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Ute Posegga-Rudel
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Beloved Friends!

My heart-felt gratitude for your many loving responses I received to my last update: "Blessed, Strange Times"! It was another proof to me that we are all together in this, by going through a profound evolutionary process.

And your responses also confirmed to me that I function (as so many others at this important time)  as a catalyst. Because as soon as I had published this update, I noticed that suddenly all the “symptoms” were gone! And all the juiciness in my body-mind was back! While obviously a conscious process of recognition and transformation had started in others.

The process of writing is being initiated in my case from an All- Embracing Love-Light and Joy that is Pervading my being, with a  strong impulse to write, and it is as if this Energy is writing down what I need to say. It is not “me” that is writing, it is another Dimension that  speaks.  And another Dimension that is willing to feel personally things that are not owned and not so pleasant but which are holding at a certain time a more or less general level and quality of experience in the  collective consciousness of those who have agreed to enter the path of ascension.

This Dimension of Light, Love and Joy is the Native Truth of Humanity, which suggests, that the Divinity of Humanity is acting and speaking  through me at times, using this body-mind as an instrument. So it is like YOUR own Divine Truth is speaking through me, as we are One, to support your individual conscious process.

This seems to be very mysterious. But if we accept the Reality of seamless interconnectedness, it is a normal process. It is the united field of Divine Consciousness in which we all inhere, this  Consciousness that is paired with Light-Energy. As soon as we realize something consciously, an energetic process is set in motion. In that sense we catapult each other exponentionally toward ascension each time we go through a conscious process.

Because all and everything must be recognized in Consciousness to move, to change, to dissolve, to be transported, altered, transfigured, and to be ultimately liberated into the  Source-Consciousness of All-That-Is.

So the conscious process can move mountains. All that is recognized consciously moves energetically, gravitating toward a lighter state of frequency, until it dissolves or becomes One in and with the endless Radiant Ocean of the Divine Conscious Source Condition.

What a great adventure! What an awesome  confirmation that humanity’s Truth and True State and Nature behind all appearances is Pure and Mere Radiant Consciousness, even beyond or prior to brain-based consciousness and body-mind, a Consciousness that is Greater than the Creations That are appearing in It, Greater than all individual Beings and Entities, Who are appearing in It. And That at a time Expresses Itself As all Beings and Things.

What is actually happening now is that the Divine Source Consciousness of all Creations is emerging from the sleeping Unconscious of Humanity into the Awakened Conscious. And thereby It Is Liberating what was bound to the conditional worlds.

Thank you again for all your responses, in thoughts, feelings and awakenings! They are mile stones in our evolutionary process. Especially every written word creates a strong energetic pathway that serves the conscious awakening of all mankind.

Much Love and many Blessings,



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Mary V said...

Good to hear the juices are flowing again Ute!!! I felt very close to you (a virtual stranger/friend) the last few days and held you in my heart. My intention was to partner with you--to provide strength or at least companionship through such a strange experience. How happy was I to read this post! Onward and upward! Mary V/Reality