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PACHAMAMA ABOUT 12.12.12 AND 21.12.12

By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
Please also read update from 21.8.12

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PACHAMAMA  about the Ascension Process:

She began to talk to me while I was contacting my guides to receive directions for the coming and most awaited December events. I know that she is already a long time with me, but never came forward and I felt she had the knowledge of a Mayan Elder. So she said she is PachaMama *, and that she is in deed one of my guides.

She appeared to me as an old wise woman in the  traditional dress of the Maya, full of Grace and Serenity, with a lot of wrinkles in Her face, all from massive smiling. 

I had past lifetimes in the Maya and Inca cultures, remember in particular the Andes, and I feel in this life time especially connected to the Maya, since I received 2 years ago during two nights a huge download of ascension codes from them. I could literally see their shape and color and the beautiful ancient tribe who did the transmission. This download connected me in a new way directly to the Gaia Consciousness and it was also the time where I started with my digital art. Art creations were not new to me, but doing it digitally absolutely was. 

PachaMama said, that 12.12 12 was the period when those who are prepared for it, because they have chosen this service long time ago and before birth, experience the actual download of the codes which are necessary for the formation and creation of the new crystalline body. 

There are also those who received this download earlier, because their unity consciousness was already to the one or other degree developed.  They needed their bodies to keep pace with this process and so the activation process has been done for them already subsequently. 

In general it can be said, that for them  the 12.12.12 brings an enormous  deepening of Unity Consciousness and Energy, which would lead them into the depth of mindlessness, the origin of creation.

21.12.12 then is the day when the downloaded codes from 12.12 will be activated by the Sun Who is being reborn on that day. From that day the Sun is permittet to transmit directly the unity consciousness of the  Galactic Center to our world.

So there are two main processes: the quantum leap in consciousness and the quantum leap of the transformation of the body. In earlier ascension processes there was only transformation of consciousness, but this time the body transforms too, because we ascend with it, and it must therefore be able to fully hold the new Consciousness.

Both processes are initiated on December 12 and 21, whereby the emphasis on the body is in general on the 12th and the emphasis on  consciousness in general on the 21th.

Compared with the more than 7 Billion human beings, the number of those who receive the download for the transformation of the body, is relatively small, and so is the number of those who receive the initiation into unity consciousness.

However, there are those, as mentioned before, who have already received the download of the body codes earlier.  And this initiatory process functions as an important accelerator for everybody else.

Also people who are ready to ascend already now via the new energy vortexes, are accelerating the process for others greatly. However this is a  very small number. They fully disappear from our sight, because we can see them no longer when they go to the next dimension which vibrates on a higher rate than our dimension. So they do not really disappear but you are just not able to see them.

There are also people who would be capable to ascend  by crossing over into higher dimensions, but they have agreed to stay for the sake of the evolutionary process of the rest of humanity. So they stay to provide service.

People new in this process must know that the body process is not always easy and can be at times quite painful because of the profound changes of the energetic and  biochemical process.  General education about expected experiences will be necessary so that people do not worry what’s going on with their bodies. This is a brand new adventure and there do not exist any previous experiences from anywhere else, that could have been made the transformation process easier.

But as always, because there are already a number of  forerunners, it will be always less difficult for those who follow.

This is really an experiment, where both processes, that of consciousness and that of the body, must be well matched to each other, as much as possible. But this is not always achievable, and it always remains an individual process, depending on the body karmas of each person.

While the overall process is relatively slow in the beginning, it will rapidly speed up, as soon as a certain percentage of humanity is actively involved in this evolutionary process. This is due to the morphic field, so that at the end of approximately 3-4 years (which is only a presumption, remember, this is an never before done experiment) humanity as a whole has reached a new level of unity consciousness in a new body, able to express this unity  consciousness fully.

However, please understand, that this description is made from a 3dimensional point of view, so that people in general have an idea about the process. But with the dimensional shift where time becomes an illusion, questions that exist now will no longer exist, because if you live in timeless unity consciousness, the issues regarding the transformation  of the body will appear in a completely new light!

Insofar the whole process can neither be really described nor yet understood!
Prepare for a shift in your perception that might be for most unimaginable right now.

I asked her about my visit to Nova Terra and if She or one of the  other Creations of New Earth would be the Place where humanity would be going.

PachaMama said, we should not forget, that with the coming of the Unity Consciousness through the birth of the New Sun, all timelines would be collapsing into one, and so all these creations would become One Single New Earth. However we cannot imagine how this works with our 3dimensional, logical mind. Once in Unity Consciousness the solutions would occur in a surprisingly simple and obvious way. So we should not worry and accept, that we can only truly understand these things from the point of view of our developing multi-dimensionality.

This is what PachaMama explained to me.

With much love,

* PachaMama is the Goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is known as "Mother of the World" and later also as "Mother of the Cosmos". 


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Mayan explanation of what will happen on 21st December 2012



Anonymous said...

Dear Ute,

I have read more about 21/12/12. I saw many points of view. No one can give You accurate answers, because it is depend on You as well.
From Yesterday The Earth is in constant Light.
Thank You for Your Light and Love.

The Primary Goddess Creatrix and Primary God Creator Love and Bless You All!

Star Warrior from Andromeda Galaxy

Anonymous said...

I see Georgi Stankov has posted this message on his site and he has inserted his own comments within the body of your message about how you have finally awakened to his information. He is obviously not copying your message exactly as written and there is some deception from that. I thought you might be interested.

Thank you for this wonderful message.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Thank you, S. has "informed" me already. His comments are unfortunately everything else but true. The "awakening' he is talking about is thankfully the experience of many many others, independent of him, and long before him. I consider myself as somebody who is part of these many. But obviously, some people have their own self-serving agenda ...

