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 By Ute Posegga-Rudel
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My Beloved Ones,

now as the race for the Grand Galactic Alignment is over, what remains in your heart?

I AM your Truth in whatever ways you  search for IT. All that you can think and feel is only the beginning of what I AM as your own Divine Self.

Human beings have been limiting themselves for eons, forgetful and not knowing the Very Source of their existence.
You have been therefore searching in the limitations of your narrowed down illusionary appearances, that what you call “world” or even “cosmos”.

You have put on blinders on your inner eye of inspiration, you have put on the dullness of an incarcerated mind, incarcerated by the  restriction of imagination.
In deed you seriously belief that you just only need the imagination of your mind in order to reach the very outskirts of existence.

In this endeavor you have been lost though many times, some became literally “in-sane”, by their attempt to find truth with the mind. The mind only measures within the limitations of conceived finitudes.

Please understand. As such the mind is ever evolving the spirals of creations in its search for betterment, and there is no end to it. In that regard evolution has no end in itself. It has no goal in itself, it IS the infinite move of unfolding realities in the womb of existence, to become better and better.

Each of these unfolding realities is bound to certain intrinsic laws of doctrine and understanding.  There are untold limitless possibilities how these realities, or call them worlds, can manifest. And each one of them establishes itself according to their own set of laws and regulations, so that each being who participates within this world must obey these rules to be congruent and successful in their endeavor. They then are the so-called co-creators of that specific reality or world, who can create according to that specific set of parameters.

In that way there have been created, and there is being created and there will be created innumerable more worlds and realities, each one with their own rules and laws.

I AM explaining this to you, so that you even dare to expand your mind further to understand that in your specific reality or world the rules and laws are just that: specific laws with their own boundaries. What you can think and create is only what is within these laws and boundaries of your own world.

This then should make clear to you the polar nature of the mind, that thinks it is infinite, but  is on the other hand  limited to the rules of a specific  reality, and must be therefore  humble in the recognition that it only can function within its own boundaries, knowing that there are endless more realities with completely different laws and parameters, but each with their own limitations, according to the unique creation of such a reality or world.

Do you now start to grasp the nature of the mind and its imprisoning nature?

But I tell you now: you are NOT the mind. You are not the vastness of creations with all their respective chambers of  evolving realities.

You are not it, because it is within you! But you have mistakenly identified for eons with that which is in you, rather to Know That Which IS You.

It will now dawn on you, that there must be Something that cannot be thought, but WHICH only IS. Which size does it have and which form?

Can you think IT?  Now take as measure all what I have explained above! And again, I AM asking you: can you think IT?

Now stress your mind to the farest and widest, think beyond what you can imagine.  Stretch your mind like a rubber band ad infinitum! Will it tear apart?

And if it tears apart: What now suddenly  flashes and  swells up now in an explosion of NOW and EVERYWHERE and IS and ALL-AT-ONCE and CLARITY and ONE WITHOUT ANOTHER in your feeling Heart without noise of thought and world and creation and with STILLNESS?

You see: this Stillness comprises ALL the worlds and concepts and creations. It reveals the illusion of time and space, the illusion of finiteness, the illusion of movement, as all IS the Play of ME, of ME-CONSCIOUSNESS, ME-MERELY-BEING, ME-PRESENT, ME-AWARE, ME-WITNESS, -  where the idea of betterment does not even exist. 

And still: I AM ONE with all the worlds, with all the space and time and movements. I AM ONE with mind, but without ME you are lost in the infinite gardens of vastness of creations.

I AM THE ONE, found in the HEART. If you want to know Me, My Heart: from your side My Heart starts with your heart and expands beyond your personal limitation of body-mind. Therefore What I AM, My Heart, Is surrounding and yet pervading your body-mind. But I cannot be contained in it, as your body-mind is one of the infinite creations, surrendered to your specific set of laws, regulations and paradigms, which are the constituents of your reality of world. 

I AM beyond your reality of world and every stretch of mind you desire to endeavor.

I can only be Felt. In the Domain of Feeling there are no boundaries. Therefore I have Given you the tool of feeling. It coincides, if pure and undisturbed, with the surrender to What cannot be expressed with mind and language, surrendered to What is beyond all worlds and creations, to That Which is even beyond Bliss, but  Which is One with Bliss at the same time, and One With Love, and Which is Beyond Love and yet at the same time IS LOVE,  completely and fully and exclusively.

Enter the domain of Feeling. It Is Unity with the Divine and only Feeling can understand. On your plane it is the female doorway to the Infinite. Female not to be understood as the opposite of male but as a Quality. Surrender of mind and Receptivity to the Infinite is its characteristic.

Without Me your little play of mind does lead you nowhere, My Beloveds. It has to be all played on MY own Playground, without Me you are a lost dancing leaf in the spiraling winds of endless creation. But with Me the spiraling winds of creation appear as the dreams they are, because you have woken up from the dream, merely enjoying them as wonderful appearances of sparkling joy, while you ARE the Sovereign  Enjoyer, rather than the in creation encapsulated experiencer of countless plays in the womb of existence.

One day when I Myself AM tired and Desire to Take Rest from the spiraling course of evolving creations, I will draw them all into Myself. Then there will be only the vastness of Stillness and Being. There will be Only the Source-Ground of all you have enjoyed (and experienced). And you will thoroughly BE JUST ME ONLY, until I Start again to dream for Your sake and for My Own.

I AM always You, even if you do not notice. But for you to become Me, to transcend your limitation of body-mind, you must cease for a moment to think, to let Me draw you out of the encapsulating membrane of your finite nature and allow the Divine Force of My Infinity to baptize and penetrate you, to  transform you, to liberate you to Myself.

This must be so because you cannot think Me. I Begin where there IS Feeling of ME. And Feeling in due course, when truly ALL is felt and transcended, all limitations and densities,  opens your vehicle to ME, to enter you so that  YOU Become ME.

While I Love You, It is You that Is Love.

I AM your  God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute

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