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By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

how do we prepare for the Galactic Alignment? The great moment is nearing, and the exact window is narrow, a few minutes only. How do we take most advantage of this moment, and the time leading to this culmination point?
To be prepared is necessary so that our system is open to receive this most potent and transforming energy, light and information, for which this planet has been preparing for many Millenniums. We can only fully receive if we are centered in ourselves, and to be centered we need to be in contact with our core being. We need to be in our feeling heart and exercise love as the foundation of all that we do.
In these disturbed and difficult times many do not know real equanimity, because they do not trust their own Divine Source, and therefore they do not trust truly themselves.
For centuries we have been fooled with wrong messages about God, while "God' was presented to us as a revengeful, "other" entity to whom we were supposed to submit to and obey.
This insane imprint is now rooted deeply in the genetic heritage of a large part of Westernized  civilization, often even unconsciously, so that many people carry a deeply disturbed relationship with their own very Source.
This message from our God-Self, the Divine Reality, That is the Source-Field of humankind is given to empower you and heal your heart and relationship with your own deepest Origin. 
Many Blessings,

Our God-Self Speaks:
You may forget Me, but I will always Stand by you, even if you do not notice Me, Such Is the Love That I Am.

To think I would forget about you, for whatever reason you imagine, can make you aware about the illusion of separation you are dreaming about.

As if there could be any otherness between Source, Creation and  Objects of Creation, any separateness! Just think about waves of the ocean! Is there any separateness between them and between the Ocean?
Is there any otherness between them?

No, they are all made from the very same substance: the water of the ocean. It is only that certain circumstances, such as planetary influences, like wind, and cosmic influences, such as the moon, are shaping different forms of waves. But they are all one, One Water, One Substance, One Element.

I AM Water, Consciousness.To forget only one of my waves would mean that this wave would have vanished altogether from existence. But as you know, nothing disappears, it only changes, form, chemical composition, color, perhaps. Water can evaporate and become vapor or rain.
But the quantity of Consciousness and Energy remains always the same, they can never be diminished, even if things change their appearance.

So when I say I always Stand by you, it is a metaphor for our never-dying relationship. The little wave might become forgetful of the ocean when it evaporates sometimes because of the heat of the sun's rays, but I, as there Is Only One Consciousness, never forget. All Is One, even this truth has been accepted by your physicists now, but you, with your emotions and identification with a seeming separate existence, live in the illusion that I Am an “other” to you.

Therefore you must understand, that it is you, who tends to separate yourself from Me! Not in Reality of course, but in your imagination. In your misled mind you think separation from Me. You think I neglect you, but it is you who is neglecting, forgetting Me, and seeing your own doing in Me. Because you can only see what you are willing to understand.

The more you narrow your own mind, perspective and point of view down, the smaller is the part of Me you can see and understand.

Therefore I ask you, always first to observe yourself, your withdrawal from Me. And even if you think, that I Am somewhere “above”, far away from you, then you must immediately remember, that it is you, who has forsaken your intimate connection with yourself, floating somewhere above your body, disconnected from yourself, your very essence, far away from your own feeling heart.

See, you are not a victim, you are not the forgotten son or daughter of Mine, but you are an active doer of separation, and you must come to the understanding, that and how you are doing it.

I want you to trust Me, without exception, to trust My forever Love, to trust the non-separable Oneness of us, but constantly be an observer of your own actions! You can rest assured that I never betray you, but you must be aware about your own betrayals! All your actions you see mirrored in Me, and with the help of this Mirror you can know yourself.

My Love is always Undiminished, as I Am Always  Fullness. Know this! My Love Is Always The Same, but you have different attitudes of what you call love, and therefore you see lovelessness in Me. 

To be Free in Source Consciousness, and pervaded by My Energy and Light, take advantage of My Mirror and the mirrors of the world, to recognize your tendencies, your pattern, that bind you to the world that has forgotten Me, and let them go.

Feel My Intimacy Which Is always yours! My Heart is always embracing yours, to awaken you to Our Truth. I always Love you, but when you do not see this Love in Me, know that you do not love.

Therefore, know yourself, release everything that you do, that separates yourself from Me! And every little step you do, to give up a from me separating gesture, you’ll find Me suddenly close to you, because if you do one step, I do thousand.

That’s how I awaken all creation to Myself, because it is My Desire that you Know Me.

We are intimately connected, always, are you making it up to this Truth?

Everything is a process in human and ultimately in Divine Consciousness, everything must become conscious, in order to awaken to beyond. So do this conscious process ever more often, until you have given Me all your gestures, that separated you from Me.

In this Great Process, never despair that you will not be successful, because I Am always Victorious! Even if you are  resisting Me, ultimately I will shake you up, to let go this cramp that binds you tight to your little self. I will shake you, so that you will open your whole being to receive Me, to be One with Me again, in Consciousness, the body Liberated to Knowing and Divine Fullness, understanding, who you truly are: a Radiant Wave in My Divine Water. 

I AM your God-Self!

Message conveyed by Ute


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Dear Ute,

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