

    In the meanwhile, you may find some relief by applying Castor Oil to the affected area, covering it with cellophane or a thin cloth and using a heating pad for 30 minutes. I saw this on Dr. Oz yesterday and it was for spinal pain. Castor Oil is an ancient remedy.

    All good wishes, Thelma

    1. Dear Thelma, thank you! :) I only heard about castor oil for internal use. Interesting, I'll try ... Blessings!

  5. Hi Ute, Im natural gifted as transformational healer, lady Portia and Maria Magdalena are my lightworkers and I work with a team doctors, specialists and surgeons, the Devine world and Jesus Christus make decisions what we can heal + transform, all happens with fully devotion and the right quantum healing energy..they use special healing work what does not excist on earth!..you can contact me in Makoce13@live.nl ..I work as volunteer and all what is love-work, blessings, light and warmth Mirjam

  6. Dearest brother Ute,
    I just found you through your. message on you tube about the class x solar flares. I so resonated with that information. Angel flares for sure. I am so sorry to hear about your back. Being on the computer for extended periods of time is so stressful to the body. Set a timer and get up and walk around every 20 minutes. Stretch and roll on the floor like a baby. Do you have that program dragon where you could speak into the computer for part of your works? That would relieve some of the stress from typing. Thank you for the work you do. It is appreciated.
    Sending Love & Light,