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is obviously still some lingering ego issues in that camp. The other day he said he could accuse some others of plagiarizing, only because they have expressed similar information as his own, but he had to acknowledge in that case that the other person had received this message a while back from their own sources.

Isn't this what we have all been working towards? A collective awakening. And the Divine is nice enough to share its knowledge and wisdom with and through us all. This is not the area for such talk as plagiarizing and copyrights and who got where first, etc. I can't count the times that wisdom has been brought to me or through me and have had others ask me if it came from some mundane source that I've never even heard of. The Divine has had many messengers - all of us! And part of letting go of ego issues and embracing Unity Consciousness is to acknowledge and accept that we all ultimately have access to the same wisdom and no one "owns" any of it. Such ideas of ownership or who did what first belong to a collapsing paradigm.

Inserting his comments within the body of your message goes a bit far though. I have no problem him stating his opinion about your message, but doing so from within your text and stating it in a way that implies that you yourself have said it is nothing but deceit.

That is so sad to see from someone who does certainly know a few things about all this and yet still falls back into the petty ego traps of old. For someone who knows that much, they can't really claim ignorance.

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

I agree with the collective awakening, we are all cells in one single human body, and yes, the Divine has many channels. How could it be otherwise as the Divine is the Native Source and Reality of this total human body.
I also agree if S. states his opinion (outside the body of my message), but when "opinion" becomes a twisting of facts, a misrepresentation, it's not "opinon" anymore.
Besides, true knowledge is always from the heart and not from the brain. It is the seat of unity consciousness.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Knowingness needs no analysis. Believe me, I've had that experience of analyzing something I already "know" and what a waste of time and energy it is. I've found that a mind open to heart recognizes the resonance of wisdom when delivered. I have been blessed with a very good mind myself (and in the old paradigm, the ability to reason was starting to fall by the wayside also) but just as the old unbalanced system has demonized the heart, feeling and emotions by turning an innocuous word like "irriational" into a dirty word, the same could be said for the lower mind that can "rationalize" anything. If the lower mind can dream up a theory that takes in all or at least most of the available "evidence" it can easily rationalize something that true knowingness is much wiser about. We need both mind and heart, to see them as complements, in order to achieve true balance and wholeness. But in the old system, it was mind that was overutilized and heart that was underutilized. I'm sure than many who were used to using their minds so much feel overwhelmed with the heart energy and think it's too much, when really all it is doing is bringing a much needed balance.

Anonymous said...

Georgi is the ultimate Paradox! I've been studying him for over a year, and he really is this left-brained genius who can't SEE himself -- even when you hold a mirror right in front of him.

"from someone who does certainly know a few things about all this and yet still falls back into the petty ego traps of old. For someone who knows that much, they can't really claim ignorance."

Which is what makes him so fascinating to me...that he can still maintain that incredible amount of ignorance, and yet be at that high level of Awareness & Intelligence, is...utterly amazing to me...I am appreciating the various perspectives of All-That-Is, in that it can create a perspective like Georgi's that is so Aware, yet so Unaware and Immovable.

Here is where he refuses to budge & evolve further: not exploring the fundamental concept of infinite Parallel Realities, which would blow his unchanging Earth scenarios out of the water.
As far as "realities" go, as the 5D/6D BASHAR has always said,

"Shift to the one you prefer! They're ALL real!!!"

Giving up the need for acclaim/recognition & leadership by feeding on the disempowering qualities that his followers project.
Giving up the thrilling enjoyment of battling with/confronting other entities in a game of showdown.
Giving up the need to experience SOME form of "catastrophe" as an "I told you so" validation to the rest of the unawakened world.
Giving up the pleasure of disempowering/and or smashing down those considered to be INFERIOR. Which is most of humanity.

He is clinging to the Duality Seesaw & keeps it constantly in motion.

Instead of not only accepting, but loving ALL, as being perfect..just where it is at. It is serving a purpose of its own. And so is Georgi. He is leading a group of people who are not ready to learn the lesson of FULL EMPOWERMENT.

Georgi is a incredible example of left-brained genius that THINKS he is working from the Heart, but hasn't even begun to explore the positive Heart levels yet, and doesn't know what it is missing out on.
All pain that he is physically experiencing is resistance.
Even "Ra" info will tell you that burning heat within someone's body during the transformation is a sign of Disharmony within themselves, and with others.

I love the man.
I love him because he is so fascinating. I love that he is this walking paradox. This reality would be so much duller, without him in it.

Linda said...

Greetings Ute, and thank you for your message I saw today on Ascensionearth2012.org
I have subscribed to your emails and look forward to them. With much love, Linda (also an Australian) :)

Anonymous said...

dear brothers and sisters all is natural all is spirit things happen natural
don't worry we all walk the perfect path of perfection alrdy we just getting more aware of it
your brother gideon

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself and have actually said (at one time or another) much of what you have said here.

Yes, he preaches self-sovereignty to his followers and yet many of them continue to just drink in all (the koolaid) he puts out, without question and even allow him to overrule their own inner voice. So, yes, they play a role in his drama also. He couldn't do it without them. Some of the onus is on them and he certainly has offered them many an opportunity at evolution, but not in the way that they think.

Anonymous said...

Liebe Ute ,
wird es diesen beitrag auch auf deutsch geben?
(für menschen wie mich die kein englisch verstehen ;-))

Alles Liebe

Ute Shan'A'Maa said...

Goga, die Uebersetzung findest du hier:

Falls du daran interessiert bist, in die dt. Mailingliste aufgenommen zu werden, schick mir einfach eine Email. Nicht alle Uebersetzungen erscheinen auf Spiritgate.de
Lieben Gruss!♥