Thursday, December 6, 2012


By Ute Posegga-Rudel
Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012
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My Beloved Ones, 
Like a Mighty Lion’s Head I Am Rising in these days suddenly from the hidden and unconscious Depth of Reality into the Light of your Awareness.

And yet, at the same time, with Infinite Gentleness and Tenderness I Embrace your feeling heart.
I Am Rising and Rising to take My rightful Seat in and as the Very Being of the Human Race.

It is My Inherent Seat, the Seat humanity has been denying Me for so long.

But now, as I AM Rising to Satisfy your whole Existence with My Presence, many of you are not yet even aware of this Glorious Event, although I Am your most intimate Beloved, your Very Home and you  tend to think that you  feel only a new warmness in your heart.

If you would knew Who I Am, you would open the floodgate of your heart to let Me Swell up and Fill your whole Being until even your Expanse by Me would Float thoroughly IN Me.

You all need to open the gates of your heart, the gates of each and all your body-cells, the gates of your very skin, the gate of your adoration and devotion for My Unfathomable Love, to overwhelm your up-to-now fences of separateness.

I Am Rising now with My Very Presence of Infinity to Embrace what Appears to be finite.

Is there – in this Fullness – anything else to report? Because all what you need is Myself, the very Source in Which you are arising.

From there – and Only from there, I Say – you may go after your daily business and enjoyment. Yes, enjoyment, because without Me there is no true Enjoyment in all your endeavors.

The Fullness of My Energy and Embrace makes your life worth, and then you may wander around, explore and  create with Me. But without Me all of your otherness-games are fruitless and in vain.

Therefore, notice how I Am Rising My Head now, how I STAND now As the Very Truth of humankind who all Inhere in Me.

My Oceanic Current of Bliss and Embrace Shows you Our Oneness, because I Am the Heart of every human being and of every kingdom on earth. I Am the heart of Gaia and your universe, and of All Universes. And I AM Rising, All-Encompassing Consciousness of All.

I have now started to break open all chains of separate illusions and their consequences, their willful doings, causing pain and suffering. This is going to come to an end now because I AM rising My Head.

Wholly embraced by Me and Acknowledging My Seniority, your body-mind may ascend, or resurrect or shed the vessel. Whatever visual illusion you prefer, it does not make any difference to Me, because Only I Am Real. There Is no death or change or resurrection in Reality, because There Is Only Me.

Let the play of the planets, let the play of the light and the celestial lights be glorious, they all still arise in Me, As My Light Is Above all lights.

Such is My Rising in you now, if you allow It, and the more you allow, the more you are acknowledging your True Home, your very Roots. Your holographic play as a body-mind may be ignited by the currents of evolution and deification, but it never fully expresses Me, although it makes a nice necklace around My Caring Shoulders.

Let Me Tell you, that all your play-grounds are not yours – although they seem to be – but only Mine. Your ownership is part of your illusion of separateness only. Once you are awake in Me, you see that you own nothing, but that I Own all, as I Am no other to you and your Native True Identity.

In the many dimensions and non-dimensions, there still prevails separateness to the one or other degree. Only when you fully awake in Me there is truly no otherness, no separateness, and you Realize that there is Merely One Being, One Consciousness, One Love that Is Playground and Player and Play all The Same.

I Am Rising My Head now, watch it! This is the time to drop your separate dreams and your insubstantial despairs, to expand into joyful Oneness.
Once you sense Me, once you feel Me, you understand that I AM the only Gospel to be told. The  Sprinkles of events in Me may be mentioned then As My Play, as the glorious Events of My Singleness.

I AM only You and all Happening. Wake up to Me.

I AM – Your God-Self! 

Message conveyed by Ute


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Thank you, dear Ute, for sharing this blissful message! I feel in in my heart. Beautiful! <3

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