Monday, September 10, 2012


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Dearest Sisters and Brothers!

It is necessary to speak about it, especially since yesterday morning, when I woke up, irradiated by very heavy and aggressive frequencies!
The proof was in a sensation as if heavy, cold "metal" was pressing against my forehead, meant to disturb my pineal gland.

The other sensation was a heavy radiation impact on my solar plexus, that could have been the vibration of fear, if I would have fallen for that deception. I had a very close look but couldn't find any signs of fear in my mind or emotion, and the feel of metal (which I have experienced many times in the past) told me without doubt: We are irradiated by some radionic devices, or HAARP, or whatever is left in the hands of the controllers. 

Regarding my own experience, I had the impression that they are  regionally using smaller radionic devices, those which are built to do harm, to affect selected people.

This is not the first time that I experience things like this, and there have been all kinds of variations, like being awakened in the middle of the night by strange, artificially produced voices, etc. 

I never talked about it, but I think it is necessary to speak up now because it could help others to be more aware of their own experiences and what they really are and where they are coming from! This awareness can also strengthen our capability to protect ourselves.

Fact is, while the light is constantly rising, that we are experiencing since at least 2 weeks ongoing major radiation attacks. They try to keep the light down by surrounding us with dense and low vibrations. 

The weather e.g. here in Australia was extremely strange, absolutely unusual for the season, very cold, like in coldest winter with dark clouds, icy storms and rain. It did not feel "normal", it felt artificial and was not a result of the earth changes, in my opinion. The formations of the clouds and the strange atmosphere tell the obvious. Nature feels by default always gentle and soft, even when there are storms!

Even today we have artificial clouds in the sky, trying to prevent sunshine. With these artificial clouds there is this harsh and unpleasant vibration in the air, and it is no fun to go outside. 

This morning I found all of this confirmed, when I read in Cobra's latest update, that those who desire to maintain the power over this planet, are trying their last tricks to keep us down. Allegedly this would go on until October 7.

Dearest friends, now is the time therefore to practice discrimination to understand, what's coming directly from yourself, what is intentionally directed towards you from outside, and what has really nothing  to do with you, but you would think it does!

However, ultimately it does not matter what it is. But what matters is, not to identify with anything that does not feel good!

Rather we must hold on to our highest vision of our own divinity and let it radiate! Now more than ever! Light always wins over darkness! Whatever we experience, we must not allow to be put down and don't give up! We owe it to ourselves and our well-being!

We must understand this time as a gift to grow! The greater the obstacle, the greater the victory! The stronger we become! What a glory!

Together we are Victorious, keeping the Light High up, in Joy, Love, yes: and Laughter!! Laugh as much as you can! Stay positive, turn all negativity into a celebration of Joy and Happiness!  Let your Heart Shine!

Much Love and May We All Be Blessed! Our Unity in Divine Love and Light is Our Protection and Our Blessing for the World!



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  1. Thank You for share this, Ute!

    All over the world they do the same. Here is unusual dryness.
    They hunt for the Seeds of Light, but it is pointless.
    On Friday between 19 and 20 UTC was a ceremony. Primary Goddess Creatrix and Prime God Creator has arrived. Primary God Creator was here in 2008 for a year to see what happen here. Of course they are always here, but They attention focus level is much higher now. You will see the result soon.
    The darkness is coward, attack from back, or when You sleep. I know the pressure on my body when I sleep, and cannot do anything. Today morning they try again but they failed. Sometimes I can fight with them and then they draw back.
    I saw them attack openly, but if they are outnumbered.

    Before You fall asleep meditate and ask for Guardian energies, Angelic Fire.
    Every continent we clean in every day up to 5th dimension. Every day we spread Goddesses' energies and Primary Goddess Creatrix's and Primary God Creator's energies, including the Guardian energies.

    So don't be afraid. Seek for Light and Love and You will find much more.
    We are One! No One left behind!
    But do not forget You are a Powerful Being even if You do not recognize this. You are a Spark of The Creator, do not let negative entities use this power. Don't be negative or angry because You create this energy. Dream about beautiful and peaceful new World and it will come to You. And finally Love Our Beautiful Lady Gaia, because She loves You more You can imagine.

    Thank You Again!

    The Prime Goddess Creatrix and Prime God Creators Bless You All!

    Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy

    1. Thank you, Star Warrior, it is good that we all share our experiences, Divine Realizations and Sources! It is like a huge orchestra of many mighty instruments of Light, Which is Love, Which is Joy and Happiness! This Fullness will soon Fill all skies with a New and Glorious Victory! Many Blessings!

  2. Hello dear UTE, allways reading your messages, some of them are very precise and fully resonate with me. This message is only for tell you that, YOU can modify the weather with your thoughts, if you wish. We had been attacked, that's for real. Include chemtrails over your home, pulling that crap in the air, later, activating with radiation that you mention, they can produce that unnatural clouds, but you can remove it, asking that the true mother nature GAIA acts and only let that the real weather be present.
    Sorry for my english.
    Allways with you.